• Preserve KMZ Attributes when Converting to Layer in ArcGIS 10.X

    Hi,   I am having great difficulty preserving attributes from a KMZ when I use the KMZ to Layer tool.  There have been some discussion about the 'Quick Import" tool but I still have not found a concrete ans...
    created by nathankelly5509
  • Georeferencing a vertical image

    I am trying to create a fenceline of a ground penetration radar profile image. I do not have access to original data 
    created by PAPArchaeology
  • Are there any tutorials on how to import data sets off of public gis platforms?

    For example, I am trying to understand how to import data sets from the Texas Railroad Commission website. See link  Texas RRC - Data Sets Available for Download 
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  • Buffer tool with geodesic option but trace offset planar only?

    This is quite frustrating. Trying to make workspace polygons around an oil pipeline, one of which has a varying offset, so it helps to have the option to change on the fly with the trace offset feature. This only work...
  • ArcGIS Pro for GIS Student

    I am relatively new to GIS.  I have been using it for about 1.5 years for work managing data and making maps for a field crew.  I recently decided to pursue a graduate certificate in GIS from a local univers...
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  • I have an excel spreadsheet of pressures that is set up like a grid with state plane coordinates on the top and left of the spreadsheet.  How can I display that in ArcMap?

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  • Enter the StoryMapper of the Year Contest

    Have you heard about the StoryMapper of the Year contest?   And have you ever wanted The Geographer of Nat Geo or a National Book Award winner to view your story map?   Today we ha...
    created by mbush-esristaff
  • Create a line at constant grade?

    I'm wondering if Arc Pro or Arc Map have a tool which allows you to create a line using an elevation surface to automatically choose a constant grade path.  I've found the spatial analysis distance tools, but it ...
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  • How to remove characters in a label?

    How can I have the labeling REMOVE the last 10 characters in a label?
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  • Selection halos for ArcPro?

    Is there a way to create a selection halo in ArcPro rather than just having the color of the feature change to the selection color? When using the select by attribute feature in ArcPro to select multiple poi...
    created by zachanderson
  • How Style of Information Delivery affects Quick Understanding

    I came across a great example from Esri Business Partner S&P Global Platts of how they use the same starting data in different ways in their weekly report on US drilling rig activity.  The Platts Upstream Ind...
  • Curved and extra-wide monitors

    Curved and extra-wide monitors seem to the "thing" in my organization (such as a Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor - U3417W) .  Are curved monitors  appropriate for GIS?  What is the general v...
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  • How to prevent pixelation

    Hello everyone.   I have a strange problem that I've never seen before, and I'm hoping it's an easy fix that someone can provide. I've poked around and can't find anyone else with the same questions.   I h...
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  • Smaller Values in Graduated Point Symbols should always display on top of larger values

    I'm still learning ArcGIS Pro but I've run across an issue I can't seem to resolve.  I'm building a  map and a corresponding layout with a point feature class that I am representing as graduated sizes and co...
    created by shlousek
  • tax parcels

    Where can I find the following:  Tax parcels for oklahoma Topography Well Production data   I am new to this and need as much help as possible!   Thanks for any info in advance 
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  • Animate line features in Powerpoint

    I'm working on a Powerpoint presentation where I would to animate line features onto a basemap one at a time. Any thoughts on how to do this?
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  • GIS Casper Recap

    Written by Geoff Wade, Team Lead - Natural Resource Industries, and John Farrell, GIS Manager, Jonah Energy   On October 25th, the Rocky Mountain Regional PUG Chapter in association with the WyGEO ran a very su...
  • Ideas for Masters thesis in Geo-engineering/Geological engineering

    Hello everyone, I am applying for graduate school in Cananda and i am trying to figure out possible topics for research that have a GIS background. I am hoping to come up with ideas that make full use of GIS without ...
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  • The mask in contour annotation tool isn't working

    I've been trying to use the contour annotation tool to label bathymetry contours over a grid. The tool completes but the annotation mask doesn't seem to be working? Is this a known problem? I've been using the contour...
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  • I am trying to convert Section, Township and Range data from Excel into ArcGIS

    The ArcGIS addon default map is great for addresses, states, counties, cities, etc...but I need to make a map which will measure section, township and range. There are obviously plenty of layers for that type of thing...
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