My Esri Release - March 20th, 2019

Blog Post created by jbeaton-esristaff Employee on Mar 18, 2019



We will be moving forward with a release of My Esri on Wednesday March 20th at 5pm (PST).  Please see the below key enhancements and fixes that will be included.







My Esri Release Items




  • An announcement will be added to the Dashboard page regarding the ArcGIS 10.7 product release.


Manage Licensing Files


  • Updated the Manage License Files experience to show separate cards for Enterprise/Desktop and Portal/Pro license files.


  • Removed the provisioning statistics from the Manage License Files page to reduce redundancy and confusion around the license activation process. These statistics can still be calculated using the Licensing Files report.


Licensing Esri Products


  • The ArcGIS Indoors licensing workflow for 10.7 Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server has been added.


  • License File editing functionality has been implemented for 10.7 Portal License Files. This will allow a user to edit an existing 10.7 Portal licensing file versus having to cancel and redo the process.


  • Updated the process for licensing ArcGIS Server Workgroup to reflect the licensing rules associated with the product.


  • Resolved the issue for ESLF authorizations where the 'Authorized by' field was blank.


  • Resolved the issue where you could not proceed past step 2 in the License Esri Products workflow for Portal 10.7 user types.