• Transportation Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the transportation industry:   CalTrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) dashboard   ...
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  • New Blog post on Clipping a Network Dataset

    Hi All,   A new blog article, Three Methods for Clipping a Network Dataset in ArcGIS Desktop, was just published. I see this question come to Esri Support fairly frequently, especially with the ri...
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    Open video

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  • Distance Interpolation using Mile Posts on a Rail Road's Center-line

    I have fought with this task for quite sometime now and have finally decided to release myself of the anxiety that I may not come up with the answer I need before I get recommended for Janitorial duty at my company. I...
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  • import dxf with annotation

    Is there a way to import a dxf and retain the annotation for each polygon in the dxf? I am using v10.6.
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  • applying an immage into a surface Lidar

    Hi All, I don't have a big experience in ArcGIS, and my issue is that I have a surface Lidar that I want to bring an image and apply it into the surface. The image is in JPG and the Lidar in DWG. I tried the "Raste...
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  • Operations Dashboard helping to make information available during Iowa/Nebraska floods

    Iowa DOT Flood Dashboard.  Built this site up over the last week, been very useful getting information out to the public and field.  Added yesterday DOT photo collection with collector, aerial flood photos, ...
  • Reference site for management of bridges and structures in ArcGIS?

    I know many government agencies and DoTs use ArcGIS for collection and sharing of bridge inspection/maintenance and attribute data, but the examples I've seen all appear to interface with a separate Bridge Inform...
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  • Hi, Every one, Im looking for success story's where ArcGIS Platform was implemented for designing, planing, and constructing Light railways in Urban city's

    Hi, Every one, Im looking for success story's where ArcGIS Platform was implemented for designing, planing, and constructing Light railways in Urban city's
  • I Need to join two shapefiles and keep both sets of features visible and active.

    I have two files of geocoded points called "origins" and "destinations" which were extracted from a survey.  The two files share an ID# field such that an origin and destination from each of the files with the sa...
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  • Turn an xym linestring into an xyzm linestring

    I have a feature class with xym linestring geometry.  I need it converted to xyzm linestring geometry (with z set to 0).  How can I do this?
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  • Screenline application in ArcGIS?

    Hi,    I am looking for a screenline application in ArcGIS for a transportation analysis.    In short:  - I have a serious of bus routes, represented by different lines running down a highw...
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  • Rail alignment planning

    Hi all, I am seeking information on how to do early stage rail alignment planning with ArcGIS from other rail organisations. I am working with a rail organisation that is looking to narrow the field of possible a...
  • Iowa DOT Open Data Portal Upgraded

    Iowa DOT Open Data portal has been fully upgraded to 2.0.  Also refreshed the look and feel.   http://data.iowadot.gov/    Also have our training portal updated leveraging the open data template....
  • Railroad Basemap

    Good Morning - Does anyone have information on the current data model for railroads - specifically freight (if that matters)?  I need to build a railroad basemap but want to make sure that I am using the cur...
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  • Elevation Profile Add In

    Hi,   I'm trying to run the elevation profile add-in (or even the ready to use tool - elevation sync - profile), and I get the following errors/issues:   When using the elevation profile add-in, I get a ru...
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  • Creating a network database from lines and points

    Hi guys! I am using ArcGIS 10.4.1. So I'm trying to create a network database using a shapefile of about 1000 lines and a shapefile of about 2000 points. The lines shows a railway-system, and the pointfile shows the s...
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  • Finding points that are close to each other using a line-shapefile

    Hi guys!   So I'm working with a dataset with two shapefiles, one with about 2000 points and another shapefile with about 1000 lines bound together which looks something like this (a small part of the total map)...
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  • How fast will collector track

    I am noticing that if you have tracking turned on in collector that it lags as you drive. I am wanting to use it to record spray records and line features as they move. How accurate can I expect it to be?   Al...
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  • Railway Project

    Hi, my name is Marco, I'm trying to find a way or at least an idea about how to use Landsat images available and workable quietly on ArcGIS Online, and understand how to use them in my project, which concerns the Ital...
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