• find corners of a city with a high concentration of vehicle crashes

    Hi! I'm trying to find corners of a city with a high concentration of traffic crashes. First of all, I´ve tried with kernel density analysis, but I'm wondering if there is something that makes a sort of a ranki...
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  • Where can I find street data with speed, lane, and road class attributes for ALL links?

    Where is the best place to find free (if possible) US street data containing speed, lanes, and class of road attributes for ALL links?   I'm conducting connectivity analysis involving local and secondary roads w...
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  • Uploading custom routing service for AGOL web app?

    I'm trying to make an interactive online map and need some advice.   I'm trying to make an interactive map of an urban greenway network (a trail system that intersects with streets and parks) which wou...
  • How to show near real time photos taken by smartphone in ArcGIS?

    Hi guys!  I am pretty new to ArcGIS and I am going to start a project, I need your help! What I am trying to do is to find a way to show near real time photos of road condition on the map. To do this we are going...
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  • arcgis python toolbox, how do i get the geom from a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer after a polygon has been created

    Hi all. I have a custom python toolbox created in ArcMap 10.5.   I'm using GPFeatureRecordSetLayer to draw a polygon onto a in_memory layer. I can see a in_memory layer created when I run the tool, there ...
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  • How do I use the "Summarize Nearby" tool to assess multiple locations at once?

    I am trying to analyze the number of bus stops in Washington DC that are within half mile radius of each Urgent Care center I have mapped out. I can do it if the clinics or hospitals are individually mapped out but no...
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  • ols 3d

     what can i do form make ols for runway 
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  • Calculating slope of a linear feature across a surface

    Hello,   My name is Klemen. I work a lot with road networks in 3D GIS.   I would like to calculate an accurate slope for road network lines. I use the tool "Add Surface Information" (ArcGIS for Des...
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  • Roads and Highways ALRS Redline Properties

    Hello,      I have been following the Esri LRS Data Model documention for 10.7 but when I create the ALRS in an offline gdb, the Redline feature class M and Z values are created unchecked.  T...
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  • ArcGIS Pro error when packaging project: The network dataset must be in a geodatabase

    When I try to package a project where I have created a network dataset (In ArcMap since ArcGIS Pro does not allow building network datasets yet), I get this error: 00189: The network dataset must be in a geodatabase. ...
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  • Vehicle Routing Problem

    Respected sir, My work is regrading  'Garbag collection routing system in Saputara Hill Station'. In that i have prepared Network Data-set and created Vehicle Routing Problem. In my case i have load 15 bin locat...
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  • origin-destination map

    I need to create a map, showing number of trips between zones (origin-destination)...it should have an arrow from point A to 12 other nodes, with a number on arrow. what is the best way to do that? attached is an exam...
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  • Solid symbology is exporting as 3 lines in the legend

    Hi all,   I've added a layer to my map and all looks good within ArcMap. The symbology for the layer is a solid green colour with a dark green outline. However, when I export my map to PDF, the symbolo...
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  • Find nearest point/feature along path

    I am trying to find the nearest bus stop from an initial location... where I am trying to find the shortest path an individual could walk from.  I do not want to use "Find Nearest" because that gives the euclide...
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  • Crash Symbols

    Has anyone come up with a set of symbols for crashes (e.g. pedestrians for pedestrian crashes, bicycles for bicyclists, motorcycles, maybe arrows pointing into each other for head-on), or seen any in use? It's po...
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  • Event Editor Error

    Hello,   Does anyone know why this error occurs in Event Editor?   Network issues? We are working in 10.7.1 Roads and Highways Event Editor   Thanks, Ana
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  • Stream extraction mistaking roads as streams

    I am finding the watershed and streams in an area that contains a few roads. It is mistaking some of the roads as streams. How do I make sure the stream extraction isn't picking up the roads as well?
  • import dxf with annotation

    Is there a way to import a dxf and retain the annotation for each polygon in the dxf? I am using v10.6.
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  • Projection tool not changing projection lat/long

    Hello everyone,   I have had a frustrating experience with the project tool lately and have not come across someone with a similar question/answer so I thought I'd ask it here.   I have a data set in .csv ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0 asigning Spatail Reference to my Spatial data

    Hello everyone, As I'm new to esri this is probably a simple answer or someone can just point me to some help files already created.   As I've only started a few months ago, I'm purely in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. I h...
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