• Find nearest point/feature along path

    I am trying to find the nearest bus stop from an initial location... where I am trying to find the shortest path an individual could walk from.  I do not want to use "Find Nearest" because that gives the euclide...
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  • Event Editor Error

    Hello,   Does anyone know why this error occurs in Event Editor?   Network issues? We are working in 10.7.1 Roads and Highways Event Editor   Thanks, Ana
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  • Stream extraction mistaking roads as streams

    I am finding the watershed and streams in an area that contains a few roads. It is mistaking some of the roads as streams. How do I make sure the stream extraction isn't picking up the roads as well?
  • import dxf with annotation

    Is there a way to import a dxf and retain the annotation for each polygon in the dxf? I am using v10.6.
    created by rkmetals
  • Projection tool not changing projection lat/long

    Hello everyone,   I have had a frustrating experience with the project tool lately and have not come across someone with a similar question/answer so I thought I'd ask it here.   I have a data set in .csv ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0 asigning Spatail Reference to my Spatial data

    Hello everyone, As I'm new to esri this is probably a simple answer or someone can just point me to some help files already created.   As I've only started a few months ago, I'm purely in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. I h...
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  • time enabled vector data with minutes frequency

    hi,   I am trying to do a time animation of a street network based on traffic numbers. These numbers change every 15 minutes. So my data is for 6 hours having 24 observations (6 x 4) . When I enable time, only d...
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  • Hotspot Analysis Symbology is Gone?

    Hello community,   I have run a hotspot analysis on a set of data and wanted to take that output into a custom template to quickly generate several maps, however, when I brought my hotspot point feature class in...
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  • Opening DGN files in ArcMap

    Earlier this year I was able to do this, but now as I'm trying to add some new centerlines in my data, I cannot open the DGN files in ArcMap.  My ESRI software hasn't changed versions, so I'm unsure what's really...
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  • Table-Join not holding values

    Hello community,   This is the first time I have had a problem using a table-join between two sets of data whereby the resulting join lacks the values in each row from one of the tables despite loading in the co...
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  • How can I control a polygon-split into equal parts by size?

    Hello,   I have an irregular polygon. It looks something like the crude drawing to follow outlined in red. I want to break it into smaller polygons so that the polygon is roughly equal to a 40-by-40 foot square-...
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  • A more advanced split polygon tool or python script?

    Hello everyone,   I have an irregular and block-like polygonal doughnut that I would like to cut up into roughly equal 40-foot by 40-foot squares, however, I have not found a solution from the tools I have been ...
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  • How do I Integrate points and Merge the Attribute Table?

    So I have a series of points that I used the integrate tool on to pull them into a single location at 150 feet. Now I have a more simple dispersion of points but the attribute table still has each individual point whi...
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  • Possible to consume vector tiles in ArcMap?

    I'm wondering if it is possible to consume vector tiles I created in ArcGIS Pro in ArcMap? I created a vector tile package using Pro and then uploaded it to ArcGIS Online. Once online I turned it into a hosted tile la...
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  • Extract Dominant Routes

    Hello,   Is there a way or a tool that extracts only dominant routes from a route network in Roads and Highways (10.4.1)?       Thanks, Ana
    created by riant1
  • HAZUS Global Usage?

    Hi, Is there any step by step tutorial for creating/replacing HAZUS state inventory data for customs regions outside of the US? I'm trying to use HAZUS for loss assessment of bridges in Cyprus ...
    created by e232897
  • How to snap multimodal stops/points precisely/exactly!!! to transportation lines?

    Hi, I have a problem that I can not solve. I have pretty much experience with ArcGIS, especially with transportation analysis. I have one layer of multimodal stops, where is possible to change transportation mode, i...
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  • Buffer using Excel long/lat and Radii Field Option

    Hello geospatial community,   I have an excel document with long-lat coordinates, which contain radii information, however, I can't seem to get the buffer tool to work properly using the 'field' option. My buffe...
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  • Adding Elevation to a Network

    How do add F_ELEV and T_ELEV to my network. I have tried several times to add it through creating a new network dataset. I have made the value for these fields to be short integer. For example I will have a road with ...
  • applying an immage into a surface Lidar

    Hi All, I don't have a big experience in ArcGIS, and my issue is that I have a surface Lidar that I want to bring an image and apply it into the surface. The image is in JPG and the Lidar in DWG. I tried the "Raste...
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