• How we can convert xlsx file to swm file?

    Hello everyone I am working in spatial data analyzing using Moran I for 57 countries , I generated some weights matrix manually  by Excel depending on some economic indicators, but  i face a problem that ca...
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  • Importing an ESRI Style file - and THEN?

    Hi guys!   Imported an ESRI style file in ArcPro to add to a shapefile, but it has 40 different colours based on the SYM_CODE field of the shapefile. I could only find a way to assign each value/label its colour...
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  • Which Obstruction Surface would you like to see the ArcGIS for Aviation solutions support?

    There are many different specifications out there that describe obstruction surfaces around a runway. So which one would like you like to see supported? Currently the ArcGIS for Aviation solutions supports FAA FAR 77,...
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  • I have a problem with create enterprise geodatabase to use with AIS data model

    Hi all! I have some question again Since the last topic that I post about creating a label for Enroute chart. [How to create airway label for Enroute chart] I try to study about how to apply an AIS data model to a ...
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  • How to create airway label for Enroute chart

    Hi! I have some problem about create a complex label for airway in Enroute chart. I want to create label like this one. Each data come from different field in same shapefile. How can I create label like this? I u...
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  • How to publish/import raster to geoserver from ArcMap?

    Hello,   I have geoserver as geographic server for my web application. I used QGIS software to publish raster to geoserver with a plugin "geoserver explorer". It was very easy with this plugin.  Now, I wou...
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  • How can I compute latitudinal-averaged values of a layer in ArcMap?

    I would like to produce the sort of plot with latitude-wise averages for a raster in ArcMap as in Petr Lukes et al 2016. How can I do this? Thanks a bunch, Filipe
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  • Quality of MS Excel Charts in Exported Map Products

    I have an ArcMap layout containing some MS Excel charts. I am familiar with the ability to dynamically link the charts via Insert > Object, however I don't believe this to be fit for my purpose because I wish to cr...
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  • how do I create a Workflow database locally on my workstation?

    I'm experimenting w/ possibly implementing Workflow Mngr. I am the "team" for now & work completely from my workstation, no server per say. It appears that to initiate a Workflow one has to 1st establish a workflo...
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  • Automate Loading representation rules

    Dear community. I would like to load representation rules to featureclasses in an automated way. How is this possible?   Therefor I would like a procedure, where: 1) The cartographers update the representation...
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  • Multiple data frames and multiple legend layout

    I have a layout with four Data Frames and two legend boxes, I need to add a new item to one of the legend boxes but since the map connection options were all unchecked, I'll have to add it manually to each data frame ...
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  • shapefile examples

    I am looking for some examples of shapefiles (DBF,SHP,SHX,SBN) for latest version.  I am having difficultly locating examples on the website.  Thanks.
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  • Import AIXM 4.5 to AIS creates a null geometry

    Did anyone use the Import AIXM 4.5 (coming with 10.5 Aviation AIXM Python Tools) to import an AIXM 4.5 slot into AIS enterprise database created with the Create Aviation Geodatabase Tool? It seems that the&#...
  • Operating the Digital Obstacle File in ArcGIS?

    Hello,   I am a graduate student at Illinois State University, and I plan on using the Federal Aviation Administration's Digital Obstacle File to provide a data set of communication towers for my thesis project....
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  • Is it possible to join two or more layer into one layer so that the combined layer could  be exported to one shape file ?

    I need to combine two layers one of them is having point data and another is having rafter data ,  I need to join these two data with some unique value so that data of both the layers come in columns.
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  • How to make ArcMap open Paint program instead of Windows Photo Viewer progam?

    When I use hyperlink field in the attribute table to open an image, this image file type can not be opened by the Windows Photo Viewer program, but can be opened by the Paint program. So how can I set ArcMap defa...
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  • Use a created hyperlink to images related to objects within an attribute table in ArcMap

    I'm using the textbook "Getting to know ArcGIS" to learn ArcGIS. I am working on the first exercise of the Chapter 15: Use a created hyperlink to images related to objects within an attribute table. I can get this wor...
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  • [UPDATED] New Terrain and Obstacle Profile tool in ArcGIS for Aviation 10.3

    At 10.3 we released the Terrain and Obstacle Profile tool. This tool allows users to create elements to visualize the terrain, runway centerline, approach surface, and any obstacles for a given runway. The tool can be...
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  • Graduated color labels by value

    Hi all, I have an XYZ point feature class representing bathymetry. I have applied a label expression to label the points in the same fashion as soundings on a nautical chart. For example, the label above represent...
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  • Create OIS using different Guidelines

    Hello!  When creating Helipad OIS the only option seems to be the FAA Part 77.  Is there a way to import or even define surface shapes for alternatives guidelines for heliports, such as the US DOD UFC 3-260-...
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