• Action Required—Security Issue in ArcGIS Server

    Security Issue in ArcGIS Server Esri has discovered a critical vulnerability in the ArcGIS Server component of ArcGIS Enterprise resulting in a Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) issue when special steps are taken by...
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  • 7466: The return of the fulfillment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded

    On of our clients has a single use license and recently formatted their desktop. When they tried to authorize the extensions they are getting this error message.    I read on the ESRI support page that the ...
  • ArcGIS Online information is now available on My Esri

    Keeping track of your ArcGIS Online accounts has just been made a little easier on My Esri. We’ve added a View ArcGIS Online page to the Licensing tab.   From this page, you can select the ArcGIS Online ac...
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  • See what downloads are applicable for your license file

    We’ve added a new feature to help in the licensing and installation process. You may have noticed some additional information that has been added to the license file email: This link will take you to a new pa...
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  • Arcgis Pro - unable to get product update

    Hi, I am using Arcgis Pro since 2017, but I never registered to my organization, therefore I had no updates. I finally registered now in my.esri.com webpage, but still after sign out/sign in operation I have no optio...
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  • Some recent updates to My Esri

    Here is an overview of some of the updates we’ve made to My Esri in an effort to make things easier to use and find on the site.   Updates to the Additional Licensing Forms page We’ve updated the Ad...
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  • License expiration - a year after create or activation?

    Does my license expire a year after the create date or the authorization date?  We have licenses that were purchased but do not need activated for several months.  Does that mean once they are activated they...
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  • Licensing tab on My ESRI only showing developer options

    Hi all, I have access to ESRI products through my organization. After downloading ArcGIS 10.7 I tried to get the authorization number but the licensing tab that I have used before only shows Developer option but not ...
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  • Return licence files actively after uninstalling?

    Do I need to return actively uninstalled Esri software / licences in MyEsri? A colleague of mine has unistalled its ArcMap and ArcPro but the licence files are still visible in MyEsri with the status "not aktivated. ...
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  • Developer licences for ArcGIS Server 10.1-10.4.1 missing

    My ArcGIS Developer Subscription (AGS) previously included ArcGIS for Server 10.1-10.4.1 licences but these are now missing. The only licences now available are for 10.6 or 10.7.   Are AGS Server licences limite...
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  • My Esri Licensing - Cancel License button missing

    As an administrator in our My Esri system, I need to cancel several old ArcGIS Desktop license files in My Esri, but there are no "Cancel License File" buttons to do this when I look up these license files. Any sugges...
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  • Error: 7466 - Deauthorizing software failed.

    Trying to deauthorize ArcGIS v10.6.1 single use license prior to updating the software to v10.7.1. Deauthorizing software failed error; with this message "Error 7466: The return of this fulfillment is denied by the re...
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  • Can I invite a user into My Organisation to use a Personal Use License I have?

    Some time ago I purchased a Personal Use license in order to get acquainted with ArcGIS Pro, since at my workplace I am tied to use ArcGIS Desktop. I found that ArcGIS Pro is really worth to deal with and I hope that ...
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  • Organization admin accounts unable to download ArcGIS Pro and D\

    I am working with a nonprofit organization implementing the ESRI nonprofit program and a charter school implementing the K-12 program.  In both cases, a default administrator account has been set-up and the accou...
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  • No License for ArcGIS Pro

    I just was assigned the administrator position in myESRI.   Would changing administrators cause licensing issues for ArcGIS Pro?   Myself and the Mapping Clerk are still able to utilize ArcMap.
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  • Organization admin account unable to download ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop

    I am working with a nonprofit to implement the ESRI nonprofit program and a charter school to implement the ESRI K-12 program. In both cases, an organization admin account has been set-up and given privilege to access...
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  • Feature not Appearing in License Manager

    Hello,   In my license manager, I should be seeing a listing for the Spatial Analyst Desktop, however it is not appearing there.  When i go to the MyESRI portal and look at my licensing, it does appear in t...
  • Updates to Manage License Files

    There are a couple of changes that have been implemented to make managing your license files easier.   Manage License Files On the Manage License Files page where there used to be a separate link to get you to ...
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  • Licensing ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

    All,   With the release of ArcGIS Enterprisie 10.7, we took the opportunity to adde some new licensing features in My Esri to help our overall efforts to make this process easier. Please take a look at this vide...
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  • Making License Files Easier to Create and Recognize

    We’ve added a few features to the Licensing page to help us in our ongoing goal to make the licensing process simpler and more convenient to use.   License File Configurations We’ve added a button t...
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