• Digitising multiple polygons with a defined survey area

    I want to know hot to digitise polygons within a 'defined survey area' by using the 'cut' tool, or instructions on how to digitise multiple polygons within the defined survey area and label the attribute table. I'm cu...
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  • Convert account type?

    When I initially purchased ArcGIS for personal use, I started with a social login. Moving forward I have run into problems with some mobile apps, mostly due to social authorization issues. I'm looking t...
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  • I am asking for your help about Python.

    Hello?   My workload is so heavy that I'm asking for help about Python.   I want to convert the cont.shp(C:\before) to contafter.shp(delete the alti 760 and 770) at D:\after   And now we use pro 2...
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  • Select polygons within polygons using a single feature layer?

    Hello,   I have a polygon feature layer containing approx. 2000 polygons. Hundreds of the polygons reside within other polygons and I want to use the smaller polygons to erase areas from the larger polygons. The...
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  • A problem when use field calculator and toolbox

    Hi, I have a problem when I use field calculator or toolbox. When I calculate the field with field calculator the value does not appear even I calculate only a plain number such as 1 or 0. I have to remove shapefile ...
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  • where can I find workflow manager developer kit download?

    Hello, I need to have ArcGIS workflow manager 10.4.1 developer kit installation file.  I searched the download page and did not find it.  I downloaded it before from ESRI site.   Thanks in advance.
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  • I hav received two different EVA numbers for installation. Each time I have tried to use them I receive this message: "Authorization denied because request would have exceeded...

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  • What versions are my organization's users running?

    Is there a way within My ESRI to tell which ArcGIS Desktop version each user in my organization actually has installed on his or her machine? 
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  • License repair in laptop

    I have a single user license with ArcView installed on my desktop which works fine and a laptop which indicates that my license needs repair. My Cust. No. is 370430. The program worked fine on the laptop until recen...
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  • ESRI website

    Are other users finding the ESRI websites confusing and hard to find things?  Yesterday I was looking for examples or a showcase of web maps to get ideas and could not find anything.  In other cases, I find ...
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  • How do I change administrator

    If I am the administrator, how to I change it to someone else?
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  • Can you edit your username? 

    Can you edit your username? 
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  • The latest version of ArcGIS Pro does not appear on our Organisations "My ESRI"

    We currently have ArcGIS Pro version 2.1 but there is a newer version 2.2.3 available but it does not appear on "My ESRI" to download, any ideas why?
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  • How do I update maintenance?

    How do I update maintenance to a specific license?
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  • North Arrow Selector Blank

    Our company has 17 users with an ArcGIS Desktop Basic Single Use License. All computers were loaded with the same version of the software, 10.5. Only one of our 17 GIS users is having a problem with insertin...
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  • Says I'm not connected but when I request permission it says I'm the administrator.

    I'm having trouble installing Pro because when I try to log into AGOL I get a message saying the username isn't connected to my organization (even though it's our AGOL admin username/password). When I look at our ...
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  • When is 2018 Business Analyst Data going to be available for download?

    Hello, I am trying to find out when the 2018 Business Analyst Data going to be available for download on my ESRI?
  • where is 10.6.1 setup.exe?

    Per this note:  Note: ArcGIS Desktop requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86) Update 5. If the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable is not already installed, running setup.exe will install it befo...
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  • How do I obtain an authorization file to use with the Enterprise Builder installation?

    I'm attempting the installation in a sandbox environment. I'm not familiar with ArcGIS at all but wanted to try and set up an environment to play around in. It's requesting two authorization files but I don't know whe...
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  • Is it possible to 'repeat last' when creating a license provision?

    Every year, I have to provision ~100 single use licenses. Typically, I have 75 to do at one point in the year and 25 to do at a different point in the year. The vast majority of these are the same - Desktop Standard w...
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