Government Can Leverage Esri Inside the FirstNet Ecosystem

Blog Post created by RUmali-esristaff Employee on May 24, 2018

By Mike King, Global Public Safety Manager for 911 and FirstNet


Recently, the National Association of Counties (NACo) published recommendations to county officials regarding FirstNet, the First Responder Network Authority.  The council was sound. Here is some additional information that could help you accomplish your goal of having proven solutions that work in the FirstNet environment.


Esri has been actively involved with FirstNet for a number of years, providing thought-leadership about GIS and the value, location intelligence brings to first-responders. In two live incidents in the past 4-weeks, Esri technology has been proven to work with FirstNet to enable mobile devices on both a fixed-broadband network and also in a portably deployed network.


As a license holder of Esri technology, you have a host of free solutions at your fingertips and they can be used with your secure data inside the FirstNet network, on any device, at any time.


Firefighters and Emergency Rescue teams can benefit from easy to configure solutions like; “The Fire Run Book” map which is used by fire personnel to author maps that include a book cover, map pages, and street index, suitable for printing. These map documents can be used to create a complete fire run book for individual stations or a fire district. We’ve already built solutions for Fire Hydrant Inspection, Pre-Incident Plan Development, AED Inventory and many more.



Law Enforcement Agencies can benefit from solutions like; “Develop Tactical Plans” which provides command staff with easy to configure tactical operations plans for active shooters, barricaded gunmen or other high-risk operations. There are also solutions built for Field Interview collection, Reducing Traffic Fatalities, Opioid Events, Neighborhood Crime Reporting, Public Safety Incident Maps, Crime Analysis and more.


Emergency Management personnel can lean upon Esri for solutions like a “Community Impact Dashboard” that can be used to present aggregated information.  By aggregating community impact reports, organizations can better understand how resilience can be improved, and which areas are affected. This configuration of Operations Dashboard can be deployed by emergency management organizations and used by members of the organization through a browser or as a desktop application.  Some additional solutions are Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Public Information applications.



There are solutions for PSAPs (emergency dispatch), fusion and intelligence centers and many more public safety responsibilities. Because these solutions are built with ArcGIS, the capabilities extend to other county departments like health, transportation, surveyor and many others, organizations that are important to FirstNet during a major incident.


Esri’s Living Atlas of the World provides the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe, including your communities. It includes maps, apps, and data layers to support your work. You can explore Esri’s Solutions at:


Learn more by visiting our public safety pages at: or email Mike at: