Improving the Licensing Experience on My Esri

Blog Post created by tlutz-esristaff Employee on Jan 23, 2019

In our ongoing efforts to simplify the site and to be more consistent with changes to our licensing process we have made some updates to My Esri. Here is an overview of those updates:


Terminology Updates:

  • To be more consistent with licensing terminology, we have changed areas of the site that refer to 'provision' to 'license'.
    • The 'Create Provisioning File' link on the Licensing tab has been renamed 'License Esri Products'.
    • The 'Manage Existing Provisioning Files' link on the Licensing tab has been changed to 'Manage License Files'.

Streamlined Process Updates:

  • The last two steps of the licensing process have been combined to reduce the number of steps.
    • This combines the Delivery Method and Review steps into one.
  • For Products where you do not license extensions the License options have been removed.

Reporting Updates:

  • In the Authorization Activity Report we’ve removed items that are provisioned.
    • These aren’t always actually activated, so they can throw your numbers off.
  • We’ve moved the provisioned items to a new report.
    • This report will allow you to keep track of your license files and if they have been used or not.

Experience Updates:

  • A new Basic view has been added to the Licensing page that highlights the standard workflows to help you get your software up and running.
  • We’ve changed all references to ‘Provision’ to ‘License’.