• Open Web Maps - Pro (Bing/ArcGIS/Google/OSM) Add-in

      For those who are interested, I just released my first ArcGIS Pro Add-in. Get it here:  http://arcg.is/2nMXq4M   Description Have you ever been working in ArcGIS Pro and you want to view (B) Bing ...
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  • Cannot import symbology in ArcGIS Pro but in ArcMap

    Hi! I have trouble importing a symbology for a point layer in ArcGIS Pro. I previously used the same point shp in ArcMap and imported the same symbology and it worked. But in ArcGIS Pro I only get random symbols sho...
  • Raster field type not supported in WebApp (Portal for ArcGIS)

    I created a feature class with one field type ANHSC (Raster field type). I can load image to this feature class and can view in arcmap. I have published feature class to ArcGIS server feature service and build Webapp ...
    created by nguyenphugis
  • Remove marker from map when a call is removed

    Brad Niemand I am adding a marker when a focus is done on a particular call or address. How do I clear that marker. Here is how I am adding it:   // Set colors of results marker... IGraphicProperties grap...
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  • Usability Suggestion - Update All Forms

    Hello, We have small usability suggestion for Survey123 (one word ). The scenario is as follows, we have 15 users and 25 forms, and a choice value that changes on a monthly basis.  So every month our 15 users ne...
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  • Change in how Insights builds Joins?

    In my work we've been struggling through some join issues lately. Before you jump into asking "well what are you really trying to do?" ... this question is only about identifying if Insights has changed how it handles...
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  • Hi, Rene den Hertog @ the port of Rotterdam

    Good to meet you here, I'm working as business consultant at the Port of Rotterdam Specific for IT and GIS aspects on asset management, port development and environmental management Last year we've focussed on 3D de...
  • Hi my name is Mohamed Ali

    great to join Geo-Net community , I am a Mining Engineer having a master in mine ventilation , Also have experience in Mining and land surveying for about 6 years. I Learned ArcMap online and finished all free course...
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  • Hello - I am David A. Cook

    I have been using GIS for many years. My current job duties are of GIS Administrator at an Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm. I work on standardizing deliverables, develop database schemas, collaborate on prop...
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  • Hello my name is Michelle Albahae

    Where do you work and what is your role? I teach AP Human Geography in South Florida What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? I am just being introduced to it - but I have used E...
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  • Video loaded in Story Map not appearing

    I have loaded a mp4 video with a file size of only 22.4 MB into the new story map version and it only shows up as black.  I can run it fine on my computer.  Any ideas?
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  • Create Point Features at XY Location Version 2.4 - 05/31/17

    All This widget is for creating point features at a known XY location.  It is extending the smart editor widget so you can select a feature template and enter the XY location of the point.  Once you click a...
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  • Prevent creation of XML files for geoprocessing results

    I have a Python script that I use to create a text file containing the list of files in a folder for example. The name of the output text file is one of the parameters of the tool and needs to be defined with Directi...
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  • Sliver Gaps Between Tiles in Mosaic Dataset

    I am having trouble getting a good set of footprints generated for my mosaic dataset. The outer edges are generally good enough, but I occasionally get sliver gaps between tiles. I am running the Build Footprints tool...
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  • How can I export the Dashboard?

    Hi. Does it possible to export a Dashboard to anyone who is not in my Portal or my organization? I mean, to anyone outside my organization. I know I can share the Dashboard but I don't know if I can export it. Thank you
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  • MapView.SelectionProperties stroke width

    Hello! I'm working with selection properties for mapView. Found, how to change the color of this selection, but is it possible to change the width of this stroke? Because for my polygon it looks too big
    created by al.gorshkov
  • Bi-directional shape/attribute communication

    Hi folks,   An interesting by-product of my little experiments from this thread ... thanks Cheryl !  Minimum distance based on axis / world orientation ?    With a bit of hacking I managed ...
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  • I need to extract all Polygons from ShapeFile

    Hi, I need to extract all Polygons from ShapeFile, i read the shapefile and load into map, but i cant extract polygons from them.   Any Idea in SDK NET the last version para WPF? Thank You  I noob in this api.
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  • Turn the Swipe off in ArcGIS Pro, when finished using

    I am unable to turn the swipe off in ArcGIS Pro, when I am finished using the tool.
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  • How to show oneways direction

    I have a network dataset and i want to find out a way to show oneways direction (an arrow of something similar) without having to use network identify tool. What i want to achieve is to share a shapefile with certain ...
    created by sotriant