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I've struggled with visualizing historic contaminant plumes for a petroleum release using ArcGis Pro. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to render contours for this? The idea is to produce something similar to EVS / Entervol. Thanks!
in Petroleum
Hello,   I work for a pipeline installation company and I wanted to plot the progress using ArcGis. While my data set have coordinates and different installation phases, all I can get are the dots plotted on Maps. I would like if I could change these dots in the form of Lines or dashes would be great. Also If I could specify the widths of… (Show more)
in Petroleum
Is it possible to have a field hanging off the length automatically re-calculate when the length changes within ArcGIS Pro (2.4).   Essentially i have a series of vectors that represent fences so there is a field that divides by the nominal length of fence sections and then spits out a value. When i edit the vector i have to re-calculate. Is… (Show more)
in Petroleum
Hello, I am Chase Fisher, a Solution Engineer with Esri for Local Government. The following blog lists a few local government-based use cases using this integration. Hopefully this post will inspire you! I would love to hear of other use cases you may come up with!  How does it work? I was in the process of creating a demonstration for a local… (Show more)