• Inquiry

    Please I have been struggling to search of the different ArcGIS Version Package. Please I am kindly requesting for price list for the packages of all versions for one and 10 users in one package. Please to be specific...
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  • Upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.6.1 to 10.8 and wondering how long it will take?

    It took about 3 hours for Portal to upgrade and I am wondering if this is normal. Will the server and datastore be similar? What should I expect? What have other people experienced in this regard?
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  • Does serverScan.py issue SS06 make sense in a federated deployment?

    When running serverScan.py against ArcGIS Server in a federated environment, issue ID SS06 is raised for each service in the System folder. For context, here is the text of one of the issues:   Id Severity Proper...
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  • Recommended leasing mode on SMB for use with ArcGIS?

    As I understand, the accepted conventional wisdom on working with file shares and ArcGIS Server is that opportunistic locking should be disabled to workaround potential issues that can arise. This is highlighted in th...
  • compare geometry before and after repair

    Is it possible to compare a geometry before and after repair to see what was done to the geometry? Or is there more detailed information available for geometry problems exposed by Check Geometry (ie where is the self-...
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  • Display Related Data Table Values in WebMap Popup

    Hi,   I’m trying to display values from both a Feature Layer and related Date Table in WebMap popup in ArcGIS Online.   This is simple enough for the Feature Layer as all the fields are ava...
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  • GIS Server and Portal Managing services

    I am building an enterprise Portal Site. How am I going name services and hosted feature layers, how do I manage the folders? Are there any recommendations other than the spreadsheets and Visio "Site Architecture Diag...
  • Running X-Ray

    I am using ArcGIS 10.3 and I have installed the X-Ray add in.  It was installed successfully but I don't know how to run it.  I cannot find Customize>Extensions in the Catalog.  Any help would be gre...
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  • ESRI Webportal based app- testing tools

    Hi everyone. Which tools are recommended for testing web applications based on ESRI Web portal? Is it possible to perform penetration testing? Thank you
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  • ArcGIS Enterprise Support Structure

    I am a GIS manager in a mid-sized district council in New Zealand.  We have an organisation of around 500 people, and a full-time corporate GIS team of 4 including myself: 2 analysts, 1 developer and 1 manager.&#...
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  • unable to install second web adaptor for arcgis enterprise 10.8

    I try to install ArcGIS Enterprise on one Windows Server 2016 Standard. Actually installed: Certificates (no errors with port 443), Portal for ArcGIS, Web Adaptor for Portal, ArcGIS Server.  When I try to instal...
  • Which Tool to Use ?

    Hello, I need some gaudiness please, I have school locations with student capacity in a layer, the other layer is population by neighborhood. I would like to study school population coverage that does not exceed it...
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  • Heat map in Portal for ArcGIS

    I created a point layer, and it is published to our Portal App. I want to create a Heat map, but the option is not available. How can I get that option?
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  • ArcMaps for SharePoint

    Hello, I am working within the ArcMaps for SharePoint ecosystem. My question is how do I enable the selection feature of the map that I am building? For example when I am editing the Arc Map Web Part I am able to cl...
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  • License Server Won't Start in License Manager

    Hello, I was hoping to get some help on ArcGIS License Server Administrator.   First off, this is my first time trying to set up a server and while I was able to easily pull in all of my company's licenses into ...
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  • Planning for Enteprise

    I have been trying to do my homework when planning to eventually implement ArcGIS Enterprise but I have found limited resources finding information  related to adequate hardware, infrastructure, architecture ...
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  • Planning to do research on covid 19 with ArcGIS

    Hi i am an emergency physician planning to do medical research on disease transmission of covid 19 using ArcGIS , do you i need any special approval on using ArcGIS for research , my account is ArcGIS online , and wit...
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  • How is a published "hosted feature layer" stored in Portal

    We understand that when publishing a hosted feature layer by following this instruction, Publish hosted feature layers—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise ,  the data goes into "Arc...
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  • Add private Ops Dashboards in website such that Admin users can only see admin dashboard, instructor users can see instructor dashboard and public users can see public dashboard. Users will be in application database and they should not be required to log

    Goal: User must be able to view and interact with the dashboards embedded in the website.   User Story: There are 3 categories of users - Admin, Instructor, and Reader. Admin and Instructor users required to log...
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  • how to organise and store gisdata

    Once upon a time in the past our company started to use gis/arcmap. For years the only gisworker and several temporary workers saved shapefiles, projects and whatnot onto a shared disk in the network, loosely organise...
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