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Click to view contentA powerful feature of ArcGIS Data Interoperability and 'cousin' FME is the ability to save and share connections to web apps.  Once configured, you can use a web connection to read and write data in any number of workspaces while maintaining secure credentials in only one place.   Portal for ArcGIS is a component of ArcGIS Enterprise I think of… (Show more)
Hello, I noticed that Revit Data are current available to be read in ArcGIS Pro. But what may be other use of the Revit Data among ArcGIS Pro instead of just visualizing detailed building model? I tried to carried out Shadow Impact Analysis on the Revit data, although the Check Shadow Task are available but don't understand why the Creating Shadow… (Show more)
Click to view contentDataset management in ArcGIS has plenty of supporting tools and workflows, but when you don't have control for any reason you may be the person who has to figure out what data changed, and where.   This blog is about a tool published in the ArcGIS Online sample galleries for bulk change detection between pairs of feature classes.   My first… (Show more)
In case you missed this from the JS API team, re: GeoJSON layers:   The GeoJSON layer is a first-class citizen in the 4.x API; so just as you can style it, perform client-side queries, filter, and calculate statistics, etc – you can now enable clustering in the same way that you would with a feature layer.… (Show more)
Click to view contentGeoNet Ideas contains many customer requests for ODBC connectivity from Pro to databases that are not supported ArcGIS workspaces.  This blog is about implementing read-only import of ODBC data sources to Geodatabase.  See also the paragraph titled 'Update' for a simple way to move data sources between formats using the same underlying approach.  … (Show more)
Click to view contentIn an earlier post I introduced a technique for capturing map extents from user input and sending these as parameters to a Spatial ETL Tool.  This made the spatial extent of the processing dynamic with user input.  The key was wrapping the ETL tool with ModelBuilder to take advantage of its ability to interact with a map.   This post is along… (Show more)
Click to view contentEarthquakes definitely fall into the 'hard to see' category, but also tricky to get right in your GIS.   You can easily find earthquake data, government agencies offer feeds and historic databases from which you can extract data.  This is great for 2D maps, but often the Z (vertical) coordinates are given as positive depth values in kilometers,… (Show more)
Hi   I am trying to find the best way to import an IFC file (no Revit) into ArcGIS Desktop. I have just tried using the QuickImport tool, but it has failed and it is not opening even my licensing looks fine... Any idea?   Thanks!
Click to view contentMany organizations publish OGC WFS services as one option for data supply, either to the general public or to a restricted audience.  Often however these services are intended for large scale mapping, such as within a single municipality, and bulk download at national scale is not supported - either a maximum feature collection size per request is… (Show more)
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