• Listener add Featurelayer Map complete

    1.How to registry event or listener add feature Layer to map complete  2. How to listener Basemap change 
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  • Web App Builder Basemap Bug

    Hi I'm having an issue where the scale visiblity settings on layers within a basemap are being ignored after the basemap has been switched in the web app builder.   I have a custom basemap which contains thr...
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  • Monitoring Web Services

    Hi all   I'm after some advice around monitoring ArcGIS Server services.   I'm fairly new to GIS, but I've had plenty of painful experience with monitoring from an infrastructure point of view in...
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  • Automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as regular scheduled job

    I like to get help on how to automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as a Standalone tool.  If you have already done this,  please help and share.    Thanks.
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  • Problem with creating polygon with xy table

    Hello I tried to create a polygon using XY table as explained in the Esri support. The half of the process was done as expected and the rest didn't go well. I converted the excel to table and the points were popula...
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  • Drone Deploy

    We are a Forestry Company looking into using drones for our Visuall Assessments, ground overview, progress shots etc. Wondering if anyone has any experience with Drone Deploy.
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  • Bar code issues

    I am using survey123 version 3.5.164. I am using bar code in my forms. When using bar code in android the camera to check the bar code becomes very slow. I have tested on iphone 6 and it works good. This problem didn'...
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  • AGSFeatureLayer.selectFeatures is very slow for point selection

    I'm trying to select polygons based on where the user clicks. In order to do that I have   let mapPointQuery = AGSQueryParameters() mapPointQuery.geometry = mapPoint   This eventually works, but is E...
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  • First impressions of express maps

    Since this tool is brand-new, we're eager to hear your initial reactions to express maps. • How often can you see yourself taking advantage of them? • What do you think of the redesigned legends and pop-...
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  • Crowdsourcing issue solved: Limit access to public ArcGIS Online layers

    Today I configured a GeoForm web mapping application that could be edited by anonymous / public users, but with a hosted feature service that cannot be accessed anonymously. This requires a few separate steps, but is ...
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  • How exactly do you make a .stylex file ?

    HI,   Im trying to create a library in arcgis pro with a few custom made symbols. I have those symbols as .jpg file. But to save it in arcgis pro and to use it for future projects you need to import stylex files...
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  • Formatting email notifications in GeoEvent Processor

    I am trying to format the email-out notifications so they are more readable.  I have over 80 fields I am feeding into it.  Right now the emails spit out something like this: Name: Randy because I have it go...
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  • Disable or shrink Archive for one feature class in a feature dataset

    Hello,   I have a versioned Feature dataset with archiving enabled.  I have one feature class in this feature dataset for which I would like to either disable archiving or if that is not possible, I would li...
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  • Telecom Industry Configurations for ArcGIS Utility Network Management (Esri)

    The Esri team is hard at work scoping out requirements and developing data models for the Telecom Network apart of the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension. Use this thread to provide input on the requirements ...
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  • Share: how are you using contingent values?

    Introduced with ArcGIS Pro 2.3, contingent values provide new capabilities to create dependencies between fields with domains.  In a recent blog we discussed a few ways contingent values could help improve y...
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  • Tropical Storm Barry

    NAPSG Situational Awareness Viewer is available for anyone looking to monitor active incidents. The current extent has been set to the region currently forecasted to be impacted by tropical activity in the gulf. ...
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  • Central List of Widgets

    Hi Everyone,   I wanted to post a simple list/search page that I created on GitHub for my Dev Summit presentation.   Here it is: Web AppBuilder Widget Search    To submit your widget: Upload th...
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  • Some FAQs I had about the Citizen Problem Reporter Solution

    I have spent some time this month trying to understand how the Citizen Problem Reporter solution works There are a lot of basic questions I had that I couldn't find answers to on the Get Started pa...
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  • Trying to change coordinate system, points wont show up. Even though it is the correct coordinate system

    Hi all,   I started arcgis recently and I came accros a problem I couldn't solve for some time now.   I have a csv file with locations of drillings in the Netherlands. I know the x,y coordinates of the csv...
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  • Cannot select feature with Select Feature tool but can select in attribute table

    Hi, I have a recurring problem. In ArcMap 9.3, no features are selected when I try to use the Select Features tool. The shapefile is, in fact, enabled in the Set Selectable Layers dialog. If I open the attribute table...
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