• Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools

    Version 3 of the Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools are now available for download from this post. The Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools help you transform water distribution system da...
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  • Utility Network - Thoughts...

    Our organization is looking at moving to the Utility Network data model, but we have heard mixed reviews.  Anyone using the model currently have any insight (good or bad)?
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  • How can I convert Bentley i model (i.dgn) to ESRI File GDB without losing data/attribute information in ArcPro?Tried Data Interopability also, it fetches null geometry/attributes. TIA

    We have BIM data in bentley i model format (i.dgn). Need to use that data in GIS analysis, so tried to convert that data in ArcGIS Geodatabase featureclass. Used Data interoperability tool in both application Desktop ...
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  • Data migration to Utility Network

    I am curious as to how many people have converted to the Utility Network using your in house GIS staff versus using an outside consultant, and what were your reasons for your choice.
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  • Mapping Treatment Plants in GIS

    Hello, We are beginning to research the feasibility with mapping our treatment plants in GIS. Has anyone completed this effort and willing to share the results via a demo? We would like to gain lessons learned and wha...
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  • transfer data from parcel points to closest downstream pipe

    So I have a municipal sewer system (pipes, manholes, etc.) where the pipes are drawn directionally.  We have water usage data on parcel points (basically each parcel has 1 or more points representing each water s...
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  • Hi everyone, I'm Ayuba, a Water System Manager

    I started using ArcGIS not quite long. Currently we want to digitize all our systems. The Regional agency has never use ArcGIS in any of their mapping or water network connections. I'm leading the team now to do tha...
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  • Field Operations at the Esri User Conference 2019

    The Field Operations capability of the ArcGIS Platform enables you to optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence. This capability is offered via a suite of field apps that enables ...
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  • CAD to GIS?

    The City of Arvada Water Operations Department converts from CAD to GIS saving $275,000 over three years by moving from map book to iPads and 28 man-hours a week. http://p.ctx.ly/r/9gw3
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  • A New Approach to Flood Mapping

    Imagine, in the near future, routing apps know their users’ daily paths home from the office and can alert them to potentially flooded roads before providing them with safe routes home. This is the future of flo...
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  • Webinar: Fort Worth Water Utility Plans to Remove all Lead Pipes by 2021

    Spend an hour with Fort Worth Water Utility as they discuss their plan to remove all lead service lines by 2021 during our Free Webinar! Register now to attend: https://go.esri.com/Fort-Worth-Webinar-Registration
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  • AWWA ACE19

    Going to AWWA ACE19? Visit the #EsriWater exhibit booth for live demos! Learn how technology supports modern infrastructure management. go.esri.com/ACE19Demos 
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  • Updating Water or Sewer Distribution Utility Network

    What's the best practice updating Water or Sewer Distribution Utility Network data model and utility network services - I did it thru ArcGIS Solutions Deployment, but what's happen to the existing configurat...
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  • Polyline measuring

    Hey All, Hoping someone in this community could help with a distance problem, it seems like the logical place to come, as I'm guessing you have the same requirement for pipelines. (i.e. how long is my pipeline)&#...
  • Interested in Working for Esri?

    Have you ever been interested in working for Esri?   Join me in Redlands, CA as part of the Esri Global Water Practice.   Two positions are open: GIS Industry Solutions Manager– Water Industry C...
  • Synchronizing GIS with Enterprise Asset Management system - Handling Abandoned features and Asset Split

    Hi,   We are working on developing interfaces to synchronize GIS (on ESRI Geodatabase) with enterprise asset management system. The network datasets in Geodatabase are enabled with GLOBALID and registered as ver...
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  • HEC-GeoRAS

    Has anyone used HEC-GeoRAS here? Do you know if it is compatible with ArcGIS 10.6.1?
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  • 2019 Esri Water Conference

    Registration is open. Call for Papers is Open. Esri Partners: EXPO and Sponsorships are open. Be part of the #EsriWater community. #EsriWater19   http://ow.ly/a95I30lPfFm
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  • Utility Network Data Models are just a starting point

    Hi All,   We've been getting a lot of feedback and comments on the Esri data models for the utility network.  There's even a discussion here in GeoNet asking questions about missing fields within the UPDM 2...
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  • Utility Network Services Offering

    ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension (Utility Network) is designed to provide a foundation for utility GIS solutions for many years to come. Utilities can now support business functions far beyond traditional G...
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