• Map Tour StoryMap Image Accessibility Solution

    I wanted to share a solution I developed to incorporate the alt attribute to the featured images associated with the Map Tour Classic StoryMap.  My solution adds the alt attribute to the images in the carous...
    created by pmckinneyccpa
  • Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80070057 : The parameter is incorrect. .

    When I am in ArcMap or ArcCatalog and I go to Share Service As - Overwrite Existing Service it just hangs. Nothing happens, like it is stuck in an infinite processing loop. I checked the Log File in Manager and it say...
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  • Simply? getting Z values into attribute table

    This should be really simple and I'm surprized that an hour of looking through the forums and other support hasn't turned up an answer for me yet.  Am I just being blind? I have a shapefile of 3D points, and I w...
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  • Issues with editing related tables in a web map and with widgets in WAB

    Thought I would start a discussion on editing related tables.  I am finding this process frustrating as it doesn't appear to be very flexible.  I simply want to edit attributes in a related table and no...
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  • Esri Utility Network Configuration and Data Loading Tools Status

    Network Configuration Current Version Last Update Configuration Location Data Loading Tools Location Migration Tools Location Electric (Distribution & Transmission) 3.2 October  2019 http://esriurl.com/electr...
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  • Georeference-Choosing right Coordinate System

    First of all this is my first post here and also the first post about GIS so sorry if i'll talk nonsense here.   I have an large jpeg and also tiff which are the same map(image) 45568x37632 which i have download...
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  • Prevent creation of XML files for geoprocessing results

    I have a Python script that I use to create a text file containing the list of files in a folder for example. The name of the output text file is one of the parameters of the tool and needs to be defined with Directi...
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  • AGS & Portal migration in AD

    We have had a change of domain name.  This means that all my servers will have to move from xxx.domain1.busininess to xxx.domain2.businessAre there any best practices or guides available for this.  We have a...
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  • AGS Config-store in a Windows Cluster (oplocks)

    We are facing some publishing (error 001369) problems in our ArcGIS Server 10.6   Deployment:    - ArcGIS Enterprise  (HA) with 6 machines (2 for portal, 2 for server, 2 for datastore) ...
  • Buy licence ArcGis Map for Power BI

    I want to buy a licence ArcGis Maps for Power BI Plus in Brazil and I'm not giving. What I need to do?
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  • 10.6.1 to 10.7.1 benefits

    Is there any benefits to moving from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1? also please provide the benefits compare between portal 10.6.1 Vs 10.7.1     I understand from the provided links and these links were already rev...
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  • Deploy ArcGIS Notebook Server in Windows Machine on AWS

    Anyone successfully deployed ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.7 Or 10.7.1 in Windows Server 2019 Data Center on AWS EC2 Instance (m5.xlarge)?   At present ESRI supporting ArcGIS Notebook Servers in Windows Machines on ...
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  • Changing Page Orientation Based on Image Orientation in Survey123 Report Templates

    I am having some issues with the latest update to survey123 report template. I worked very hard getting a report template to print photos that were taken in landscape to fill the page with landscape orientation and ph...
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  • Domains and the Field Calculator

    What's the best way to update multiple rows in a database when using domains.  Is there any way of selecting values from a list in the field calculator when using coded values?  One of the advantages of us...
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  • Enhanced Query widget not displaying results table in AT

    Hello,   We have been using the EnhancedQuery widget in WAB 2.5 and it works fine. Now we are trying it in WAB 2.12 but there is an error.   The EnhancedQuery widget executes a QueryTask and then calls pub...
    created by kiddj_SAGIS
  • Statistics field for Summary Statistics

    Hi, Sorry if this is not posted in the correct place, but I was not sure where to put it.  I am trying to use the Summary Statistics tool to create a summary table for a polygon layer.  In the Statistics Fie...
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  • mxd.saveACopy changes layout to portrait

    I have developed a script that loops through all MXDs in a given directory, stores relative paths and then saves it as ArcGIS 9.x compatible. At firts I thought it was working as expected. But I just opened one of t...
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  • hey guys

    my name is Sabita I am new here was wondering  if someone could help me digitize this image alittle better  
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  • Downgrading ArcGIS Runtime License without restarting application

    It appears that it is not possible to downgrade a runtime license from advanced (runtimeadvanced) to lite (runtimelite) within an Android application session.  The only way appears to be to programmatically resta...
    created by jaarons47
  • Hello, my name is Spencer Zhang

    Where do you work and what is your role?          Hong Kong, Assistant Research Engineer. What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? (big or small - ...