• Does anyone have documentation comparing different architectures proposed by ESRI in which the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are specified?

    In a given project I have recommended a high availability installation in active-passive mode, they are asking me to provide a comparison between different ESRI technology implementation architectures to justify the p...
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  • How or when should you use a related table over having the data in the geodatabase?

    How or when should you use a related table over having the data in the geodatabase?   For example, in my office we are collecting data, using collector, each year on species (Turkey) counts per location. Current...
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  • Does anyone have documentation comparing different GIS softwares? The idea is to present a comparison of software that allows to justify why I propose to use ESRI technology in a project

    I am preparing the documentation for a project, the client asks me to justify using ESRI technology, it seems to me that arguing that ESRI is the best software has not served them I have to present a comparison betwe...
  • Every Day Should Be GIS Day

    Here are my thoughts on GIS Day.  Happy GIS Day!   Every Day Should Be GIS Day 
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  • ArcGIS Secure Mobile Implementation Patterns whitepaper

    Hot off the presses ... checkout this whitepaper I wrote with the Esri Security team!!   Description: This white paper helps guide IT managers and GIS administrators in deploying an enterprise GIS with a mobile ...
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  • How Drone Imagery Helps Texas 9-1-1 Agency Stay Crisis-Ready Despite Growth

    Are you wondering if drones can help your agency?  Check out this success story on how North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT9-1-1) updates its maps by using drone imagery and GIS.  ...
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  • Options for Deploying Desktops in the Cloud

    As cloud adoption evolves from Web GIS to full GIS deployments, questions continue to be raised such as, “What about the desktops?”. That is, when moving desktops to the cloud, what technologies should be ...
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  • Help Executives See What Others Can't

    In an effort to connect with executives and increase awareness, Esri has launched a campaign called See What Others Can't.  It was formally launched at the 2019 Esri International User Conference in July.  I...
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  • Does your organization have a Geospatial Strategy?

    Last week at the 2019 Esri User Conference, we had an interactive Geospatial Strategy Panel Session to discuss the development and implementation of a strategy. This was the first question we asked session participant...
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  • Reading Fields from Feature

    I have created a feature service on ArcGIS online which has approximately 2000 features.  Each feature has four fields: name, latitude, longitude and a boolean validation filed (true/false).  Two custom symb...
  • GIS Manager/Leadership Resources

    A common request I get from people in the GIS industry that are current, or future, managers/leaders is: where can I go to find some resources to help me with the business/culture/people/management side of GIS? I have...
  • How To Break Down Information Silos & Harness Disruptive Technology

    Really interesting article that shows the value of location as a way to get more value from the ever increasing amount of data.   Every day, a mind-boggling 2.5 quintillion* bytes of data are created - data that...
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  • Optimizing Elections⏤GIS Improves Preparation & Execution for County

    Many local governments administered elections yesterday.  For many of them, they execute this critical function with little or no support from GIS.  It's time to change that and reach out to expand your GIS ...
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  • WFS or not DFS

    I have a question about implementing a highly available ArcGIS Enterprise architecture. The documentation states that Windows DFS is NOT supported as a NAS/SAN. I understand why multiple target DFSR wouldn't be suppor...
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  • Is Survey123 Website already available to be installed on premise on ArcGIS Enterprise?

    Is Survey123 Website already available to be installed on premise on ArcGIS Enterprise, as described in this presentation http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/devsummit17/papers/dev_int_221.pdf from 2016...
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  • Gartner Identifies Top Trends for Public Sector Tech

    Good information here for GIS Managers.  You should be paying attention to these as they present opportunities to integrate with GIS and raise the importance of GIS in your organization.   Gartner Identifie...
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  • Innovative Open Data Sites Powered by ArcGIS

    Here are two great examples of how cities are using ArcGIS to power open data sites.   The first one is from Arlington, TX and allows the public to interactively explore the city's performance management dashb...
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  • Smarter Government: How To Govern for Results in the Information Age

    Executive sponsorship is a key ingredient to a successful enterprise GIS.  If you work in government, then there's a new book that can help you gain some executive sponsorship for your GIS program.  It is Sm...
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  • Small multi user deployment

    I've been the only GIS person for 10 year at the small city I work for.  We have recently added a new person, and I would like to know the best way to go about setting us up.  It seems all the resources avai...
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  • Why are my reports 1/4 their size when I add them to my layout view?

    I recently upgraded to ArcMap 10.6.1 and all of my preexisting reports are now 1/4 their normal size when I click the "Add report to ArcMap Layout" button. The layout hasn't changed. It's still full size. The reports ...
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