• Replacing datasource does not work through arcpy

    Writing a script to replace the datasource in a project.  I have tried doing this by replacing the .sde file path on the apex object.  Tried by replacing at the map level and also at the layer level.  n...
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  • Base Map Services from ArcGIS Online Crash ArcMap

    Hi, I've had no problems using basemaps from ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS 10 until today. I started getting a message after clicking the Add Basemap option asking if I wanted to enable something (I can't remember exactly ...
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  • Unable to decrypt request parameters Error message

    I uninstalled and tried to reinstall ArcGIS Server 10.1.  On reinstallation I reached the create site option.  I didn't have a useful site on the server, but the folders from a previous attempt were still on...
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  • Unicode error

    Hi,   When i am running this code i am getting a Unicode error half way through. Not sure what mxd/layer file name is hanging it up (line 33) on but not sure where to put the fix (line 7 - or if this is the corr...
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  • Geocoding in ArcGIS Online form a web table

    I'm trying to go to and online site that has a spreadsheet and I want to geocode it in  ArcGIS Online to show points on house locations?  Can anyone give me some Ideas.   Thanks, Chris
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  • ArcMap 10.7.1 meta-error

    I guess I should have instead pushed "Don't Send"..    (j/k, lol, , etc)  
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  • Drone2Map error. Multi LOD Mesh SLPK

    Hello everybody,My name is Andres Martin, this is the first time I write in the forum. I am having problems when generating multi lod mesh in slpk format with drone2map. I have more than 10 different flights in diffe...
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  • Survey123 Geopoint Information - Send email via Geoevent

    We created a simple Survey123 web form with Geopoint information to report fence breaks. Once a report has been made, we have configured Geoevent to send an email to notify the submittal. The workflow works great, exc...
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  • Cannot create SpatialReference with 100.7 in .NET Core 3.1

    Title. Works fine in .NET Framework 4.8. Created a new project to double-check. Confirmed 100.6 does work. Sub Main()    Dim loSRS As SpatialReference    loSRS = SpatialReference.Create(26915)...
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  • Calculating Watersheds from multiple Pour Points

    Hi there I am doing an analysis on a small river, using reaches for which I need to calculate various parameters for each reach, one of which is watershed/catchment area the reach is draining. I'm familiar with the ...
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  • Hydrographic workflow

    Hello all. Can someone recommend a workflow for storing viewing and sharing Hydrographic data? We have a lot of data and would like to do more with it.   I have maybe 10+ different surveys of small areas acros...
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  • Arcmap 10.7 and RFID Reads.

    I am trying to learn if there is a tool that could be used to auto-populate an attribute table field based off of location and readings. The master attribute table is garbage totes. Within that table is cust...
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  • Group layers in the layerlist widget

    Hello! I need to create layer grouping within the layerlist widget. I am using version 2.2 of the web appbuilder. When we created the layers on the server as mapserver, the created groups were respected by the layer...
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  • Help with tutorials

    Can someone help me with this error message?  I have been trying to download the tutorials for CityEngine, and it worked the first time, however since then I am unable to download any of them.  I receive thi...
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  • ArcGIS Hub gallery card hover responsiveness

    Is there a way in ArcGIS Hub to highlight individual gallery cards when hovering with your cursor? Would this have to be edited via the ArcGIS Online Assistant? Thank you  -  Evan
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  • Cannot Select a Metadata Style in Pro

    I have been tasked with adding metadata to many of our shapefiles. In Pro when I go t set the metadata style, the dropdown is grayed out and the only option is FGDC CSDGM Metadata. We need to add metadata in either...
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  • Open Web Maps - Pro (Bing/ArcGIS/Google/OSM) Add-in

      For those who are interested, I just released my first ArcGIS Pro Add-in. Get it here:  http://arcg.is/2nMXq4M   Description Have you ever been working in ArcGIS Pro and you want to view (B) Bing ...
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  • Cannot import symbology in ArcGIS Pro but in ArcMap

    Hi! I have trouble importing a symbology for a point layer in ArcGIS Pro. I previously used the same point shp in ArcMap and imported the same symbology and it worked. But in ArcGIS Pro I only get random symbols sho...
  • Raster field type not supported in WebApp (Portal for ArcGIS)

    I created a feature class with one field type ANHSC (Raster field type). I can load image to this feature class and can view in arcmap. I have published feature class to ArcGIS server feature service and build Webapp ...
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  • Remove marker from map when a call is removed

    Brad Niemand I am adding a marker when a focus is done on a particular call or address. How do I clear that marker. Here is how I am adding it:   // Set colors of results marker... IGraphicProperties grap...
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