• proximity tool kit missing

    Had the proximity tool kit in 10.7 and have now discovered that it is missing in my 10.8 install.  Running ArcGIS Desktop.  How to fix this please.   Thanks much, Bill Cole
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  • Where to submit MyEsri issues?

    How do we report issues and possible defects found using MyEsri?    When I contacted support  I was routed to Customer Service. Customer Service them routed me back to Technical Support, then...
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  • pay for license for each tool separately

    Dear ESRI Team Our company is using your ArcGIS Pro tool, and many users are using Near function which is not available in Standard ArcGIS Pro license, whereas other tools as QGIS ...
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  • Automating license assignment

    Hi! We are currently manually assigning esri licenses in our organization and we would like to automate it. Any pointers on how to go about it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance
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  • Esri Public Account : algassi78 (uses Google credentials) (disabled)

    how i can enable my Esri Public Account : algassi78 (uses Google credentials) 
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  • Can't Get theTechnical Support

    I cant request technical support. All the information that I need to give in the sections appears "loading" and doesn't let me to send and describe my product. My consultant said I need to clear my cookies or I need t...
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  • 7466: The return of the fulfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded

    On of our clients has a single use license and recently formatted their desktop. When they tried to authorize the extensions they are getting this error message.    I read on the ESRI support page that the ...
  • Add Public Account to MyEsri Organization for Training Access?

    We have a summer intern who is interested in learning GIS. He already has a public account from some previous esri training he took elsewhere. It would be easy to add him to our organization using the email we provide...
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  • Download legacy ESRI software

    Hi, Do you know how I can download legacy ESRI software? Specifically I need ArcSDE 9.3.1 for Oracle11g (32bit and 64bit) for Windows. Thanks
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  • Can't change password Esri account

    Why can't I change my Esri account password? I can change the password for my other account (right side)
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  • Arcgis Pro - unable to get product update

    Hi, I am using Arcgis Pro since 2017, but I never registered to my organization, therefore I had no updates. I finally registered now in my.esri.com webpage, but still after sign out/sign in operation I have no optio...
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  • unable to invite users they do not receive email

    I have invited students to be users on my organizations Esri account. I need them to be able to have access to E learning. I have high school and middle school students. The high school students received the email and...
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  • License expiration - a year after create or activation?

    Does my license expire a year after the create date or the authorization date?  We have licenses that were purchased but do not need activated for several months.  Does that mean once they are activated they...
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  • Which downloads to install?

    I just got a new hot stuff computer and I'm installing ArcGIS on it.  Which of the many downloads are absolutely needed to run it?  I have an ArcGIS Desktop Basic license.
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  • Where to get the dev authorization codes for the developer subscription

    I can't for the life of me find where in my esri I am supposed to get the authorization codes for the products for my dev box for my developer subscription.  All I can find is what appears to be the production co...
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  • Access to ArcGis Desktop 10.2.2?

    Hi is it possible to have access to a past version of ArcGIS - specifically 10.2.2? In the downloads page, I can only see down to 10.5.1.   Thanks in advance, Rebecca.
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  • Licensing tab on My ESRI only showing developer options

    Hi all, I have access to ESRI products through my organization. After downloading ArcGIS 10.7 I tried to get the authorization number but the licensing tab that I have used before only shows Developer option but not ...
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  • Return licence files actively after uninstalling?

    Do I need to return actively uninstalled Esri software / licences in MyEsri? A colleague of mine has unistalled its ArcMap and ArcPro but the licence files are still visible in MyEsri with the status "not aktivated. ...
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  • Developer licences for ArcGIS Server 10.1-10.4.1 missing

    My ArcGIS Developer Subscription (AGS) previously included ArcGIS for Server 10.1-10.4.1 licences but these are now missing. The only licences now available are for 10.6 or 10.7.   Are AGS Server licences limite...
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  • My Esri Licensing - Cancel License button missing

    As an administrator in our My Esri system, I need to cancel several old ArcGIS Desktop license files in My Esri, but there are no "Cancel License File" buttons to do this when I look up these license files. Any sugges...
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