• Visualization issue 3D model - Disappearing multipatch

    I have a problem with the visualization of my multipatch in ArcGIS Pro in the scene view. The 3D model is inserted as multipatch (with the geoprocessing tool 'import 3D files') without giving any error. When I then zo...
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  • Hello, My name is Jason Schmerer

    Where do you work and what is your role? I am a subcontractor for an emergency management company, Tamarack MGMT. What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? I have had some suc...
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  • Setting angle of annotation leader line

    How can I set the angle and length of my leader lines in annotation? I have about 20 annotation labels and I would like to set all the leader lines to an angle of 45 degrees AND all the same length. I have looked at ...
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  • Enterprise Geodatabase (or .sde?) Anatomy

    Hello,   I relatively new to the Enterprise Geodatabase world and was given a bunch of old .sde connection files created in 2013 (Which were created before I got the job, and I am assuming on an older SQL Server...
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  • Change SQL server for enterprise

    We are about to update from Enterprise 10.6.1 to 10.7.1. We are also updating our SQL to 2019. This new SQL database will be on a different server than it currently is. We will copy our SDE db to it. Is it possib...
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  • Raster Calculator in Arcmap Desktop Python Script

    Dear All   I have a model builder in ARCMap desktop 10.5 which is executing fine. I have converted it to python script to make a batch script. But at the last step, where I am using raster calculator in model bu...
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  • warning, inconsistent extent!

    Hello,   I am working on an analysis (coursework) using population density and crop .asc data. With either crop or popd grid loaded, I draw a rectangle around the country I am working on and convert graphics to ...
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  • Problem with Join Field tool

    I've been using the Join Field tool to add two fields from a .dbf table that describe ownership groups (i.e. Weyerhaueser, etc) and group types (i.e. public, private, conservation, etc) to county-wide tax parcel featu...
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  • Perry Beaumont

    Hello everyone, my name is Perry Beaumont, and I work as Head of Data Science and Actuary at Distinguished Programs (an insurance firm) in New York City, and am a lecturer at Columbia University as well.  I reall...
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  • Posting REST to AGOL

    Greetings,   Is it possible to post REST services to AGOL without ArcGIS Server??   I have posted to ArcGIS Server from ArcGIS Pro. How can you achieve this if the user doesn't have ArcGIS Manager only AG...
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  • Health and Human Services Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help address health and human services topics.   Franklin County, OH - Dept of Public Health, Mosquito Surveillance Dashbo...
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  • Need for a Geocoder Discussion

    Do you have or foresee a need for a geocoder for Roads & Highways users?    The idea is that the route network is considered the authoritative locationing system within an agency's GIS infrastructu...
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  • Classification of image of 3 bands (red, green, blue),

    Classification of image of 3 bands (red, green, blue), I wanted to calculate the area of the olive oil trees from a satellite image of 3 bands and I have the concerns below regarding the classification of an image (t...
  • �??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues,

    �??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues, I tried to apply the �??Interactive supervised classification�?� to capture the areas of olive trees from an image of 3 bands (layers). 1. What is the effect of ...
  • Summing up two raster (with different cell size, not Identical),

    Summing up two raster (with different cell size, not Identical), I�??m not sure about the method the ArcGIS follow to sum up two raster that have different cell size which are also not identical (show in the screensh...
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  • Implementing Cellular Automata (CA) within model builder environment,

    Implementing Cellular Automata (CA) within model builder environment, I�??m wondering if there is a way to build a model (based on raster format) to perform the tasks below considering a number of iteration: - Live...
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  • Environmental Contaminant Plume Visualization

    I've struggled with visualizing historic contaminant plumes for a petroleum release using ArcGis Pro. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to render contours for this? The idea is to produce something similar to...
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  • Why the raster doesn't have attribute table?

    Why the raster doesn't have attribute table? Please, see the attached image that explains my question
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  • Portal with Web Adaptor for IIS showing only checkbox and other icons

    So, this is a solution to a problem I encountered, and spent several hours with ESRI trying to troubleshoot, only for it to be a simple setting causing the issue.  When using the webadaptor, the Portal site only ...
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  • The server is not ready for publishing - new fix

    So you are trying to publish from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server, and you are getting "The server is not ready for publishing.  Please check if the Publishing Tools on the server (System/PublishingTools) are started." &...
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