• Ortho workspace: Error on Adjust after inserting GCP's

    I am trying to get an ortho photo from Arcgis pro.   1. create ortho workspace 2. set adjustment parameters and adjust 3. import GCP's 4. Tie GCP's to image   So far so good, but when I run adjust again...
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  • ArcGIS ArcMap fails to add content from ArcGIS Server

    Version 10.1   It works for certain URL's. But does not work for some. We know the sources are working as other users can access. (I myself added this from ArcGIS Explorer, from another machine. And objects sh...
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  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop gives error when launching

    Made a fresh installation of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop in Windows 10 machine. And I get this failure. Can you please check and advise?   Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH &#...
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  • ArcGIS explorer desktop how to see property

    Hi   Installed fresh ArcGIS Explorer Desktop 3400 in Windows. I have added layer with mappable data from external ArcGIS. I can see the objects on Map. But cannot seem to find a way to click on an object and see...
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  • How to Raise DPI/Resolution on World Topo basemap??

    Hey. I'm totally new to using ArcGIS and just downloaded desktop v. 10.6.1. I have created maps of some counties in England and Ireland for a journal publication.  I want to transfer them into ArcGIS in order to ...
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  • Black chart area

    Hi  Please help my problem:  add a chart to layout and it appears in black rectangle.  Any suggestion to solve this issue? thanks  
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  • how to draw a uneven contour from raster

    i need to draw a line that is not flatten in a same altitude but needs to rise (1%) or down from a specifically point of a known altitude. i imagine the contour toll could help setting the base altitude and the rise ...
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  • NLCD clipping?

    I am currently working on describing land cover for habitats where my study species is using the Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics (MRLC) Consortium National Land Cover Database. I am taking GPS points w...
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  • How does a proj-string (UTM) w/o a zone number work?

    Software: RStudio Data: a world elevation map, elev, which was downloaded from Manuel Gimond's web site The original crs is as follows: +proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +towgs84=0,0,0,0,0,0,0 +no_defs  I did a test...
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  • Is there a way to read out the coordinates of individual points on Arcmap?

    Is there a way to read out the coordinates of individual points on Arcmap? At best, I would like to export an attribute table in which the coordinates of the individual points are noted. Thanks a lot for your help!
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  • I have two project files that I can't open - the map does not appear, and all map tools are greyed out (except infographics, interestingly). I think i left the project open for too long and something happened to it. Can anyone help?

    I was working on two projects that stopped working last week. Now, when I open them, the map does not appear and all tools are greyed out/not accessible (see screenshot). This is only happening with these two projects...
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  • Gantt Chart in Cedar?

    Gantt Chart in Cedar?   Hi There,   Is it possible to create a custom chart that is a Gantt Chart in Cedar? E.g. https://www.amcharts.com/demos/gantt-chart-dates/  I am looking at the above am...
  • Updating features in shapefile layer from outside ArcGIS

    I work for the local website/newspaper in Syracuse, NY, and have built a map tracking coronavirus cases by county in New York state (Coronavirus in NY by the numbers). The data behind the bubbles on this map is m...
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  • How can I create a preview of a data set from the arcpy command line?

    I am creating a command line tool using arcpy, and I would like to be able to create a simple data set preview from the command line. How can I create such a map?
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  • Is anyone tracking Coronavirus deaths by age/location parameters?

    Given the the seriousness of the current pandemic and the abundant misinformation about the fatalities. I was wondering if anyone is aware of death tracking caused by the virus in terms of: 1) amount of time after pr...
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  • Map series using both portrait and landscape?

    I want to make a map series in ArcGIS pro for 6 different regions in the state of Washington. half of the regions would display better on a portrait layout, while the other half would be better displayed on a landscap...
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  • Create map for each feature class in workspace

    Hi! Can somebody tell me is it possible to automate creating maps for each feature class in workspace in ArcMap with ModelBuilder or ArcPy?
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  • Chart Formating

    Hi! I'm working in ArcPro and would like to use an ArcPro generated chart but I would like to remove the y-axis labels, they don't fit an are represented in the legend. Also, is there a way I can reorder the chart? It...
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  • BUG?: When prevent overlap is selected on polygon chart symbology it produces duplicate symbols.

    As per a question I posted a couple days ago I have done some testing to try and further diagnose the problem. I have worked out that when you are using chart symbology with polygon features, whilst prevent overlap is...
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