• Python help for default value in attribute field

    I would classify myself as a beginner at best using Arcmap.  I currently have an attribute table and feature class called WaterMeter and a field in that attribute table called City_Mater.  The field properti...
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  • If you’re using the Attribute Assistant, we need your help!

    We’re doing some research into how the Attribute Assistant is being used. We’d like to see what rules you are using and how you configured your dynamic value table.  This information will help us pl...
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  • Subnetwork Controller name do not like parentheses

    Are there any limitations to the subnetwork or subnetwork controller name?  Form the sample solution it accepts dash ‘-‘ and semi column ‘:’ ('Iso:755' or 'Bob-O-Link Isolation Zone ...
  • Utility Network Rules

    Hello, I want to import rules to my Water utility network, but i dont have a .csv file of these rules or another  working utility (thats why I can't do Export Rules) Maybe I need to download Also I can`t downl...
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  • No Empty Geometries exist but Validate Topology Failed - "the operation was attempted on an empty geometry"

    I'm trying to validate the existing topology of a polygon feature class (roughly 2.8 million features) that exists inside a feature dataset on our ArcSDE database. The topology validation fails with after an hour and ...
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  • Utility Network without Portal

    Will it ever be possible to use the utility network without installing and maintaining Portal? Initially, the idea was to bring the geometric network to Pro...that didn't work, so the utility network was created. Then...
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  • Is there a way to programmatically drop and recreate geometric network?

    Hi all,   I am upgrading a water utility to ArcMap and Enterprise 10.6.1 from v10.2.1. Part of the upgrade process is to change the coordinate system of all the datasets. I wrote Ar...
  • Create Linked Record

    Is it possible to use this method to create a new record in a related table when a feature is created in a layer? If not, are there any method or series of methods that can be used to achieve this result?
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  • Do I still need the utility network management extension if I use a file GDB?

    In the ArcGIS Pro 2.5 release I read that there is a single-user model now. Do I still need the extension?   "File geodatabase utility networks are now supported."   ArcGIS Pro help says that a multiuser m...
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  • Can Attribute Assistant be used to draw pipes between structures ?

    We have data collected using Arcgis Collector for storm & sewer structures that have a FromID & ToID field populated. Now we are wanting to draw the pipes between the structures. Can attribute assistant be con...
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  • ESRI solutions - Storm Water, getting started

    New to ESRI and solutions - Storm Water.   New to most things GIS, except import export shape files. Civil Cad person trying to use ESRI Solutions for small storm water deployment web maps.   I'd like to s...
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  • Water Distribution Utility Network

    Hello, I have a problem with Deploy an ArcGIS Solution > Utility Network > Water Distribution Utility Network, I don`t have a maps or any layers to the Contents and also symbology for water utility are empty. S...
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  • Taking a csv or excel file and importing to attribute table in Arcmap

    The small utility I work for uses Tyler Technologies Incode for the utility billing for our water customers.  I can have the office workers export the addresses and meter information to a csv or excel file. ...
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  • Data Driven Pages, Layers Disappear

    Hello,   I am creating a booklet using Tax Map Plates (168 Plates). When clicking through my data-driven pages some pages show all of the layers, while some show none. When that happens I am no longer able to se...
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  • Determining when to rebuild geometric networks

    I currently support geometric water networks for my organization.  The water networks consists of things like water lines, valves, hydrants, etc.  I have recently began making updates that including adding/r...
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  • Iterate through Geometric Network Trace Flags

    Hi,   I'm wondering if there's a way of iterating through flags for a geometric network trace to produce multiple outputs using a model? I have tried to create a model but without much success. I have say 200 st...
  • GIS products for Water/Wastewater treatment plant campuses

    We all agree that the Water Utilities Model is great for maintaining a geometric network and keeping an up-to-date atlas of the system, mainly transmission and distribution.  Has anyone tried to use GIS for infra...
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  • Water Treatment Plant Data Model

    Hello,   We have recently implemented the water distribution data model, and now we need to build out the treatment plants. I also asked this question in the Utilities & Communications forum with a link...
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  • CCTV Manager Errors

    I'm trying to run the CCTV manager with the sample data and the GenerateCCTVPipeFeatures isn't working. Here are the errors I am seeing in Python.   Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", lin...
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  • Is there a way to flag lines that are not split by points?

    Hi all,   I recently generated a geometric network for an existing sanitary system. One of the rules that I set was that each main segment is to be split by a manhole. Since creating this network, I found a coup...
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