• Power Bi - Showing coordinates as lines instead of dots/ points

    Hello,   I work for a pipeline installation company and I wanted to plot the progress using ArcGis. While my data set have coordinates and different installation phases, all I can get are the dots plotted on Map...
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  • Is it possible to have a field hanging off the length automatically re-calculate when the length changes?

    Is it possible to have a field hanging off the length automatically re-calculate when the length changes within ArcGIS Pro (2.4).   Essentially i have a series of vectors that represent fences so there is a fiel...
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  • What could be the best solution to utilise the available data in petroleum exploration.

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  • Reclassify an RGB raster

    Hi,   I have a georeferenced RGB raster that I am trying to digitise (see attachment 1). I have had success vectorising the contours using arcscan, however this is a time consuming process and it is still missin...
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  • Can I trace a line feature in Collector?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to trace a line in collector?   This would be slightly different than Trace Downstream,  I may not even be asking the correct question   For example,  Say I hav...
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  • Has anyone done a pipeline integrity data management project?

    Can you provide information on the various facets of a pipeline data management project?
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  • Is it possible to track other app-user's gps signals through an app currently available through ESRI?

    It would be beneficial to be able to see other workers nearby on our hand held devices. Is there currently an App that can read the signals emitted by the tracking apps activated on other users devices? Thank-you!!
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  • Creating an angle attribute

    I am wondering how I can create an angle attribute to use in rotating symbols. I would like to use a polyline and a point feature. In the point feature, create or populate an existing attribute with the angle of the l...
  • Margins in the Legend

    The margins in the Legend inserted by default with ArcGIS PRO are too tight to the text for layer and group names.  How can the margin be adjusted?  The Legend Properties -> background pane presented on t...
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  • network analyst extension vs. geometric networks?

    Original User: alnesbit Hello all, I just read a forum posting similar to mine but I want to clarify. Is the network analyst extension just for transportation networking? I am working with utility data so for that I...
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