• Outdoor Warning Sirens

    Does anyone know of a REST service or data set that I can download that shows all of the outdoor warning sirens in a state (in my case, Ohio)? I seem to only be able to find individual counties that have created or co...
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  • Webinar: Plan and Manage Special Events with the Latest GIS Tools

    8/20/20 9:00 AM
    Register today: Esri Public Safety GIS Webinar Series    Police agencies are entrusted with the responsibility of making sure our community events are safe and secure. From concerts and sporting events...
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    Webinar: Plan and Manage Special Events with the Latest GIS Tools
  • Webinar: Accelerate Your Data-Driven Decision-Making

    8/12/20 9:00 AM
    Register: Esri Public Safety GIS Webinar Series     Join Esri, Intterra and the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) to learn how agencies can improve data-driven decision-making at a strategic ...
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    Webinar: Accelerate Your Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Wildland Fire UC Survival Guide

    Hi all - I created a survival guide for the UC. If you need any help please let me know and I will keep adding sessions to the Live Sessions list.   Wildland Fire UC Survival Guide StoryMap
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  • Virtual Public Safety Events and Activities @ Esri User Conference

    The Esri User Conference has many presentations and events with hundreds of topics covered. To help you find your way to the Public Safety content including, Fire/EMS, Disaster/Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, ...
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  • Repeat and near repeat classification tool - visualize connections feature class in 3D?

    Repeat and near repeat classification tool (Crime analysis toolbox) creates line feature class representing relationship between repeat and near repeat incidents and their originators. I would like to visual...
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  • Does anyone push their Esri data to Intergraph I/CAD?

    I'm trying to find people to commiserate with who are Esri users who were tasked to roll map data to Intergraph's I/CAD system.  I have heard snippets about their new I/Map Editor toolbar that supposedly works wi...
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  • Inventory Management

    Need Advice, I've set up an dashboard for our Emergency services director at the city i work at. He love's it, however, he wants to track how many barricades are deployed versus how many we have. I know its possible,...
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  • ArcGIS Field Operations Dev Summit 2020 Technical Session Videos

                            Field Operations in ArcGIS are enabled by the following apps: Workforce ...
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  • Anytime we edit our COVID-19 case data our dashboard will duplicate the 'jurisdiction' in the drop down.

    We are tracking Dispatch, RMS and ePCR suspected cases and using a dashboard to quantify it.  Every time we edit the point data the 'Jurisdictions' show up 2 or 3 times in the drop down list.  We are using d...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) update

    Today we updated Collector for ArcGIS on the iOS platform. This new release introduces some nice new features and a host of UX updates and bug fixes. Please read our official blog announcement from the ArcGIS Blog sit...
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  • ArcGIS Dashboards Training Videos for COVID-19

    We’ve had many users request additional training materials to go more in-depth with ArcGIS dashboards. They want to better understand the different data visualization options and how to configure their own ...
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  • Geostatistics Question

    I want to do hotspot analysis on a CSV that contains the number of crime events that happen at specific locations on a given day. Each day has its own row and unique location, but also contains a Count column that cou...
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  • Hospitalization and PPE Inventory Solution released

    This solution was just released to help organizations inventory hospitalization rates and PPE status.  Also with this update is a new way to deploy the solution all through a browser.  More on the solution c...
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  • How can I display a plot of type heatmap next to my map? (not a density plot overlaid on geographical map)

    So I keep seeing that "heatmap" in arcgis refers to the density analysis overlaid on a geographical map. What I want to show is a plot next to a map, similar to the Serial Chart, but similar to the below link:   ...
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  • What is the best way to create a table applicable to the time slider for ArcMap

    I am tracking COVID here in my town and state (Ohio). What is the best way to lay out the data table to be applicable to the time slider?  Should I join sheets organized by the day?
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  • FYI: Esri COVID-19 whitepaper

    Just published yesterday by Este Geraghty, esri's Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director, and the Health and Human Services team: a new whitepaper:   Locating COVID-19 Testing, Treatment, and Resour...
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  • FYI: COVID-19 Dashboards and Apps Recommendations

    All,   Over the last 2 weeks we've seen many new ArcGIS Dashboards and Apps created to help monitor and support the COVID-19 situation worldwide. Many people are interested in learning more information each day ...
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  • GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

    The work you do to support awareness of COVID-19 in your regions is important and The Esri Community is here to help. Collaborate by sharing your ideas, questions, resources, or projects here in the GeoNet Community. ...
  • ArcGIS 10.6.1 and Spillman Geovalidation issue - Blue Searching Circle

    Our dispatchers have been noticing a blue searching circle that lasts anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds with the rare occasion of it being longer. It started happening with the change to geovalidation. When a dispatcher r...
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