• "The story builder can't be loaded." I can see my story map in my content, but I cannot access it to edit.

    Hi all, I spent yesterday playing with this new Story Map Beta... now I am receiving this error message when I try to continue and edit my Story.    I'm not sure if there is some outage or something preve...
  • Issues on my first go with the new Storymap editor

    Issues on my first go with the new Storymap editor: can't seem to add content after including an embedded applicaiton there doesn't seem to be a link to edit or view the storymap from the storymap's item page in my ...
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  • Sidecar content not loading on mobile

    I've just finished a new story map and I'm encountering mixed behavior on some of the sidecar content that has a map as the base. In my case, I'm seeing the map attempt to load on mobile, but ultimately get the ":(" f...
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  • Multiple images in the side panel

    Hello, I want to insert in my story map a side panel to include more than one image related with each point in the main map. In the previous version (shortlist template) this is not possible. Is it possible to ...
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  • Issue loading StoryMap w/YouTube Links

    I'm running into a problem now accessing my stories that I've created that have YouTube videos embedded in them. I'm getting the following error: I can refresh it once or twice, which will then get rid of the error...
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  • Make a map selection and load popup content in the side panel?

    Is there a way to have items select as you scroll through the sidecar and have the popup info show in the side panel? I have a map with a few features that i want to zoom to each and show its information. Is it possi...
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  • Embed Apps as Sidecar slide

    Hello, Will the first release to not only add Images and Maps as sidecar slides, but also apps and other content?   If not for the first, I hope it's planned for a future release.   I guess Simon Jackso...
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  • How do I fix an embedded Tableau link in a Story map Beta?

    I have embedded a Tableau chart into my Story map (beta version) and it displays the loading wheel icon. When I examine it on preview, it shows a blank grey screen. Is there a way to fix this so the chart shows up pro...
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  • First impressions of express maps

    Since this tool is brand-new, we're eager to hear your initial reactions to express maps. • How often can you see yourself taking advantage of them? • What do you think of the redesigned legends and pop-...
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  • If you added a web map/scene, how did it go?

    A key function of StoryMaps is helping you put your web maps & web scenes in context, so of course getting a web map & web scene into your story needs to be a smooth experience. Tell us about your experiences ...
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  • Will there be a search function?

    I'm thinking of using StoryMaps for a project that requires a search function. Is it something that's planned in the final release?    Preferably the search field would be positioned...
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  • I would like to embed a beta story map into a website.  Is that possible?

    I know that classic story maps can be embedded in websites (instructions here: Embedding Story Maps in websites and blogs ).  Does the beta include an embed option?  I'd like to share a beta map to...
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  • Is it possible to create something like Geoguess in ArcGis'S Beta version?

    Hello, everyone. I am excited to see the new version of story map! I wonder if it is possible to create an interactive story map like Famous-romances or Geoguess. If it is possible, could anyone please give a hin...
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  • Table of contents

    I've started to play with the beta version of the new Story Maps.  I like its simplicity and how effortlessly it moves me, as the reader, down thru the story.  It also implements improvements ...
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  • Share/Embed Link in StoryMaps Beta?

    I am wondering if there is a way to embed a StoryMap I've created in the beta?   I know there is a way to do it for the classic builder, just not seeing it (yet) for the new one and want to confirm.
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  • Text Editing Environment for Story Map Builder

    Hello All,    There may be a question like this, but I'd like to see if I can add something to the discussion.    I've started playing with the StoryMaps Beta site and made a couple of ...
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  • A few ideas and issues of StoryMap Beta

    Thank you all for the new update to StoryMaps! I'm enjoying going through the beta stage and excited to see the final release. I have a few ideas and comments, let me know if you need more information.   It woul...
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  • Full screen width when embedding external apps

    Enhancement Request: I need a litle more interactivity to the maps that I embed within this new Story Map template.     I tried embedding a simple Web App built in WebBuilder.  If I embed within...
  • Publishing and Sharing Your Story with the New ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta

    Sharing is an important part of the storytelling process. So, with ArcGIStoryMaps, we’ve redesigned the publishing and sharing workflow with your needs in mind.   The new beta includes enhanced story stat...
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  • Problem on a New ArcGIS Story Maps Beta Publication

    I recently created a Story Map using the Story Maps Beta but I encounter a problem that I haven't been able to solve. I have created the story using as well Survey123 and it all seemed to work well; however it wa...
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