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It was great to see such a strong turnout of O&G oriented geospatial professionals at the annual ePUG meeting in London recently; kudos to the ePUG Committee on executing such a professional event, full of quality presentations, many of which are now posted at:


The topics covered varied from Digital Transformation to Complex data-types, Big Data Capabilities, Mobility, Analytics and AI/ML integration points with Python, R, Tensor Flow, etc for work with Real-Time SCADA and Imagery. I especially enjoyed the presentations by Shell on Digital Transformation, BP on developing a professional spatial discipline, Addax on moving to the cloud, OSRL on Oil Spill Contingency Planning, etc. It was also tremendously pleasing to see the progress that many organizations have made with Information Portals, the excellent work and presentations of the OGA, NPD and BP all pointed to this.


With Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year.

Geoff Wade | Petroleum Community Outreach - Esri