Data accuracy makes a difference. Learn more at UC Expo

Blog Post created by mbottenberg-esristaff Employee on Jun 23, 2017

Identifying, curating and managing quality geodata creates the foundation for a successful GIS. Stop by the Esri Services area in the UC Expo to discuss your own experiences and talk to experts about theirs. Learn best practices for engineering data of all kinds, from individual files to cloud services.


At the area, if you work in one of several industries (water, electric and gas, transportation, land records and addressing) bring a sample of your GIS data (a subset) in a file or personal geodatabase for a free data health check. You should know the features and attributes of your data.


During the 45-minute health check, an Esri industry expert will perform a diagnostic on your data and provide an explanation of the key data checks. If errors are detected, Esri staff will review key data concerns with you. Afterward, you’ll have a list of checks performed on the data, a geodatabase containing errors found, and a report of data accuracy. Learn more and sign up here for your data health check.


At the Services area, also get inspired by one of the lightning talks held every half hour, including these:


There’s a lot more than this happening at the Esri Services area, so be sure to stop by.