• Where is my problem coming from with CAMEO Tools.tbx Failure to Execute with .zip file from CAMEOfm

    When I try to import my CAMEO data into pro using the new CAMEO Tools.tbx   (C:\Users\Adam P. Ingram\Documents\ArcGIS\Packages\CAMEODataManagement_f42c66\p20\ImportCameo.py)   I run into the following data...
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  • FCC - Indoor Location Accuracy Benchmarks

    FCC - Indoor Location Accuracy Benchmarks The April 3, 2020 Nationwide Benchmark is almost due. The April 3, 2018 benchmark included a barometric pressure requirement too.    Electronic Code of Feder...
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  • Apple's iOS 13 - HELO and Text to 911

    Apple's HELO and Text to 911   Apple's HELO and Improving Locaton Based Routing
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  • California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) announced the kick-off to implement NG911

    The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) announced the kick-off to implement NG911 with the selection of vendors to modernize our State 9-1-1 System. The information below includes updates from CalOES an...
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  • National Security – A Team Sport

    By Mike King, Director of Emergency Communications – Esri Twitter @printcop   In July of this year, public safety professionals from around the world descended on San Diego, California to attend Esri’...
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  • Inventory Management

    Need Advice, I've set up an dashboard for our Emergency services director at the city i work at. He love's it, however, he wants to track how many barricades are deployed versus how many we have. I know its possible,...
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  • Research Assistance in disaster management

    Hi, I'm currently working on a disaster management related thesis with the aim of developing a GIS model for prioritizing reconstruction of infrastructure.  A portion of the research is survey based and I am look...
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  • How will you work to build resilience and collaborate in the new normal?

    For all the 2019 NSPSS attendees, let's continue the conversation here. What are your key takeaways? What would you like to learn more about? What are your action items as you return to your agency? 
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  • Public Safety Events and Activities

    The Esri User Conference has many presentations and events with hundreds of topics covered. To help you find your way to the Public Safety, Fire/EMS, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Emergency Call-Taking and Di...
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  • Using ArcGIS Online to create police perimeter on demand

    Our police department wants an app that will allow them to click on a location and generate drive time and walk time perimeters from location. I know you can do this with an existing point feature class, but can it be...
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  • FEMA’s Hurricane Incident Journal Combines Apps that Inform Response

    FEMA has combined a number of applications that are part of the FEMA GeoPlatform to create the Hurricane Incident Journal. This story map provides relevant and up-to-date data and tools that provide spatial decis...
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  • Story Map Shares Crowdsourced Photos of 2018 Hurricanes

    A new interactive story map provides a place to share photos from the 2018 hurricane season. People can quickly post photos of preparations and the impacts from this year’s storms. The photos appear on a map alo...
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  • Hurricane Harvey Assistance One Click Away

    Hurricane Harvey, at one point a category 4 hurricane, has brought devastating amounts of rainfall with extensive damages to Texas and Louisiana. As Harvey continues its catastrophic path, Esri’s Disaster Respon...
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