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Hello,   Is there a way or a tool that extracts only dominant routes from a route network in Roads and Highways (10.4.1)?       Thanks, Ana
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Click to view contentFYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the transportation industry:   CalTrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) dashboard       City of Vancouver, BC - Transit Service Performance Review (TSPR) 2018 Review StoryMap (with dashboards)     Maryland Dept of Transportation… (Show more)
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Hi, Is there any step by step tutorial for creating/replacing HAZUS state inventory data for customs regions outside of the US? I'm trying to use HAZUS for loss assessment of bridges in Cyprus due to earthquakes. I'm using HAZUS 4.2 with ArcGIS 10.5.1
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Hi, I have a problem that I can not solve. I have pretty much experience with ArcGIS, especially with transportation analysis. I have one layer of multimodal stops, where is possible to change transportation mode, i.e. between bus and metro. In network dataset such stops represent connection points between bus and metro. Therefore such stops… (Show more)
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Hello geospatial community,   I have an excel document with long-lat coordinates, which contain radii information, however, I can't seem to get the buffer tool to work properly using the 'field' option. My buffered output is much to small. For instance, the point represented in this image has a radius of 292.933 or 0.05 miles.     The buffer… (Show more)
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How do add F_ELEV and T_ELEV to my network. I have tried several times to add it through creating a new network dataset. I have made the value for these fields to be short integer. For example I will have a road with a F and T value of 0 (ground level) and when I try to see if they will have a route, the network analysis gives me an error message.… (Show more)
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We do not seem to observe the stars as much as we used to, but it is fascinating to look up and think how much our life as a species has depended on a good understanding of the sky. We have dedicated this update to the comet Halley. Tomorrow, over 2,250 years ago, the first documented sighting of comet Halley was made by Chinese astronomers. It… (Show more)
The presentations from GIS-T are available at the GIS-T website:
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Hi All, I don't have a big experience in ArcGIS, and my issue is that I have a surface Lidar that I want to bring an image and apply it into the surface. The image is in JPG and the Lidar in DWG. I tried the "Raster to TIN" tool but it didn't work with me. Can anyone help me with that ? Thanks
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Hi, guys.I'm asking you a question because I need your help.I'm trying to design a route from a few points in the Shanghai area of China, using the Network Analysis feature of the ArcGIS Desktop version.As you know, you basically need a network dataset to use the Network Analysis feature.However, I searched for data for several days, but I… (Show more)
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