Updates to Provisioning Files

Blog Post created by tlutz-esristaff Employee on Sep 21, 2018

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill


Sometimes the simplest of changes can have a great impact. We think these updates that have been made to the provisioning file process will help to prove that point.


Email delivery update

We’ve updated the Delivery Method step in the process to pre-populate the email address attached to your My Esri profile. This email address can still be changed to send to another user. But, if you are creating the file for yourself this will save you some typing time.


Send me a copy

Another update to the Delivery Method that we’ve added is the option to send yourself a copy of a provisioning file. This will help you to verify the file you’ve sent to another user is sent and save you a copy if you need it at a later date.


MAC address search

We’ve added a MAC address option to the Quick Search in Manage Existing Provisioning Files. If you’re looking for a file linked to a particular MAC address, just enter that address in the Quick Search field and boom! There’s the file!