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If you’re going to the  User Conference this year hoping to learn how to get the most from your geospatial technology, I want to tell you about one of the great resources at the GIS Solution EXPO  


The Esri Services area, located in the center of the Expo, is a spot where you can discuss and get best practices, tips and advice from Esri Services experts.  These teams help thousands of ArcGIS users, so they’re a great resource.  They’re available to talk about any topic that fit under six key areas:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Architecture and security
  • Geodata engineering
  • Configuration and integration
  • Workforce development
  • Operational support

There are so many topics that fit under these, like training planning, architecture/system health, installation, performance/scalability, cloud readiness and location strategy, just to name a few.


Here are three ways you can connect in the area:

  1. Engage in a short, one-on-one activity in each topic areas, designed to leave you with actionable results you can take back to your organization.
  2. Listen in on an Esri Services Lightning Talk, hosted in the area every half hour during the Expo.  These talks are a great way to learn focused advice and tips on a key topic in less than 20 minutes.
  3. Ask your questions – you can ask any Esri Services team member in the area your questions, and they’ll find a subject-matter-expert that can offer valuable tips and advice that you can’t find anywhere else.


If you’re looking to connect with a specific Esri Services team at the UC, you’ll find them in the area – teams from Training, Support, Rent-a-Tech Consulting, Esri Managed Cloud Services, and Esri Enterprise Advantage Program.


The Esri Services area is open in the Esri Showcase and GIS Solutions EXPO, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Thursday.  If you want to know more about the opportunities available at the area you can see more details on this page, or come see me in the area – I’ll be there during the Expo.


See you there!

gis solution expo

Plan for GIS success and visit us at UC Expo

It takes preparation to envision and realize the full benefits of the ArcGIS platform – whether you’re implementing for one department or an entire organization. You must define a location strategy that identifies where location (maps, spatial analysis, and more) will add value and determine what is the best approach for adopting new capabilities.

During the Esri User Conference Expo, visit the Esri Services area to talk to Esri experts, get inspired by a lightning talk, and take part in several different activities designed to provide you actionable results to take back to your organization. Try one or all three:


Cloud Readiness Activitymeet with a cloud and GIS expert and review your current GIS implementation.

    • Review organizational readiness, logistics/integration, application development, and architecture.
    • Receive a recommendation for cloud adoption and areas where you can make adjustments to ease the transition.
  • Takeaway: A single-sheet assessment and a recommendation on next steps if considering cloud adoption
  • What to bring: a working knowledge of your current environment, but no need to have the technical specs memorized.


Location Strategy Review – an Esri expert will provide you with some key points to consider to start planning for your business.

    • Review current location strategy (if one exists)
    • Discuss business areas/needs to support or grow
    • Discuss your organization’s planned location/GIS profile
    • High-level review of as-is state & inventory (business, data, applications, infrastructure, people)
  • Takeaway: Personalized initial recommendations plus an electronic copy of Esri’s “Launching Your Location Platform Guide.”
  • Optional: bring a copy of your business or solution architecture, strategic plan, organizational chart and your business goals.


Architecture Maturity Activity- Address performance issues, or prepare for expanded use of your enterprise GIS.

    • Bring your current Architecture (if one is present)
    • List out some high-level requirements
    • An Esri Architect will perform a high-level review of your GIS Platform
    • Define preparatory steps and activities to be performed to achieve high-level requirements
  • Takeaway: List of steps to accomplish the requirements, high-level tasks to be performed to achieve successful GIS Architecture


The Esri Services team is presenting focused lightning talks every half hour, and technical workshops on important topics are scheduled throughout the UC. Strategy and planning are integral components of many sessions at the UC. Here are a few to consider for more information:


Visit the Services area site for a list of all the activities offered there.

Identifying, curating and managing quality geodata creates the foundation for a successful GIS. Stop by the Esri Services area in the UC Expo to discuss your own experiences and talk to experts about theirs. Learn best practices for engineering data of all kinds, from individual files to cloud services.


At the area, if you work in one of several industries (water, electric and gas, transportation, land records and addressing) bring a sample of your GIS data (a subset) in a file or personal geodatabase for a free data health check. You should know the features and attributes of your data.


During the 45-minute health check, an Esri industry expert will perform a diagnostic on your data and provide an explanation of the key data checks. If errors are detected, Esri staff will review key data concerns with you. Afterward, you’ll have a list of checks performed on the data, a geodatabase containing errors found, and a report of data accuracy. Learn more and sign up here for your data health check.


At the Services area, also get inspired by one of the lightning talks held every half hour, including these:


There’s a lot more than this happening at the Esri Services area, so be sure to stop by.

(Reach out to the subject-matter expert Andrew Sakowicz to connect about architecture & security.)


Your GIS system’s design plays a central role in performance and security. Meet with experts at the Esri Services area to talk about your own system performance and design.

Visit the area to discuss deployment patterns, design options and the demands of business operations. Join with other users for one of the lightning talks held every half hour. And use your time to take part in a 15-minute, one-on-one ArcGIS 10.5 readiness assessment.

During your 15-minute session:

  • Discuss your current implementation (high-level, not a system review)
  • Review our common implementation pitfalls checklist
  • Identify areas of concern, propose solution

After the session, you’ll have a completed readiness checklist and suggestions to resolve or consider prior to moving to 10.5. Optional: bring a diagram of your system.

The Esri User Conference provides you the perfect opportunity to learn more. Consider attending one of these workshops and lightning talks:


Architecting the ArcGIS Platform: Best Practices

Web GIS Architecture Deployment Options

Planning an Enterprise Geodatabase

Performance and Scalability: Tuning, Testing and Monitoring

Designing a Web GIS Security Strategy

Building Security into Your System Lightning Talk

Design a Geodatabase Lightning Talk

Get a Second Opinion: Enterprise GIS Health Checks Lightning Talk


Besides the ArcGIS 10.5 readiness assessment, visit the Esri Services area for other activities or to just chat about GIS.

As technology continues to transform the ways organizations use the ArcGIS platform, are your teams prepared to make use of the new capabilities? Are your teams prepared to achieve your organization's strategic, GIS-enabled objectives?


The Esri User Conference is right around the corner, and it presents a unique opportunity to talk in person with Esri experts on the topics that matter most to you. If one of your conference goals is to get information that will help expand your organization’s use of ArcGIS, we invite you to stop by the Esri Services area in the Expo and talk with a Training expert.


Esri User Conference Expo


Training addresses the human aspect of a technology deployment. The right training delivered to the right people at the right times directly supports your organization’s ArcGIS-enabled goals.


Tuesday through Thursday, Training experts will be on hand to discuss your organization’s ArcGIS-enabled workflows, roles, and strategic goals. We can recommend training options that support your upcoming projects, timelines, and objectives. You'll even get a complimentary training plan tailored to your organization’s workforce training needs that you can reference back at the office.


The Esri Services team is presenting technical workshops on key topics throughout the week and short, focused lightning talks every half-hour in the Expo. Here's a selection related to workforce development topics:

Technical Workshops


Lightning Talks 


Get details about all the Esri Services and workforce development activities at


If you're going to the conference, enjoy the excitement and amazing activities that will be happening each day of the week. We’re here to help you make the Plenary inspiration come to life and benefit your organization long after the conference ends.

Every organization strives to keep its systems running smoothly, but for some, that objective is mission critical.

Talk about what your organization needs with experts at the Esri Services area in the UC Expo.  Learn about the technical assistance level that aligns to your business operations. From standard requirements for the latest software releases, business hours web/email/phone assistance, and online resources to premium level, prioritized case management for 24/7/365 mission-critical environments.


Receive a personalized checklist of your organization’s needs matched against prioritized needs after a 15-minute session with an Esri Technical Account Manager. To get the most from your session, you should have a clear understanding of your organization’s Technical Support usage and support requirements. Learn more about technical support operations at these technical workshops:


While you’re at the Esri Services area get inspired by one of the Lightning Talks held every half hour, and check this out for even more activities.

Configuring Esri's foundational maps, apps, and templates helps to engage users with your platform.  These capabilities can be enriched through integration with other business systems.


At the 2017 UC Expo, July 11-13, visit the Esri Services area to talk about your experiences configuring and integrating Esri software in your organization and discuss best practices with Esri Experts. Also, take part in a free expert-led, one-on-one Web GIS resources assessment.

Each session takes about 15 minutes and includes:

  • A discussion of your organizational goals, user base, and Web GIS workflows you are using
  • A review of your available content and resources

For the best results, bring:

  • Your mission statement and description of your organization
  • Examples of maps or information products you produce now
  • A list of data and content you have available to you


After the session, you’ll receive a list of information products you can make with your available resources to make quick impacts at your organization.


At the Esri Services area, take advantage of the half-hourly lightning talks to learn more, and throughout the UC, numerous technical workshops cover configuration and integration topics. Here are some to consider: 



See what else is happening at the Esri Services area.

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