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We’re working on some updates to the license summary page to help you keep track of the various types of licenses you might have and to help make things easier to manage.

Our first update to simplify things is renaming the page View License Summary.

We’ve also separated term licenses from licenses that are part of a maintenance program and added the maintenance status for each of your licenses.

We've added a new feature to My Esri that will allow you to set your default landing page. Wherever you see this button: 

You can click it to set that page as your default landing page. So, when you log back in to My Esri you will be brought directly to that page. If you decide you don't want that page to be your default anymore you can click this button:

This will clear your default page. You can access this button from the default page you've set and from your profile in the My Profile tab. 

Happy New Year All,


It has been confirmed that we will be moving forward with a release of My Esri this evening at 5pm (PST).  Please see the below key enhancements and fixes that will be included.







My Esri Release Items




  • To help reduce the amount of clicks a user has to go through, a new default landing page option has been added.


  • To make it more clear on where to find a summary of license information, we have changed the "View License Term Summary" text to say "View License Summary".  Additionally on this page, the different license types have been separated into groups (Term and Maintenance Use).




  • The issue where related authorizations weren't showing for developers has been resolved.




  • On the first step for creating a provisioning file, the Product Type dropdown list has been rearranged based on frequency of use.





If you are connected to your organization in My Esri, you can easily see what permissions you have been granted by your administrator or your distributor.

After signing in to My Esri, navigate to the My Profile tab. This shows you the Profile Overview page.

You'll see a card for each organization you are connected to.

In the screenshot below, you'll see I'm connected to my organization Test Account.

When I click on either the Expand/Collapse All link, or on Expand within the card, I see the permissions I've been granted.


My Profile screenshot

If you are an authorized caller for your organization on My Esri, you can view the Technical Support cases that have been submitted for your organization.

But did you know that if you use your browser's Print function, you get a nicely-formatted layout of your case details, with all of the details expanded in an easy-to-read view?

Give it a try.

Please see this excellent blog on Esri and ArcGIS Online Accounts .

My Esri Release Items




  • To utilize more space on My Esri, the vertical steps that appear for process driven workflows have been adjusted to display horizontal across the top.




  • The UC registration link has been updated for 2019..




  • In Order History, when one order is placed for multiple organizations, the total price has been updated to only show the amount for the selected customer. 




  • The License Overview, Order History, and Authorization Activity reports have been updated to display all information in the translated language selected.




  • A limit has been added to the number of times a user can reopen a case. When a case has been closed twice, the reopen button is disabled with a note explaining the limit and an alternative action.

My Esri is the place to see your organization's Training class and student information, if you have the appropriate permissions.


It is also the place where those who administrator My Esri for your organization can manage who can take advantage of Esri's e-Learning offerings.


Suzanne Boden has written this blog topic that will help those admins manage your e-Learners. She explains about Esri's free training opportunities, e-Learning benefits, how ArcGIS Online members can take e-Learning, how e-Learners are added to your organization in My Esri, and more. Check it out!

Please see the below key enhancements and fixes that will be included in the upcoming release of My Esri this Wednesday November 28th at 5pm (PST). 


My Esri Release Items




  • The Slovenian (sl) language has been added to My Esri.


Licensing & Downloads


  • The issue where special characters were going into the email subject as HTML code for ESLF files has been resolved.
  • The Cancel Provisioning file message has been updated to only show that the provisioning file is cancelled, not the authorization number.




  • The issue where some reports with multiple customers were failing has been resolved.
  • The issue where fields in reports were not being localized has been resolved.

Please see this good resource around managing multiple accounts.


Managing multiple accounts.

My Esri aims to be a self-service site. We want it to be a place where you can get all the information about your organization’s relationship with Esri. But what if you can’t find what you are looking for? What if you find incorrect information you want to let us know about it? What if you have a question?


Here are some methods you can use to contact us, and the best reason to use one over the other.



Where to Find It

When to Use This Method (Examples)

What Happens when you Use It

Ask a Question

On every page of My Esri. It appears below the side navigation and just above the footer.

You have a general question about how My Esri works.


You found some information on My Esri that you have a question about.


You found a bug in My Esri.


You can’t find something.


You have a question about something you purchased on the Store.

Sends your question via email to our Customer Service department or to your distributor to assist you.

Contact My Administrator

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile, in the Organization Contacts panel.


This button only appears if your organization has an admin assigned to it.

You have a question about the permissions you’ve been granted.


Your permission request hasn’t been processed.

Sends email to all of the My Esri administrators (admins) at your organization (those who have Assign Permissions permission).

Request Case

On My Organizations / Support.


You must be an authorized caller to use this option.

You found a bug with Esri software.


You have a question about how to use Esri software.


You can’t install Esri software.

Creates a case in our tracking system. A Support Analyst will review your case and contact you to help you resolve your issue.

Organization Contacts

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile.


This section lists your organization’s Primary Maintenance Contact, if present in our system.

You need to contact someone within your own organization about its relationship with Esri.

Opens a blank email addressed to your organization’s primary maintenance contact using your mail system. Provide details about what your issue is, and Send.

Esri Contacts

On My Organizations / Overview / Organization Profile.


This sections lists contacts here at Esri that can help you.

You have a question about your orders or maintenance quotes (for your Customer Service Representative, if present).


You want to purchase more Esri software (found in the sales section, if present).


You want class recommendations (found in the training section, if present).

Opens a blank email addressed to the contact you selected using your mail system.


Phone numbers are also provided, where available, if you prefer to call rather than email.


Note that not all methods are available to all users, as they depend on what country you are in, what data we have for your organization, and how your organization is configured.

If you have permissions on My Esri to download Esri software you may feel a little overwhelmed by the number of products there are. We’ve added a feature that might help clear things up a little bit for you.


When you go to the Downloads tab you will now see a field where you can enter in an Authorization number and see the downloads that are associated with it. Now instead of seeing that long list of products, the list is narrowed a bit for you.


Below is the list of key functionality and fixes that will be included in this My Esri release.


My Esri Release Items




  • Users who are assigned the “Assign Authorized Callers” permission will receive emailed instructions on the responsibilities this permission entails.


Licensing & Downloads


  • To reduce confusion on which authorization numbers go with the available list of downloads, an authorization search has been added to the downloads page. When an authorization number is entered, the list of downloads will be narrowed down to the applicable downloads.


  • The issue where the ability to allocate multiple license types was not working in Generate Portal for ArcGIS workflow has been resolved.

I need to move my license from one computer to another. Are there instructions anywhere on how to do that?


Why yes there are! Check out this technical article on how to transfer a desktop license to a different machine - How To: Transfer an ArcGIS Desktop license to a different machine 

Below is the list of key functionality and fixes that will be included in this My Esri release.


My Esri Release Items




  • A prompt has been added to notify an admin if they choose to remove 'View Support' from an Authorized Caller




  • The ‘Manage Existing Provisioning Files’ list has been updated to be sorted by Created On date by default.




  • When a support case is submitted on behalf of another contact, that contact is listed as the submitter. This has been updated to reflect both the 'submitted by' and the 'submitted for'.


  • When a support case is submitted with one or more attachments, the attachment indicator and the attachment names will be more prominent on Support > Case Details.


  • When adding a note in a case and including an attachment, the name of the attachment will show in the note details.


Developer Subscription


  • Added functionality to prevent a customer with a monthly builder subscription from linking an annual subscription to the same deployment plan.  




  • View Order details has been updated to only show the total price for the items in the order that belong to the selected customer number.