• Hello everyone. My company is working on networking a water utility system and is in need of some assistance moving data smoothly from the trimble data collector to arcmap. The trouble is coming from the file name of pictures that I want to attach to poin

    Hello everyone. My company is working on networking a water utility system and is in need of some assistance moving data smoothly from the trimble data collector to arcmap. The trouble is coming from the file name of ...
  • Create Linked Record

    Is it possible to use this method to create a new record in a related table when a feature is created in a layer? If not, are there any method or series of methods that can be used to achieve this result?
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  • Is there a way to programmatically drop and recreate geometric network?

    Hi all,   I am upgrading a water utility to ArcMap and Enterprise 10.6.1 from v10.2.1. Part of the upgrade process is to change the coordinate system of all the datasets. I wrote Ar...
  • Attribute Assistant - generate unique id based on domain value in another field

    I have parcels with different landuse classes: Business, Residential, etc. I would like to generate a unique id when the parcel is being split. However, I need to generate a different id and counter dependin...
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  • Water Geometric Network Editing and Analysis solution

    Hello everyone! I’m a new user for the Water Geometric Network Editing and Analysis tool, and I have some questions about it. First, I am using ArcMap 10.8, and I built a geometry network as some online guides...
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  • Water and Sewer utility Networks in the same enterprise gdb

    We are trying to run 2 utility networks in same sde: 1 water distribution 1 sewer.   We created the unowner account and used it to deploy for water distribution but when we run the apply asset package tool for s...
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  • Creating surface area of water body by DTM and water level gauge

    Hi folks, do you know whether its possible to derrive/create surface area of a water body by applying only DTM and water level gauge in GIS? The attachment illustrates the DTM for the water reservoir , red lined the...
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  • Trouble with Census Data

    I am doing project calculating displacement due to sea level rise (SLR). I am doing so by using intersecting the SLR polygons with census tracts for each state and then running zonal statistics as table with the inter...
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  •       Webinar Series - Part 2: Digitizing and Mobilizing Field Operations

    I am searching for the registration on this webinar. Where can I find it?
  • Create a variable buffer on either side of a line feature class.

    I am attempting to put a feature class together that will be used to map easements along our pipelines.  I intend to use a line feature class that can be used as the center line for creating a buffer off of, sinc...
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  • disappearing layer, frequently prompted for credentials

    In the last 2 or 3 months, one of the departments I work with has reported having 2 problems with ArcGIS Online.   1) When working in the field using Arc Explorer, one of the layers disappears and does not refre...
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  • Change version owner error

    Hi everyone,   We are having some issues when managing versions on our Utility Network project using PRO 2.5.1. The UN service is shared in a group in our portal.   Our worflow follows this sequ...
  • Utility Network without Portal

    Will it ever be possible to use the utility network without installing and maintaining Portal? Initially, the idea was to bring the geometric network to Pro...that didn't work, so the utility network was created. Then...
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  • Attribute Assistant Split Features

    This is probably an easy question since I haven't seen a solution posted.  We are adding street segments and have a number of dynamic value expressions configured.  When we split a street, we do not want to ...
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  • Is there a pre-configured Hydrant Flushing map and app?

    I remember seeing a pre-configured hydrant flushing web map and app on the Esri Solutions for Water Utilities page but can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know if it is still available or if there is a similar solu...
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  • Best approach for simulating flooding due to beaver dam construction?

    I am investigating the potential impacts of beaver activity on an urban watershed by predict where flooding induced by beaver activity may impact infrastructure. I intend to simulate the placement of beaver dams ...
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  • Get Error 001487: Failed to update the published service with the server-side data location, when publishing Utility Network data

    I have tried many different things but still getting this error whenever I publish some utility network data.  I was just trying out the ESRI sample Sewer Utility Network data (Naperville), followed the instructi...
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  • Data Driven Pages, Layers Disappear

    Hello,   I am creating a booklet using Tax Map Plates (168 Plates). When clicking through my data-driven pages some pages show all of the layers, while some show none. When that happens I am no longer able to se...
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  • If you’re using the Attribute Assistant, we need your help!

    We’re doing some research into how the Attribute Assistant is being used. We’d like to see what rules you are using and how you configured your dynamic value table.  This information will help us pl...
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  • Utility Network Model Diagrams

    Dear All,   Good morning. May I know where can I get the Utility Network Model Diagrams like below. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.  
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