• ArcGIS Pro for GIS Student

    I am relatively new to GIS.  I have been using it for about 1.5 years for work managing data and making maps for a field crew.  I recently decided to pursue a graduate certificate in GIS from a local univers...
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  • Is there a way to perform batch interpolation in ArcGIS from 1 excel file?

    I have an excel file with station weather data. For each station, for each year (70 years), I have temperature data, as well as associated latitude and longitude of the stations. I want to create interpolated raster m...
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  • Best way to relate a list of references to a shapefile?

    Hello  I am not too sure if this is the forum I should be directing this question to, however I am seeking some advice on what is the best way to create a relationship between a shapefile and another table? Spec...
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  • Enter the StoryMapper of the Year Contest

    Have you heard about the StoryMapper of the Year contest?   And have you ever wanted The Geographer of Nat Geo or a National Book Award winner to view your story map?   Today we ha...
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  • How to remove characters in a label?

    How can I have the labeling REMOVE the last 10 characters in a label?
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  • Selection halos for ArcPro?

    Is there a way to create a selection halo in ArcPro rather than just having the color of the feature change to the selection color? When using the select by attribute feature in ArcPro to select multiple poi...
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  • Mapping wetlands restoration and increasing carbon sinkage?

    I'm trying to create a map that projects scenarios of increased wetlands restoration in the United States and correlates that to increased carbon sinkage/climate change mitigation, but I'm not even sure this is possib...
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  • Curved and extra-wide monitors

    Curved and extra-wide monitors seem to the "thing" in my organization (such as a Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor - U3417W) .  Are curved monitors  appropriate for GIS?  What is the general v...
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  • How to prevent pixelation

    Hello everyone.   I have a strange problem that I've never seen before, and I'm hoping it's an easy fix that someone can provide. I've poked around and can't find anyone else with the same questions.   I h...
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  • ideas how to create interactive Flood mapping with li-dar

    I am looking to bounce some ideas off some heads to help build an interesting flood plain mapping model for the municipality I work for.   So here is what I have:   1. The city has one environment Canada wat...
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  • Ideas for flood plain mapping with Lidar

    I am looking to bounce some ideas off some heads to help build an interesting flood plain mapping model for the municipality I work for.   So here is what I have:   1. The city has one environment Canada w...
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  • How to add multiple columns in a polygon using data from a raster?

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to add the information contained in a raster file into a shapefile (polygon). More specifically, I have a shapefile with some watersheds in it and a raster with 16 land cover classes...
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  • "Extra" area in the Extract by Mask's output. How to get rid of it?

    Hi everyone,   I'm constantly having a problem when using "Extract by Mask". The output of this tool is coming with an "extra" area that is not in my original shapefile. I've attached three figures showing my ra...
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  • My Story Map Journal is stuck!

    I worked on it for about an hour and then clicked SAVE (blue button, upper right), and the Save icon is still cycling and I can't do anything. What should I do?   Here's the link to it: http://www.arcgis.com/ap...
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  • Animate line features in Powerpoint

    I'm working on a Powerpoint presentation where I would to animate line features onto a basemap one at a time. Any thoughts on how to do this?
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  • Joining .tif rasters and .mpat attribute table

    Hi,  I was hoping someone could help me out with my soil types layer. So, I have three .tif files that combined should give multiple combinations of soil types, the three appear as separate rasters in ArcMap. I ...
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  • How to analyze whether points are closer to polygon than not?

    How to analyze whether a point feature class is significantly closer to polygons in a separate feature class than not. The point feature class is individual coyote sightings with no count as they are all at different ...
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  • How to display numerical data at GPS points on map

    Hi All,  I have a (probably very simple) question I was hoping someone could answer. I have 289 GPS points displayed on an orthophoto. For each point in the attribute table, I have a depth (these are points on a...
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  • Desertification/Land Degradation Risk Mapping Using ArcGIS

    Hello all, Anybody in the group involved in desertification/land degradation risk assessment mapping with ArcGIS? What programs, data collection tools and procedures did you use? I can share my experiences in "Deser...
  • download many txt files from web

    Hi,   I need to download several hundred txt files from the web that contain information on forest loss (Global Forest Change ).  After I get the forest loss downloaded I need to repeat for forest gain...
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