My Esri Release - November 1st, 2018

Blog Post created by jbeaton-esristaff Employee on Oct 30, 2018

Below is the list of key functionality and fixes that will be included in this My Esri release.


My Esri Release Items




  • A prompt has been added to notify an admin if they choose to remove 'View Support' from an Authorized Caller




  • The ‘Manage Existing Provisioning Files’ list has been updated to be sorted by Created On date by default.




  • When a support case is submitted on behalf of another contact, that contact is listed as the submitter. This has been updated to reflect both the 'submitted by' and the 'submitted for'.


  • When a support case is submitted with one or more attachments, the attachment indicator and the attachment names will be more prominent on Support > Case Details.


  • When adding a note in a case and including an attachment, the name of the attachment will show in the note details.


Developer Subscription


  • Added functionality to prevent a customer with a monthly builder subscription from linking an annual subscription to the same deployment plan.  




  • View Order details has been updated to only show the total price for the items in the order that belong to the selected customer number.