• Pre-Incident Plan Output: Form Template?

    Good afternoon! I am a supervisor of a Fire Marshal's Office, and we are developing a pre-plan program for our Fire Department field personnel utilizing ArcGIS (Pre-Incident Plan).  Our suppression (fire personn...
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  • Research Assistance in disaster management

    Hi, I'm currently working on a disaster management related thesis with the aim of developing a GIS model for prioritizing reconstruction of infrastructure.  A portion of the research is survey based and I am look...
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  • How will you work to build resilience and collaborate in the new normal?

    For all the 2019 NSPSS attendees, let's continue the conversation here. What are your key takeaways? What would you like to learn more about? What are your action items as you return to your agency? 
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  • Operations Dashboard at the Esri User Conference 2019

    FYI, a blog that discusses the activities related to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS at UC is available.   Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS at Esri User Conference 2019   Members of the Operations Dashboa...
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  • Field Operations at the Esri User Conference 2019

    The Field Operations capability of the ArcGIS Platform enables you to optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence. This capability is offered via a suite of field apps that enables ...
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  • How the City of London Police is Making Data-Driven Decisions To Reduce Crime

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  • Public Safety Events and Activities

    The Esri User Conference has many presentations and events with hundreds of topics covered. To help you find your way to the Public Safety, Fire/EMS, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Emergency Call-Taking and Di...
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  • Esri Emergency Management Webinar Series: Real-Time Situational Awareness

    7/3/19 9:00 AM
    Maintaining situational awareness is critical to response efforts for any incident. Processes that involve manually collecting and sharing data are siloed, slow, and immediately out-of-date—keeping you and your ...
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    Esri Emergency Management Webinar Series: Real-Time Situational Awareness
  • Creating a Graph of Gender

    In the drop down menu for creating a graph there isn't a field value for which I would like to graph (gender and age count).  Attached is the file which I have added using x y data.
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  • States of California, Oregon and Arizona Launch New Preparedness Apps

    State of Oregon (Daniel Stoelb) Daniel Stoelb on Twitter: "Snow is in the forecast! Check out our new #weather #opsdashboard that shows you the latest #…    State of California (Stephen Lai) Step...
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  • Using ArcGIS Online to create police perimeter on demand

    Our police department wants an app that will allow them to click on a location and generate drive time and walk time perimeters from location. I know you can do this with an existing point feature class, but can it be...
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  • Setting up first-time Users for Mobile Data Collection

    As organizations transition from disaster response to recovery, moving from the office to the field for data collection is critical.  During recovery, communities will begin conducting formal damage assessments, ...
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  • How To: Use ArcGIS to support debris removal operations

    After a disaster event, one of the longest running operations is removal and disposal of debris. Between damaged and destroyed structures and built up vegetation and dirt, the work to clean up an area affected turns i...
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  • Learn.arcgis.com:  Predict Floods with Unit Hydrographs for Disaster Mitigation

    An important aspect about Emergency Management following Recovery is that lessons learned from the Response and Recovery actions inform Mitigation and Preparedness actions.   Understanding Flooding from a...
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  • Survey123, Collector and GeoForm (a quick comparison)

    [Last updated October 5 ,2019]   A pretty common question, so we thought we would clarify this a bit. Lets start with a simple table:   Survey123 for ArcGIS Collector for ArcGIS GeoForm Data collecti...
  • Bouncing Back from Disaster: Emergency Response and Resiliency

    Communities are facing increasingly complex disasters. The world’s population continues to migrate into disaster prone areas, and our changing climate further escalates disaster risk. Stronger storms, more frequ...
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  • Accelerating Global Resilience with the United Nations

    Esri and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) have formed a partnership to build more resilient communities with geospatial technology. This builds on our recent partnership with the White Ho...
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  • Is your family ready for a disaster?

    Louisiana State University has a really awesome site that provides a variety of readiness resources.  This particular page focuses on preparing for a disaster:   Preparing Your Family For a Flood Preparing...
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  • Mayo Clinic researcher gives some good info for individuals to become disaster resilient

    Mayo Clinic Researcher: Personal Resiliency Paramount for Future Disasters   I like how this article doesn't focus on national or local resilience, but it gives a clear call for us as individuals to prepare ours...
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  • Esri Disaster Response Program Twitter Feed

    If you want to stay up to date with Esri Disaster Response Program activities - please follow @EsriDRP  
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