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The UC agenda is now available online!


Both a detailed version and an at a glance version are provided. New filtering capabilities are also included in the detailed agenda view, including the ability to share a filtered view with others as a URL. Once you've finished setting your filter(s), click the "Share Filtered Schedule" link to generate a URL of the applicable events.


If you or your colleagues are headed to UC, be sure to review the agenda ahead of time!

Check out an insightful session today at Esri UC "From Wow to How: 5 Steps to Launch Your WebGIS" presented by Brian Cross, Director of Esri Professional Services.


Organizations around the world are doing some pretty amazing things with GIS; you have seen it all week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn more of their secrets, too?

After years of helping organizations transform their organizations with GIS, Esri’s Brian Cross is ready to share their secrets with you. In this Wednesday Technical Keynote, Esri’s Director of Professional Services will walk you through five essential steps to modernize your organization and the way you use GIS. No matter your mission, or your market, you’ll hear proven guidance that can drive your GIS strategy, and your organization, forward.

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