• Stop making a line at point without an attribute

    Hello, I have a set of data with XYZ coordinates. I want to make a line from start to the end, but some points are missing Z data. The Question is. is there a tool or a script where Point to Line will stop at a point ...
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  • MCS 10.7.1 Patch 1 now available

    Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.7.1 Patch 1 (Desktop | Server) https://support.esri.com/en/Products/Desktop/industry-focused-extensions/esri-defense-mapping/10-7-1   Download https://support.esri.com/en/down...
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  • Fix size of the feature

    Hi there i want to ask a questions.. So i have a problem when i tried to producing a map.. I have feature line on my data and i have put label on it.. I set my label on scale 1:1000 while my map is around 1:1000000...
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  • I have a problem with create enterprise geodatabase to use with AIS data model

    Hi all! I have some question again Since the last topic that I post about creating a label for Enroute chart. [How to create airway label for Enroute chart] I try to study about how to apply an AIS data model to a ...
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  • What are you most excited about doing at the 2019 Federal GIS Conference?

    Tell us what are you most excited about doing at the 2019 Federal GIS Conference? FedGIS Conference Events Implementing ArcGIS Esri Technical Support Esri Training Training in GIS
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  • Product Library in ArcGIS Pro...?

    Hi Everybody! Does anyone know if there are plans to create the Product Library functionality in ArcGIS Pro? I mean the same functionality of central management of cartographic products (solutions, map...
  • import xml file on gis

    How could import xml file on arcgis 10.4.1 
  • How do I create a square of a defined area around my points?

    How do I create a square of a defined area around my points when each point has a different size (see attached file)? My aim is to show the plot size on a map and colour it to show differences in the amount of carbon ...
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  • Vary a line's thickness and display the value of three different attribute fields proportionate to the total

    Hello,   I am having a little trouble finding the solution to a cartographic issue.   Example - I have a stream line that has total phosphorous loading and the contributing factors. In this case there are ...
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  • Help: Drawing straight lines using the polygon tool

    Hi,   I'm currently using Arcmap 10.3.1. and I am trying to manually outline glacier extent on Landsat imagery at 30 m resolution. I wan to draw a straight line around each pixel edge to create a polygon of glac...
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  • Quality of MS Excel Charts in Exported Map Products

    I have an ArcMap layout containing some MS Excel charts. I am familiar with the ability to dynamically link the charts via Insert > Object, however I don't believe this to be fit for my purpose because I wish to cr...
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  • how to match degree between two feature?

    hello again   i have two different feature within same location.. the first feature is a line. i traced road from openstreet basemap in arcmap. the second feature is a polygon. i traced it from the imagery bas...
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  • Projection Issue

    I classified an image using Envi, however when importing the classified raster in to Arcmaps, the projection is off. I used the define projection to align it with the other layers, however it seems to have no effect e...
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  • Topography Slope Rise and Run Limits

    I am running to a calculation problem that is totally racking my brain. I will try to explain to best that I can. What I have is raster dataset with elevation data for site (topography raster). What I am needing to do...
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  • How to access Direction/Distance tools in ArcPy or Model Builder?

    Hello!   I'm trying to find a way of automating polyline creation using either ArcPy or Model Builder - the functionality exists when editing in Pro or ArcMap to right click and then specify the exact direction ...
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  • Legend Woes

    Version 10.4.1.  Apologies from a Novice.   Many TIA.   I have two problems with my map legend. I can’t think of anything else to try to fix these. Attached image shows part of my table of c...
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  • 2018 Infectious Disease Map It! Challenge

    Looking to apply your GIS or Photoshop skills?  We’ve got the perfect geospatial mapping challenge for you! The 2018 Infectious Disease Map It! Challenge is looking for creative and hard-working...
  • Help on Arcgis Online

    hello,  please can i kindly get a way to get my images show on the point features i uploaded on Arcgis online. I have point locations of cars dealers as point features but every other characteristic on the ...
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  • AdvanceTo Element: unable to find xml element

    Hi I have download product of Sentinel-2 from ESA website.  I am using Windows 10, Arcmap 10.4 with Core i7 RAM 8GB. In Arcmap, first step is I try by making File Geodatabase and double click and right click and...
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  • Import AIXM 4.5 to AIS creates a null geometry

    Did anyone use the Import AIXM 4.5 (coming with 10.5 Aviation AIXM Python Tools) to import an AIXM 4.5 slot into AIS enterprise database created with the Create Aviation Geodatabase Tool? It seems that the&#...