• account public

    200/5000 Dears, good morning, I cannot start the software, when I log in the following message appears: Your account could not be used to authorize ArcGis Pro because it is an ArcGis Public Account. ...
  • How to diagnose MyEsri user permission change failures?

    How to diagnose user permission change failures? ,   Check "Take authorized caller actions" arbitrarily punch in a caller id number Says it was successful    Go back to user account, th...
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  • I have a serious problem during ArcGIS Pro authorization

    After I have finished all the (single use) authorization steps successfully.... the license list didn't updated. I repeated the authorization process many times.. but not able to get the licence checked on t...
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  • All requested features have been authorized in this machine

    I’m trying to integrate a license file created on the My Esiri site with ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1. When I try to enable this license in the Software Authorization Wizard from the ArcGIS Administrator but when I do ...
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  • What does it mean when a file status reads new and the authorisation status reads obsolete,or when it reads processed and the status still says obsolete.

    What does it mean when a file status reads new and the authorisation status reads obsolete,or when it reads processed and the status still says obsolete.
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  • MyESRI report functionality

    Dear ESRI, the following questions/issues I tried to post using your 'give us feedback' option. It returned an error message. Therefore I post them here. I have also communicated these topics with ESRI Netherlands sup...
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  • licence

    What does it mean when a file status reads new and the authorisation status reads obsolete,or when it reads processed and the status still says obsolete.
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  • What does new and processed mean under the file status?

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  • I cant access ArcGIS Pro and online .

    Hi everyone, I just buy an ArcGIS license for personal use but I didn't receive the link to activate ArcGIS online a pro, how can I fix it, please
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  • Is 64 bit background geoprocessing included automatically

    Hi, ArcGIS desktop 10.7/10.7.1 is crashing constantly so I wonder if the 64-bit background processing is not included or not enabled. I can't see it but I might have missed it or maybe I don't have it because I have o...
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  • Unable to download a prvc file to authorize ArcMap

    I have an active ArcGIS Desktop for Personal Use subscription which expires in 2022. ArcGIS Pro is good to use.   1. Cannot authorize ArcMap with the .prvc file I received. When I tried to authorize...
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  • Where to submit MyEsri issues?

    How do we report issues and possible defects found using MyEsri?    When I contacted support  I was routed to Customer Service. Customer Service them routed me back to Technical Support, then...
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  • pay for license for each tool separately

    Dear ESRI Team Our company is using your ArcGIS Pro tool, and many users are using Near function which is not available in Standard ArcGIS Pro license, whereas other tools as QGIS ...
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  • Automating license assignment

    Hi! We are currently manually assigning esri licenses in our organization and we would like to automate it. Any pointers on how to go about it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance
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  • Esri Public Account : algassi78 (uses Google credentials) (disabled)

    how i can enable my Esri Public Account : algassi78 (uses Google credentials) 
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  • Can't Get theTechnical Support

    I cant request technical support. All the information that I need to give in the sections appears "loading" and doesn't let me to send and describe my product. My consultant said I need to clear my cookies or I need t...
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  • 7466: The return of the fulfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded

    On of our clients has a single use license and recently formatted their desktop. When they tried to authorize the extensions they are getting this error message.    I read on the ESRI support page that the ...
  • Add Public Account to MyEsri Organization for Training Access?

    We have a summer intern who is interested in learning GIS. He already has a public account from some previous esri training he took elsewhere. It would be easy to add him to our organization using the email we provide...
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  • Download legacy ESRI software

    Hi, Do you know how I can download legacy ESRI software? Specifically I need ArcSDE 9.3.1 for Oracle11g (32bit and 64bit) for Windows. Thanks
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  • Can't change password Esri account

    Why can't I change my Esri account password? I can change the password for my other account (right side)
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