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In this morning's (8/7/20) HIgherED Summit I heard a panelist discussing the topic of grading class assignments produced in StoryMaps. I didn't catch the name of the panelist discussing this topic.  Is there any information or guidance regarding this topic, or perhaps the contact of the panelist?  I believe the general idea surrounded the… (Show more)
Whether you need a quick video tutorial or activities for a semester-long course, Esri has learning resources to meet your needs.  Esri Academy, Esri Press, and Learn ArcGIS offer resources that suit a variety of learning styles and that cover a range of topics (geography, environment, business, health) and capabilities (mapping, analysis, data… (Show more)
Departmental Licensing.    I administer a University Departmental License (50 licenses).  I can manage ArcGIS Online accounts (create, modify, delete).  Can I do the same for ArcMap?  I have 50 licenses (one code which counts the licenses).  Once given, is it revocable or will it be available for the duration of the license?  I want to use the… (Show more)
One benefit of moving the Esri UC online is that sessions are now available for on-demand viewing. Here's a rundown of what's available and how to access it.   Plenary Sessions   The Plenary Sessions are available now to everyone on the Esri Events YouTube channel. Here's the playlist:… (Show more)
With the June 2020 update of ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Notebooks are now available to everyone in your ArcGIS Online organization. There is nothing extra to buy nor an app to assign to start using ArcGIS Notebooks – it’s just there. However, your members do need the right privileges before they can hit the ground running. (Note: the information below… (Show more)
Join us Thursday morning (July 16) for the UC Higher Education Special Interest Group Meeting, 9:15 am – 10:15 am PDT.  We’ll share updates and resources to help you serve your community whether they’re working online or on campus, and provide information about updates to Education Program licenses.   We also want to hear from you – what are… (Show more)
FYI, since the Esri 2020 User Conference is virtual, please download this handy attendee guide to help you navigate the UC platform environment. Hope you have a great week at the largest virtual GIS meetup!!       EDIT: To get a preview of the Esri 2020 Virtual UC, checkout this video:  
Hello everyone, Currently, I'm working on object detection using deep learning in ArcGIS Pro and the image below is the results I've got. I read a couple of documentations from Esri on how to implement object detection using deep learning in ArcGIS Pro, about the models, parameters, and arguments to be used and I've tried to add datasets and to… (Show more)
The April 2020 ArcGIS StoryMap update introduced a helpful "Duplicate story" capability, however, it only supports a "partial clone" of a StoryMap. In other words, it duplicates the direct content of the StoryMap itself, but not any of the referenced content, such as Web Maps and Web Scenes embedded in the StoryMap, and the Feature Layers… (Show more)
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