• Best tips for migrating an arcpy.na script from ArcMap 10.6.1 to Pro 2.5?

    Previously, I was working in ArcMap 10.6.1 and created a script utilizing the arcpy.na module.  I had no Python background prior to this rather large undertaking, so my (still limited) Python knowledge is based i...
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  • How to “clear” the coordinate system of the “Map” to get it to “unknown” in ArcGIS Pro,

    How to “clear” the coordinate system of the “Map” to get it to “unknown” in ArcGIS Pro,   For example, in ArcMap, the clear option is available and one can set the “dat...
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  • AppLogin for secure data (Android Runtime SDK)

    Hello! I need your help. I want to access protected arcgis data online (such as layers and squares) using an applogin and Android Runtime SDK approach (not showing an authorization window for the user), because the us...
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  • Unable to send your authorization...

    I downloaded the 60-day free trial of ArcGIS Desktop 10 on my laptop (Windows XP), extracted all files, and ran the setup (ESRI.EXE). I am having troubles with the authorization step! I followed all the steps involved...
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  • Welcome to the GIS for Equity & Social Justice Group – Let’s get started!

    Welcome and thanks for joining the GIS for Equity & Social Justice Group on GeoNet.  In this group, members can find a community of people who are leveraging GIS to advance equity and social justice. This is ...
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  • ArcGIS Online Administrators "You do not have permissions to access this resource."

    I Logged into AGOL as an Administrator today and after selecting the Organization > Settings Tab This error pops up: "You do not have permissions to access this resource." Does this happen for you too?
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  • Spatial Indexing Issue

    Whenever I create a new feature class with ST_Geometry column, It's created without any issue but I cannot insert data into it until unless I remove the spatial index from it.   I have tried the following th...
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  • What would make GeoNet better for you?

    As ESRI gets ready to update the GeoNet platform, I'm wondering what would make it better for you?    I'll try to help incorporate your ideas and needs as we go forward. 
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  • Roberts Custom WAB Widgets

    All,      Here is a list on my currently available Web AppBuilder widgets for Web AppBuilder 2.x   Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19 Download Link   Live Preview Site ...
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  • Create Multirole Locator With Multiple Instances of the Same Role

    ArcGis Pro 2.4   With the create locator tool, I can create a single role Point Address.  As discussed in Address point role with Units  as well as Provide Units In Suggested Addresses ,...
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  • ArcGIS Dashboards Beta is not able to use a hosted table as a source to any widget

    We get a window that says "Select a sub-layer from 'HostedTableName'" and nothing can be selected Use List widget for example Below are the steps to reproduce for your post: Access ArcGIS Dashboards Beta. Create a...
  • Arcpy field calculator taking hours to process

    So I have a loop that joins three fields from a csv, makes new fields with new names, calculates the fields based off the joined fields, and then deletes the original join field. This repeats 20 times with 20 differen...
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  • ArcGIS Portal Issue

    Hi all,   Need some insights on the following issue.   <Msg time="2017-09-29T10:46:45,92" type="SEVERE" code="218010" source="Portal Admin" process="3832" thread="1" methodName="" machine="XXX.XXX.COM" ...
  • Tags or Categories

    I have some initial thoughts on why one over the other, but these two organizational tools seem pretty redundant right?  Tags can just be abstracted up to Categories.  I imagine the main functional differenc...
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  • Liability Insurance for GIS

    I have formed a small one person company to do GIS in Education here in RI. I have been asked to get Liability insurance as I am no longer affliated with any specific school district. I am not an engineer or surveyor ...
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  • Tips for improving speed during remote work over VPN?

    I, like many of you, have been working remotely for many months, and it looks like that will continue for some time.  I was surprised not to see a single "catch all" topic that helped share tips for improving the...
  • Timeline for python upgrade?

    Python... currently at the end of the 3.6 series in Pro (aka, 3.6.10). Various packages that are used in the ecosystem are about to begin retiring 3.6.x.   For example... numpy will be saying goodbye NEP 29 - ...
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  • Introduction and questions about the forum

    Hi,  I've already been helped twice by this community so I'm really impressed!  but I'm wondering if I'm posting in the right place or if there are subcategories under Nonprofits.    I'm co-founde...
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  • Upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.6: arcpy.CreateFileGDB_management() now leaving an sr.lock

    Hello,   To summarize my current workflow, I use tkinter in Python 3.x (Esri's release that accompanies each Pro update) to execute some Esri geoprocessing functions for exporting SDE data (Create local File GDB...
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  • Zoom change causes filter reset

    Hello,   I've been playing with  this query example Querying features | Esri Leaflet . I've noticed that, sometimes, as I change the zoom level the query seems to reset and the map starts showing all f...
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