• Samoa Caves

    Thought I would share my 1st StoryMap with the team here. The storymap has had a few upgrades over the month, I've shared it with friends, co-workers and the local cave club, and lots of positive feedback that they en...
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  • Incluir reportes estadísticas en las ventanas emergentes con Arcade usando GroupBy

    Al inicio de este mes con la actualización de ArcGIS Online (octubre 2019) introdujeron varios funcionalidades en Arcade que podemos aprovechar para incluir información útil en nuestras ventanas e...
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  • ArcGIS Learning Guide for K-12 Educators_October2019.pdf

    This address: esriurl.com/k12learningguide This is a two-sides-of-a-page annotated list of recommended Esri learning resources, guides, and instructional resources for K-12 teachers looking to get started with ArcGIS....
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  • Send One E-mail Notification with GeoEvent

    When working with GeoEvent you may want to send a notification when a particular event occurs.  For example, when there is a flood warning for a county.  In this scenario you can be polling a feed of Flood W...
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  • 2019-11-07 - Configurable Apps

    Event Name: Configurable Apps Event Dates: November 7 Event Location: Esri Headquarters in Redlands, CA Event Type: Esri internal staff only Event Description: Manual testing Configurable Apps experience
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  • Change ArcGIS Desktop license level and LM machines w/o Admin rights 10/11/2017

    WARNING...this process changes the REGISTRY which can cause issues if something is set incorrectly.  Review and test before deploying.  We have tested on several machines with ArcGIS 10.2-10.5.1, both physic...
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  • Popup Panel Widget Version 2.12.1 - 07/29/19

    For those of you that don't want the popup to block features on the map or wish you could have selections results info display some where beside the map info window, this is the widget for you. This widget basically t...
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  • UPDM 2018 Edition

    This is the official release of the 2018 Edition of the Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM).    It is designed to support data management for the natural gas and hazardous liquids industries.  Suppo...
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  • Rule of the Week: Guard Rail

    Guard Rail 2018.0   This rule inserts a guard rail asset using the cga operation insertAlongUV(). Apply the rule to a street shape or a rectangular polygon.   You can find the CGA rule files here: http://...
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  • Rule of the Week: Stairs

    Stairs 2019.0   Create a flight of stairs on a polygon or street shape. With stairs.cga, the stairs ascend/descend with the slanted polygon or street shape. Use stairs_from_flat_footprint.cga on flat 2D polygons...
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  • Connecting to Other Users

    When you find other members in the GeoNet community that you wish to connect, you can “follow” that member’s updates and activity. The act of following a member makes them one of your connections. &...
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  • Topology Check Python AddIn (12/10/18)

    Hey everybody,   To echo what I wrote here: Topology AddIn Guinea Pig wanted    On a monthly basis I create a bunch of topologys to make sure that my polygon layers don't overlap or have gaps (ESN...
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  • Change log

    2019   17-10-2019 De Topo RD raster-basiskaart is geactualiseerd op basis van de meest recente bronnen.   17-10-2019 De BRT TOP250, TOP500 en TOP1000 zijn geüpdate in de Datasets-gro...
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  • First Annual SCGIS Photo & Video Contest

    In it's second year of existence, your hard-working SCGIS News Team organized a Photo & Video contest at the Scgis 2019 Annual Conference in Asilomar July 14-17, 2019.  As with most artistic endeavors, t...
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  • Storytelling

    This section is devoted to the different ways that GIS, maps, images and films are used to change society and support environmental activism. It began at the SCGIS 2017 conference with a new "Maps for Advocacy" plenar...
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  • Gaston Buh Wung, Cameroon

    2019 Profile:  Gaston is a participant in the first-ever SCGIS TTT Summit Meeting.  Linkedin Profile          (Years:  tt19 to16  yr13 yr09 ) From Unoosa Intro:...
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  • Decolonizing maps

    A New Podcast from the folks at Native America Calling, hosted by Tara Gatewood on the long struggle of native cartography and new ways that indigenous cartographers are using geospatial technologies to better de...
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  • Anna Komarova, Russia

    Anna Komarova, Greenpeace, Russia                                                (Years:  tt...
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  • Ilona Zhuravleva, Russia

    Ilona Zhuravleva    Greenpeace, Russia   (Years:  tt19 ch17 ch15 ch13 tt13 yr11 ) Ilona distinguished herself as an ecologist very early in her school days.  She worked at an Ecolo...
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  • Using the GeoEvent Admin API with Python

    Working with customers I've had several use cases to use the GeoEvent Admin API.  For example, a GeoEvent input may be using a URL that contains an API key.  This key may expire after a number of days and ne...
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