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Network, collaborate and learn from the Petroleum GIS Community

The Esri Petroleum GIS Conference, London, brings together thought leaders from the petroleum, gas, pipeline, and GIS user community in an interactive environment that fosters exploration, collaboration, and innovation.


The conference offers opportunities to:

  • Share industry success stories and best practices
  • Attend groundbreaking GIS solutions sessions
  • Connect one-on-one with Esri tech experts
  • Explore and test-drive ArcGIS with expert-led training at the Hands-On Learning Lab
  • Network and collaborate with industry peers to drive GIS development


Don’t miss this valuable experience to grow your professional network, GIS skill set, and opportunities for success in 2018!


Register Today


Call for Papers Extended!

Lead the Way and Become a GIS Thought Leader. The success of the Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference depends on users like you, getting involved and sharing knowledge, best practices, and real-world experiences.


When you present a paper, your peers see you as a thought leader and a direct contributor to their achievements. Now's the time to lead the way! 


This year's Conference is focused on the following areas:

Technology AreasBusiness Areas
ArcGIS in the CloudUpstream – Exploration, License Management, Operations/Production (eField)
Technology TrendsMidstream - Pipeline, Integrity Management and Risk
Big Data and Spatial Data ManagementDownstream - Refining, Distribution and Retail
 Internet of Things (IoT)Health, Safety, Security and Environment
 Machine Learning and Data Science Decommissioning
Geoscience Workflow SupportRenewables
Applications Integration Marine Sciences/Activities


Submit an Abstract


Esri Pipeline Event

Posted by VCoffin-esristaff Employee Aug 14, 2018

Esri Answers the Call for a Pipeline Industry Event


We invite you to one of two Esri Pipeline Events this fall. At these exclusive events, you will see firsthand how GIS technology can improve your bottom line by increasing communications, driving greater efficiencies, and empowering analysis and insight for smarter decision-making.


You and the other attendees will:

  • Get a guided look at Esri's latest technology, with demonstrations outlining pipeline-specific workflows and a focus on common patterns of GIS use, including mapping and visualization, data management, field mobility, monitoring, analytics, decision support, and sharing and collaboration.
  • Have the unique opportunity to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas and best practices with your industry peers, face-to-face, in a thought-provoking atmosphere.
  • Have the opportunity to explore solutions provided by Esri partners and discover how they are adding value to pipeline operators using the ArcGIS platform.


There will be two opportunities to attend. 


Houston Pipeline EventDenver Pipeline Event
September 11-12 October 3
Register for the Houston event today!Register for the Denver event today!

Thanks to the input and participation of the Esri Petroleum Users Group, this year's conference was a terrific success! Over the two-day conference attendees had the opportunity to network with 1,200 of their peers, view 37 user presentations on the latest and greatest solutions in the industry, attend 38 technical workshops, and saw firsthand how GIS solutions can drive your location strategy forward to help you increase productivity and reduce costs within your organization.


We are now pleased to announce the proceedings from the 2018 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference in Houston:

  • Highlights from the conference can be found on our new Petroleum community GeoNet blog. Be sure to sign up and stay connected with us throughout the year!
  • Discover the broad spectrum of technology and solutions Esri has to offer with the full video playlist of the conference Plenary Session. 
  • Explore over 60 exceptional user presentations and technical workshops built to solve the industries greatest challenges, and learn from thought leaders who have walked in your shoes.
  • Over 1,200 industry peers come together to collaborate and share, learn, and network at this annual event. Take a brief tour of the conference through the photographic lens.
  • Finally, we invite all of you to participate in the PUG Professional Salary Survey.

Next year’s conference is set for May 15-16, 2019 in Houston. Stay tuned for your exclusive invitation!

Esri Petroleum GIS Conference attendees discovered new ways to get business intelligence from their data, that drives planning and delivers greater profits.


The trendy words that buzzed around the halls of the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference 2018 came attached to data and lots of it: Big Data, Analytics, Digital Twin, IoT, AI . . . evidence that the industry is transforming itself through connected systems that extract business value from digital data. This data is building the muscles of the beleaguered O&G and pipeline industry and helping it climb out of a 4-year lull. More than 1100 attendees came to Houston this May, and were intensely focused as they explored new methods and technologies that would support their companies’ geospatial needs well into the future.


Chevron Map HubDuring the plenary, Esri handed the mic to petroleum company leaders who described how their enterprise digital transformation strategies and modernized methodologies were giving their companies an edge. For instance, Chevron demoed the newly launched Chevron Map Hub. Nearly 2500 employees use a combination of ArcGIS Enterprise and managed cloud services to easily find and access enterprise data, and perform cross-functional data analyses. Other companies explained how they had aligned their location strategies with their companies’ objectives in areas of mobility and operational efficiency.


Esri demoed the latest technical capabilities added to its ArcGIS platform. For instance, ArcGIS Indoors is a new facility operations management tool, that optimizes workspace for better collaboration and asset inventory management. ArcGIS Monitor manages and monitors enterprise server deployments diagnoses, heals and improves performance. The Seneca GIS team demoed how it is using the ArcGIS Workflow Manager web tool to help manage and monitor the company’s development projects and respond quickly to hiccups that could cause delays.


HUBUB about the road ahead

Maximize ImpactSome attendees were new to the conference while others had been coming for more than 20 years. They compared notes about GIS experts’ roles have changed in their companies due to the growing capabilities of GIS. The platform has become a self-service mapping system for staff throughout the enterprise and some traditionally ‘non-GIS departments’ are now building their own GIS apps. This freedom has opened opportunities for GIS experts to take on the roles of innovation champions and technology leaders.


GIS managers shared how they have been included in high-level planning meetings with company leaders and have become very much involved in high-level decision-making. They are a part of designing location strategies that derive value from the technologies. Attendees were encouraged to raise the scope of their vision to the enterprise scale, as they develop location strategies that improve the effectiveness of the workforce, provide business intelligence for decision making, and connect their companies with customers.


Representatives from oil, gas, and pipeline companies provided 40 user presentations ranging from subsurface analysis to satellite imagery interpretation. Many shared best practices showing how enterprise-level web technologies have changed their approaches and that they were saving their companies millions of dollars. In the next few weeks, these talks will be posted under preceding’s on the Petroleum GIS Conference page.


Esri and partners presented 18 technical sessions and attendees tried out solutions in the hand-on learning lab. In the GIS Solutions EXPO hall, 50 vendors provided insight into their products and services. The 14 sponsors who made this event successful helped keep registration costs down and provide meals and various social events, including the popular PUG evening social.

PUG social PUG social


The Petroleum User Group - PUG

The Conference’s final session was the PUG Steering Committee meeting. Comprised entirely of petroleum GIS users, the committee helps direct the Esri development team by providing recommendations for product enhancements that meet the O&G and pipeline industries’ most pressing needs. PUG asked Esri to help standardize a set of common workflows that can be used across the industry. Users can participate in creating these opensource workflows by submitting their workflows via Linkedin @pugonline.


The committee also shared concerns about the decrease in qualified geospatial technology staff. Where have they gone and how can we get them back, now that the industry is an upswing? GIS experts are looking for new opportunities and students are considering the field. To build career information and raise the aspirations of those considering a GIS career in O&G, PUG is hosting a survey that will provide the community insight into compensation as it relates to education, roles, and responsibilities. Please do spend a few minutes to complete the confidential salary survey.


Esri announced that it has re-launched the GeoNet Petroleum page, which offers another way for customers, partners, distributors, staff and others in the GIS and geospatial professional community to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. This one-stop resource center is a place to discuss topics and collaborate; ask questions and get answers; read the latest blogs and follow the various social media channels, including the Twitter feed. Connect with GeoNet.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the 28th Annual – ‘Houston PUG Meeting’ this week – it’s going to be an awesome event. Some stats:


  • >1000 Attendees – representing 28 US States and 16 countries
  • 17 Operators Presenting - on Spatial Data Mangt, Expl., Land, Ops., Pipeline & HSE apps.
  • 18 Tech Workshops – Pro and Enterprise, Mobility, Real-Time/IoT, Imagery, Cloud and AI/ML
  • 20 Tech Showcase Presentations – WAB, Insights, Collector, Ops Dashbd, Python, R and many more…
  • 50 Exhibitors – an amazing array of Partner Solutions and demonstrations
  • 12 Partner Showcase Presentations – Live demonstrations of new releases & capabilities
  • 2 Networking Socials – Great opportunities to make connections, discuss what you are doing and share new ideas


Join the Petroleum Community on GeoNet 

This week at PUG, we invite you to join the new Petroleum  space GeoNet and utilize it as a resource to expand your GIS knowledge, discover user success stories, ask questions and get answers, share your work, and connect with other Esri customers and partners in the Petroleum industry. GeoNet is Esri’s online community where more than 258,000 Esri users (customers, distributors, partner and staff) are connecting to work better, share ideas and find valuable solutions.
Get started on GeoNet
To join GeoNet for the first time, follow these steps and then come back to the Petroleum space to join the conversation and get updates from the PUG conference. If you already have a GeoNet account, you can login and go directly to the Petroleum space. 
Next steps 
  • We also encourage you to visit the GeoNet Resource Hub for tips and tools to assist you on your journey.
    • If you have any questions or issues, please contact the GeoNet Community team at
  • Visit the Community area in the Expo during the week to get help and learn more about GeoNet. 
  • Attend the GeoNet workshop on Thursday 12:15-12:45 in Esri Demo Theater. 

With grateful thanks to the whole PUG community for working so hard to pull this year's Conference together, and especially those that will share their work for the positive benefit of others.


You can review minor changes to the online agenda and download the mobile app at:


For those that can’t make it, we will record the plenary, be blogging using the #EsriPUG and will capture many of the tech and users presentation for publication soon after the event.


Looking forward to a great week.



Petroleum Community Outreach Manager