• How to reload startup page?

    Hi,   I have a custom solution based on ArcGIS Pro configuration with a custom startup page. I now want to offer a solution where the user could return to the startup page as an entry of a new project. I am no...
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  • Survey Thumbnail

    How do I add a survey thumbnail in Connect?  I can preview it under the settings - general tab but when I publish the survey it goes back to the default.
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  • Layer Based Permissions

    I am creating a web application with feature layers of different clients. I need to make sure that client A can only see and edit their data, but cannot see other clients' data, nor can they edit. What could be the be...
    created by sarojthapa60
  • FYI: Real Estate Development Dashboards

    FYI,   Just wanted to share a couple of really nice example StoryMaps created by Tallahasse-Leon County GIS. Each StoryMap contains several dashboard apps built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. They show vari...
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  • Arc Pro Stereo Viewing Workflow Issues

    Hi All,  I am attempting to replicate a workflow in ArcGIS pro from ArcMap Desktop that utilizes Stereo pairs of imagery for Stereo viewing. I have over 100 different sites with consecutive stereo pairs in TIFF ...
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  • Obfuscation of dlls in esriAddinX.

    Are there any rules regarding the replacing of dll’s in an esriAddinX? Are there conditions where updating an esriAddinX after its initial build will invalidate it? I had a small project where I replaced the ori...
    created by corpy_123
  • From Paper and Pencil to Mobile Maps and Apps

    For those Educators and Researchers conducting field work, this article captures the importance & value of taking it from paper based to Digital.  A research team from Villanova University visited Southwest P...
  • Who uses SAP Hana and Utility Network

    Hi, We need for a project some references.   Did somebody uses SAP HANA whith ArcGIS Pro / 10.7.1 and Utility Network to save the GIS-Data  ? Wich Storage Format did you use in HANA ? Is the perfomance go...
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  • Unexpected error crashes my story map

    Hi all,   I added a new sidecar to my story map and now the story crashes all the time with an unexpected error everytime I scrolle to my last page. So there is no possibility to delete it. I tried it in various...
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  • arcpy.CreateAddressLocator_geocoding raise ERROR 000046 too many reference data tables for this style

    Hi,   I have an error while trying to automatize the creation of an address locator. Any idea what can be wrong in my code below?   I only use 1 data table as reference so why this error?   I am usin...
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  • Bug legend ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 - sde layer

    I'm making a layout showing several streets with a different symbology for different routes. It's a line feature layer on a sde-server, using a definition query. 'Only show features visible in the map extent' is ...
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  • What widget do you want most

    I have been working on a few custom widgets for the Web App Builder, but I would like some input as to what widget/functionality people are wanting most. The WAB has several great OTB widgets but what (realistic) wid...
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  • Error to instert CustomTextElement in Widget Print

    Templates that the client will use have been created, which they want to include as print templates in the Widget Print offered by the Web App Builder for ArcGIS by default, following each and every one of the steps i...
  • Introduced Myself

    Hello Community, This is S M Maruf. At present , I am working as a intern for my master degree in a German Company named FusionSytems GmbH. My topic is routing and navigation and my task is to the developme...
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  • Work Around suggestions for 'unable to export infographic to pdf'

    We logged an issue we have when exporting an infographic to pdf when it contains a map.  Printing an infographic causes the same error.  The issue is intermittent and was logged by support as a bug on May 21...
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  • Curves And Lines Functionality in Pro 2.1

    If you've ever used the Curves And Lines Add-in for ArcGIS Desktop to convert densified lines into circular arcs, then you may be interested in a new geoprocessing tool that was introduced with ArcGIS Pro 2.1.   ...
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  • ArcGIS 10 - Default Geodatabase

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to change where the path of the default geodatabase when ArcMap starts? Currently, when ArcMap is started it defaults to "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Ar...
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  • ArcMap 10 Won't open

    suddenly today I closed ArcCatalog 10 at the same time ArcMap 10 was opening. Afterwords, neither would open. I uninstalled ArcGIS 10 then reinstalled. Still nothing; I then deleted ArcCatalog.gx and Normal.gxt and ...
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  • ArcGIS Blog - Celebrating diversity with 'dots on a map'

    This ESRI blog post from Allen Carroll features a custom story map application with some neat new features. In the blog Allen says: We think accessing a selection of people, points of interest, or other items via a ma...
    created by Koelker12
  • How do I create a layer package programmatically with ArcObjects (via ArcEngine.Net)?

    I am trying to create a layer package programmatically with an ArcEngine (.Net) application.  The documentation has good information on how to open a package here: http://help.arcgis.com/en/sdk/10.0/Arcobjects_ne...
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