• Connect with Esri Water at 2020 Industry Events

    Esri Water staff will be attending, exhibiting, and presenting at many water industry events in 2020. We always enjoy meeting with friends, making new connections, and growing our community. If you’re attending ...
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  • Integration Leads to Organization-Wide Benefits

    Open video

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  • Subnetwork Controller name do not like parentheses

    Are there any limitations to the subnetwork or subnetwork controller name?  Form the sample solution it accepts dash ‘-‘ and semi column ‘:’ ('Iso:755' or 'Bob-O-Link Isolation Zone ...
  • Utility Network Rules

    Hello, I want to import rules to my Water utility network, but i dont have a .csv file of these rules or another  working utility (thats why I can't do Export Rules) Maybe I need to download Also I can`t downl...
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  • Utility Network without Portal

    Will it ever be possible to use the utility network without installing and maintaining Portal? Initially, the idea was to bring the geometric network to Pro...that didn't work, so the utility network was created. Then...
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  • Create Linked Record

    Is it possible to use this method to create a new record in a related table when a feature is created in a layer? If not, are there any method or series of methods that can be used to achieve this result?
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  • Do I still need the utility network management extension if I use a file GDB?

    In the ArcGIS Pro 2.5 release I read that there is a single-user model now. Do I still need the extension?   "File geodatabase utility networks are now supported."   ArcGIS Pro help says that a multiuser m...
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  • Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools

    Version 3 of the Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools are now available for download from this post. The Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools help you transform water distribution system da...
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  • Taking a csv or excel file and importing to attribute table in Arcmap

    The small utility I work for uses Tyler Technologies Incode for the utility billing for our water customers.  I can have the office workers export the addresses and meter information to a csv or excel file. ...
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  • Utility Network - Thoughts...

    Our organization is looking at moving to the Utility Network data model, but we have heard mixed reviews.  Anyone using the model currently have any insight (good or bad)?
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  • How can I convert Bentley i model (i.dgn) to ESRI File GDB without losing data/attribute information in ArcPro?Tried Data Interopability also, it fetches null geometry/attributes. TIA

    We have BIM data in bentley i model format (i.dgn). Need to use that data in GIS analysis, so tried to convert that data in ArcGIS Geodatabase featureclass. Used Data interoperability tool in both application Desktop ...
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  • Data Driven Pages, Layers Disappear

    Hello,   I am creating a booklet using Tax Map Plates (168 Plates). When clicking through my data-driven pages some pages show all of the layers, while some show none. When that happens I am no longer able to se...
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  • Houston Water User Group Meeting

    3/17/20 9:00 AM
    Mark your Calendars for the Esri Water User Group Meeting in Seabrook, TX hosted by the Esri Global Water Practice and the City of Seabrook. Connect with like-minded peers facing similar challenges in the water i...
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    Houston Water User Group Meeting
  • Webinar: Integration Leads to Organization-Wide Benefits

    2/20/20 9:00 AM
    GIS Integration Leads to Return on Investment Lehigh County Authority (LCA) has gained significant return on investment by integrating its billing system contact information, GIS data, and communications tools in one...
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    Webinar: Integration Leads to Organization-Wide Benefits
  • Data migration to Utility Network

    I am curious as to how many people have converted to the Utility Network using your in house GIS staff versus using an outside consultant, and what were your reasons for your choice.
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  • Mapping Treatment Plants in GIS

    Hello, We are beginning to research the feasibility with mapping our treatment plants in GIS. Has anyone completed this effort and willing to share the results via a demo? We would like to gain lessons learned and wha...
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  • Iterate through Geometric Network Trace Flags

    Hi,   I'm wondering if there's a way of iterating through flags for a geometric network trace to produce multiple outputs using a model? I have tried to create a model but without much success. I have say 200 st...
  • transfer data from parcel points to closest downstream pipe

    So I have a municipal sewer system (pipes, manholes, etc.) where the pipes are drawn directionally.  We have water usage data on parcel points (basically each parcel has 1 or more points representing each water s...
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  • Better Business: Mobile Response for Solutions and Insights in Water Utilities

    Open video

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  • CCTV Manager Errors

    I'm trying to run the CCTV manager with the sample data and the GenerateCCTVPipeFeatures isn't working. Here are the errors I am seeing in Python.   Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", lin...
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