• Manually Resize Data Frame

    Hello! I'm trying to manually resize the layout (not data frame) in the layout view in ArcMap. Is this possible? See image - I want to manually adjust the outermost left and right of the entire image but the only opti...
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  • Remove marker from map when a call is removed

    Brad Niemand I am adding a marker when a focus is done on a particular call or address. How do I clear that marker. Here is how I am adding it:   // Set colors of results marker... IGraphicProperties grap...
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  • US Building Footprints Shapefile

    Hi there,   I’ve been searching for a building footprint shapefile for the following cities, but haven’t had any luck: Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego, Sea...
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  • Adding New Data

    Trying to add new data from an excel file into an existing layer with same information in Arcmap. How would a go about doing that?
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  • How to convert Tiff to shapefile

    I need to convert a Tiff to a shapefile. I have arcmap 10.3.1 and haven't been able to determine how. 
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  • Problem with adding x,y Data

    Was wondering if someone can help me. I'm adding about 20 new gps points from excel and when everything comes over all the data comes except the Longitude column shows all zeros instead of what it's suppose to say. An...
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  • How we can convert xlsx file to swm file?

    Hello everyone I am working in spatial data analyzing using Moran I for 57 countries , I generated some weights matrix manually  by Excel depending on some economic indicators, but  i face a problem that ca...
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  • Resolving map drift of Mobile Map

    I am fairly new to ArcGIS Pro.  I have created an offline Mobile Map using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0. which I am developing for a waypoint mapping project in Android.  The Mobile Map uses the Imagery basemap....
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  • Symbolize features based on related table

    I have parcel layer and table of water meters, they are related. Now I want to symbolize parcels based on water meter district ID it is just two digits. I was able to do so by joining tables, but if there is...
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  • Raster Display "Smoothing"

    I have noticed that images in a Raster Mosaic are smoothed in ArcMap and rasters in a file are not. This "smoothing" is a display function and I've seen it in other software like Erdas but I don't recall what it was a...
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  • Set meaningful break value in divergent color ramp

    In ArcPro, I'm trying to set the mid value of a divergent color ramp to "0". (And I have spent enough time searching the web for a solution...) This is very easy in ArcMap: Raster layer properties > Symbology tab ...
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  • arcpro chart format

    Hey ya'll, When I create the chart I remove all the axes labels, but when I insert it on a Layout the axes labels appear again, and there is a huge gap of wasted space. The labels are too long to read and it messes wi...
  • SHP file won't load

    My .SHP files aren't loading into my Project file (.mxd). I have an exclamation point next to the layer name so I clicked on the exclamation point and tried to reset the data source with no success. Also the projec Th...
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  • Near By Facility Map

    Hi, I need to develop a Map to find the total population within 1,2 and 3-hour drive from a City (Fargo, North Dakota). I am thinking to use national roads file to get data for interstate and speed limits. Further, I ...
  • Drive Time Analysis?

    I am wondering what the options are for doing drive time analysis - for example seeing how many people live within x minutes of a point.    I currently have the most basic version of ArcMap (without the...
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  • How to turn off default image stretching in ArcGIS pro?

    There is no such setting in Project Options - Raster and Imagery. I want to load every image without stretching by default. In ArcMap, it was possible to set "no stretch" as the default.
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  • How to Hyperlink from a web viewer to local content

    Hyperlinks in a web viewer.     Our office recently got new windows 10 computers and can no longer use hyperlinks in a browser to local files such as asbuilt tif images or videos of sewer lines.  ...
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  • Lake bathymetry from points - how to contain the surface

    I am working on organizing and cleaning some lake bathymetry measurements.  In my data sets, the lake boundaries were digitized, and the vertices of the boundaries were used as points where the depth value was ze...
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  • How do you see how many people live within a certain drive time distance away from a ZIP code centroid?

    I am trying to find how many people (from a dataset) live within 30 minutes of driving from the centroid of a ZIP code. 
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  • Drawing Polygons by Points

    I'm currently mapping parking spaces along city rights-of-way (mostly parallel parking).  What I'm trying to do (if it's possible) is to draw a line along each roadway section, use the Construct Points tool ...
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