• Transportation Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the transportation industry:   CalTrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) dashboard   ...
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  • Esri UC 2020 for Railroad Transportation

    Click this link, or click the image below, to go to the blog article. Thanks!!  
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  • Which tool can used for hotspot analysis for all ring buffers around the intersection with the crash numbers in each ring buffer?

    Which tools can I use to determine the 10 worst intersections in a State by analyzing the crash data? What we have is the point of all intersections and all crashes point. The output we want is a hotspot map...
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  • New Blog post on Clipping a Network Dataset

    Hi All,   A new blog article, Three Methods for Clipping a Network Dataset in ArcGIS Desktop, was just published. I see this question come to Esri Support fairly frequently, especially with the ri...
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  • Distance Interpolation using Mile Posts on a Rail Road's Center-line

    I have fought with this task for quite sometime now and have finally decided to release myself of the anxiety that I may not come up with the answer I need before I get recommended for Janitorial duty at my company. I...
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  • GIS-T Proceedings

    The presentations from GIS-T are available at the GIS-T website:   https://gis-t.transportation.org/gis-t-2019/gis-t-2019-proceedings/
  • Operations Dashboard helping to make information available during Iowa/Nebraska floods

    Iowa DOT Flood Dashboard.  Built this site up over the last week, been very useful getting information out to the public and field.  Added yesterday DOT photo collection with collector, aerial flood photos, ...
  • ArcGIS Pro Deep Learning for Drone Imagery for Highways

    Hi all,   So I just thought I would use the big tag words like Deep Learning, Drone, and Highways to get the most views.  Just kidding, I have been looking into using the high resolution imagery that we tak...
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  • Road Elevation Data

    Does anyone know if road elevation data is maintained by the DOTs or if there's any way we can go about getting it? I'm mostly looking to get road elevation/grade/longitudinal slope for interstates.
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  • Denver using new technology to keep traffic moving

    Checkout this great 2 mins video from Denver's Channel 9 news that discusses how the City of Denver's transportation department is leveraging GIS technology to help monitor traffic. Featured in the video is Operations...
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  • Anonymous locks in Event Editor in Esri Roads and Highways 10.6.1

    Hello Roads and Highways users,   In the 10.6.1 version of Event Editor there are some cases in which conflict prevention locks are created as an anonymous user instead of the logged-in user. Anyone utilizing th...
  • Something Similar to Central Feature Tool?

    Hello everyone,   I am just learning GIS in my advanced GIS class for my masters program. We went over statistical data tools such as the central feature tool. I'm curious to know if GIS has another tool that is...
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  • Network Analyst

    Good morning all,   I am just hoping to get some of your experiences using Network Analyst. I work for a regional transit agency and right now do not have access to the Network Analyst Extension. One feature of ...
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  • 500 JSON does not allow non-finite numbers

    We get this error from an application ONLY when it queries a particular text field and the value has the letter "E" in it. If we query the value "75E003300011" we get the error. But if we query "750C17200011" the app...
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  • Mapping Speed Limit Data?

    I am a college student in New York State doing an internship with the local town planning department, and one of my projects is to find all the speed limits of every road in the town and make a map including this info...
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  • Network Analyst Route - How to Report Cost (Time) from Length and Speed

    Hi Everyone, pretty simple analysis I believe.. Single road layer with three different road types/speeds. How to compute routes and report travel time in attribute table?   Data attached if you'd like to tr...
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  • Identifying Dangerous Curves

    Hello,        We would like to identify dangerous tight curves in our road database. To start I calculated a field called 'Sinuosity' with the following expression: "!Shape.Length...
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  • Iowa DOT Open Data Portal Upgraded

    Iowa DOT Open Data portal has been fully upgraded to 2.0.  Also refreshed the look and feel.   http://data.iowadot.gov/    Also have our training portal updated leveraging the open data template....
  • Locate line feature along routes returns route vertex measures

    Hello, I tried locating line feature events along a route, but the fields FMEAS and TMEAS returns the m values of the closest vertex, not the real closest point along route. I tried to change the search distance, bu...
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  • How to find a route of fixed length, starting and ending at same point

    This is a problem I would like to solve with Network Analyst in ArcGIS 10.3x.  The goal is to find a running route for a road race, using a slope attribute (which I have assigned to road segments) as the cost to ...
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