• adopting a land use land cover classification scheme

    Hello, I need some help for post classification processes. I used Naip imagery to obtain thematic maps of a watershed in Texas. However, to comply with a systematic classification scheme like Anderson I need to do som...
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  • Polygon Concentration

    I have yield data of a field. Almost quarter million of polygons with the size of 30ft by 1.2ft representing the yield of the region. I have been asked to concentrate (dissolve) every 5 polygons, thus the result will ...
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  • NDVI from CIR

    I have given a CIR imagery of a field where Band 1 is NIR, Bang 2 is Red and Band 3 is Green. I need to calculate the NDVI. Previously, I have calculated the NDVI using NIR and Red with raster calculator where they ca...
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  • Mean NDVI calculation using shapefile

    I have given one NDVI map and one shapefile with 30 polygons. I was told to calculate the average of NDVI values in each polygon. Already extracted the NDVI map for each polygons using extraction tools. 
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  • Animate line features in Powerpoint

    I'm working on a Powerpoint presentation where I would to animate line features onto a basemap one at a time. Any thoughts on how to do this?
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  • Joining .tif rasters and .mpat attribute table

    Hi,  I was hoping someone could help me out with my soil types layer. So, I have three .tif files that combined should give multiple combinations of soil types, the three appear as separate rasters in ArcMap. I ...
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  • Is the Agriculture Data Model Available for download?

    I am looking to set up a better GIS for a project and have run into the ESRI Agriculture Data Model.  The only documentation I can find on it is here: http://downloads2.esri.com/support/TechArticles/Agricult...
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  • How to analyze whether points are closer to polygon than not?

    How to analyze whether a point feature class is significantly closer to polygons in a separate feature class than not. The point feature class is individual coyote sightings with no count as they are all at different ...
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  • How to display numerical data at GPS points on map

    Hi All,  I have a (probably very simple) question I was hoping someone could answer. I have 289 GPS points displayed on an orthophoto. For each point in the attribute table, I have a depth (these are points on a...
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  • Desertification/Land Degradation Risk Mapping Using ArcGIS

    Hello all, Anybody in the group involved in desertification/land degradation risk assessment mapping with ArcGIS? What programs, data collection tools and procedures did you use? I can share my experiences in "Deser...
  • Skyline Input

    Good Day ESRI Community   Having difficulty generating a Skyline using an 3D Point feature and ESRIs World Elevation imagery service.  What is the proper format for the Terrain, would you have any suggestio...
    created by scop_sts
  • download many txt files from web

    Hi,   I need to download several hundred txt files from the web that contain information on forest loss (Global Forest Change ).  After I get the forest loss downloaded I need to repeat for forest gain...
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  • ArcMAP Symbology

    Hello, This is an ArcMAP 10.4.1 question. Is it possible to symbolize using one value field; then color and size that symbol using another field?  I am trying to display a set of surface geochem data. ...
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  • How do I generate a NDVI map and a Profuctivity Map to analyze precision agriculture?

    <div id="inner-editor"></div> 178/5000 <div id="inner-editor"></div> 178/5000 Goodnight, I want to generate such maps with images landsat 8 or senti...
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  • Which ArcGIS App do you use most?

    Tell the Agriculture community which of these ArcGIS Apps you use most? 
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  • clipping shapefile based on .adf file

    Hi, I am doing my thesis work on LiDAR data. I try to clip shape file based on (.adf) file. I could not find the right tool or help for this operation. I tried clip but computer does not  understand (.adf) as ras...
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  • Extract Slope Values from Terrain:Slope Degrees in AGOL

    I need to calculate slope in percent gradient for points in a given feature class.  My workflow is as follows:   1. Set up an .mxd with the desired feature class in a projected coordinate system and the the...
    created by Diomedes275
  • Drones for LiDAR/IR

    I just left CES and am astounded at the proliferation of drones. Does any one have any experience flying local coverage with a drone? I'm a total newbie at this, but the technology is amazing. Tips? Drones brands/mode...
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  • Is Non-Uniform Time Scale Visulization Possible?

    Hello all!   I have a number of polygons of birds from multiple dates of nonuniform scale (ex. 10/14/2016, 10/20/2016, 10/22/2016) which I'm trying to visualize in ArcMap to create an animation. I want to displa...
    created by beckcr30_UWGB
  • Q&A from Esri Mining User Group Webinar - Improving Workflows with Mobile Apps

    Q1.  Is Navigator now a fully released and supported product – rather than an Esri Labs R&D type product? A1.  Jeff Shaner, Esri senior product manager – Yes. Navigator is a fully supported...
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