• Is your data healthy? Find out at Esri UC 2019!

    Accurate data is healthy data. And healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation! The quality of your GIS data is critical as errors introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. If you are attending ...
  • Extract Dominant Routes

    Hello,   Is there a way or a tool that extracts only dominant routes from a route network in Roads and Highways (10.4.1)?       Thanks, Ana
    created by riant1
  • HAZUS Global Usage?

    Hi, Is there any step by step tutorial for creating/replacing HAZUS state inventory data for customs regions outside of the US? I'm trying to use HAZUS for loss assessment of bridges in Cyprus ...
    created by e232897
  • How to snap multimodal stops/points precisely/exactly!!! to transportation lines?

    Hi, I have a problem that I can not solve. I have pretty much experience with ArcGIS, especially with transportation analysis. I have one layer of multimodal stops, where is possible to change transportation mode, i...
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  • Buffer using Excel long/lat and Radii Field Option

    Hello geospatial community,   I have an excel document with long-lat coordinates, which contain radii information, however, I can't seem to get the buffer tool to work properly using the 'field' option. My buffe...
    created by AlexandreH_275G
  • Adding Elevation to a Network

    How do add F_ELEV and T_ELEV to my network. I have tried several times to add it through creating a new network dataset. I have made the value for these fields to be short integer. For example I will have a road with ...
  • Comet Halley Update (May 23, 2019)

    We do not seem to observe the stars as much as we used to, but it is fascinating to look up and think how much our life as a species has depended on a good understanding of the sky. We have dedicated this update to th...
  • GIS-T Proceedings

    The presentations from GIS-T are available at the GIS-T website:   https://gis-t.transportation.org/gis-t-2019/gis-t-2019-proceedings/
  • applying an immage into a surface Lidar

    Hi All, I don't have a big experience in ArcGIS, and my issue is that I have a surface Lidar that I want to bring an image and apply it into the surface. The image is in JPG and the Lidar in DWG. I tried the "Raste...
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  • Where can I get network dataset?

    Hi, guys.I'm asking you a question because I need your help.I'm trying to design a route from a few points in the Shanghai area of China, using the Network Analysis feature of the ArcGIS Desktop version.As you know, y...
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  • Carbon offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

    I would like to ask all experts in ArcGIS for Aviation  or any specialist on Esri tools, that can tell us if we are working on Carbon reduction subject. The question is becasue Airlines around the world have rece...
  • Accuracy of Google Maps

    I'm Rusdi, researcher from CARRS-Q, QUT. I 'm conducting data proccesing to identify of road geometric along my study area. I have two choices, either using my survey data by handheld GPS or using online map from Goog...
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  • High resolution aerial images of the Dutch railway network

    For all the railway buffs and trainspotters out there: recently a very nice data set has been published with high resolution aerial imagery of the Dutch railway network. This data set is available as a WMS OGC Web Ser...
  • Operations Dashboard helping to make information available during Iowa/Nebraska floods

    Iowa DOT Flood Dashboard.  Built this site up over the last week, been very useful getting information out to the public and field.  Added yesterday DOT photo collection with collector, aerial flood photos, ...
    created by ejabrams
  • Turn feature class issues

    Hello   I am working with a route network dataset in ArcGIS (Catalog and ArcMap). I have a feature dataset with a Route Network consisting of a line feature class with roads, a turn feature class (turn FC) with ...
    last modified by kristianbj@geoinfo.dk
  • Linear Referencing and calculating new polyline values

    Please see attached.  I was able to Aggregate Polyline segments and then split the polyline into Urban and Rural sections, but when I split the lines between rural and urban areas, the fields that came up we...
    last modified by DanBear
  • .csv-files deleted when transferring between versions

    At my place of work, we operate on several different versions of ArcGIS. A coworker is trying to share an .mxd with me, that she prepared using v10.5, and is using Save as Copy for my v10.3. The file contains several ...
    created by annaalligood3
  • ArcGIS Pro Deep Learning for Drone Imagery for Highways

    Hi all,   So I just thought I would use the big tag words like Deep Learning, Drone, and Highways to get the most views.  Just kidding, I have been looking into using the high resolution imagery that we tak...
    created by JamesWSimmons
  • Roadway data collection solution ideas?

    Hi there. I work as a technical/GIS analyst for an asset management company, and I've been tasked with researching ways that LiDAR may possibly streamline our workflow. Essentially we are looking for a more automated ...
    last modified by pvmnt_mgmt
  • How to sum overlapping segments of routes created by Network Analyst Route tool solver

    After running the Route tool using Network Analyst on my dataset of 80,000 point pairs (O-Ds), many of the routes that are drawn contain overlapping routes. Each of these routes contains a unique value representi...
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