• Recommended specs for new GIS workstation

    Currently have a 5-year old Dell Optiplex 920 with the following specs Intel® Core™ i7-4770 16GB (4x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 RAM GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Samsung 850 EVO 512 GB SSD Boot Drive 1TB 7200 rpm Storage ...
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  • Does anyone have documentation comparing different architectures proposed by ESRI in which the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are specified?

    In a given project I have recommended a high availability installation in active-passive mode, they are asking me to provide a comparison between different ESRI technology implementation architectures to justify the p...
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  • How or when should you use a related table over having the data in the geodatabase?

    How or when should you use a related table over having the data in the geodatabase?   For example, in my office we are collecting data, using collector, each year on species (Turkey) counts per location. Current...
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  • Does anyone have documentation comparing different GIS softwares? The idea is to present a comparison of software that allows to justify why I propose to use ESRI technology in a project

    I am preparing the documentation for a project, the client asks me to justify using ESRI technology, it seems to me that arguing that ESRI is the best software has not served them I have to present a comparison betwe...
  • Reading Fields from Feature

    I have created a feature service on ArcGIS online which has approximately 2000 features.  Each feature has four fields: name, latitude, longitude and a boolean validation filed (true/false).  Two custom symb...
  • WFS or not DFS

    I have a question about implementing a highly available ArcGIS Enterprise architecture. The documentation states that Windows DFS is NOT supported as a NAS/SAN. I understand why multiple target DFSR wouldn't be suppor...
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  • Is Survey123 Website already available to be installed on premise on ArcGIS Enterprise?

    Is Survey123 Website already available to be installed on premise on ArcGIS Enterprise, as described in this presentation http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/devsummit17/papers/dev_int_221.pdf from 2016...
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  • Small multi user deployment

    I've been the only GIS person for 10 year at the small city I work for.  We have recently added a new person, and I would like to know the best way to go about setting us up.  It seems all the resources avai...
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  • Why are my reports 1/4 their size when I add them to my layout view?

    I recently upgraded to ArcMap 10.6.1 and all of my preexisting reports are now 1/4 their normal size when I click the "Add report to ArcMap Layout" button. The layout hasn't changed. It's still full size. The reports ...
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  • ArcGIS Notebook Server and Docker for Windows

    I have installed the ArcGIS Notebook server according to documents. But I must have missed something. I need to login to the ArcGIS Notebook server in order to get Docker to start up. Then everything works alright. Bu...
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  • What is the correct REST interface to retrieve answers from a Survey123 survey?

    I am creating a proof of concept using a trial subscription account.  I have created a Survey123 survey and have had a few people fill it out. I now need to retrieve the survey results using a REST ca...
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  • setting up a functional GIS shop

    Hi there! I work for a medium sized non-profit that is just setting up our GIS program. We currently have two primary analysts, and ~5 users who also have experience with GIS and would benefit from access (t...
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  • Classifying land use in specific polygons

    I am trying to use the shapefile here: Historic Landfill Sites - data.gov.uk  to work out how much of the sites are covered in trees. I have managed to load the shapefile and aerial images (World Imager...
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  • data driven pages, linked data frame rotation

    Hello, I have an mxd with three data frames. I'm using the "Detail" dataframe to drive the data driven pages and then both of the overview/locator dataframes to indicate context at varying scales. I'd like for these l...
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  • Question with grouping with input attribute

    In this project, I am trying to figure a way to make grouping faster for freshman students on campus. In order to accomplish that I am trying to create an automation of grouping students by the attribute of their...
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  • AGS Config-store in a Windows Cluster (oplocks)

    We are facing some publishing (error 001369) problems in our ArcGIS Server 10.6   Deployment:    - ArcGIS Enterprise  (HA) with 6 machines (2 for portal, 2 for server, 2 for datastore) ...
  • Insights license installed on two computers ?

    Can 1 Insights for Portal license be run on two computers if same User?  (Would need to run same license in both Dev and Production environment
  • Deploy World Street Map Service offline

    I'm trying to use the ArcCatalog to publish the World_Street_Map.sd file on our ArcGIS server 10.5.1 then use the Manage Cache -> Manage Tiles to build the cache that can be used for offline as a service.   W...
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  • using database connection without knowing the passwords

    Im looking at a way of allowing people to create feature services on ArcServer from a data source (teradata) but not letting the publishers know the service account passwords .   Best way?   Cheers
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  • iOS - How to add UI elements on top of AGSMapView

    I'm using iOS 100.6 and am trying to place a UIbutton on top of AGSMapView. In the View Controller MapView and the UIButton are under "View". The UIbutton is not a subview of MapView. How do I get other UI element in ...
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