• Unable to open old thread,

    Unable to open old thread,   I’m not able to access the thread below   The �??Query layer�?� tool has a problem, https://community.esri.com/message/432575?et=watches.email.thread#432575   ...
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  • Test thread; please ignore

    Just testing posting something.
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  • Syntax highlighter removes carriage returns when editing

    If I edit a message to make changes in code in the syntax highlighter, just about all carriage returns are lost when using Firefox v48.0.2. This doesn't occur in Chrome, IE, or Edge. For example, this discussion conta...
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  • GeoNet should be more prominent on the ESRI Support Page

    The link to GeoNet is hidden under the "Other Resources" dropdown on the support page.  It might help new users by making it easier to find.
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  • The new ESRI Ideas website is poorly designed

    All,   The old ESRI ideas website has been absorbed into the geonet website. Whilst I have no particular opinion in that move and in fact it does mean one only has to visit one website the current design I find ...
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  • GeoNet presence at the 2016 User Conference

    The past 2 years we have had a booth at the UC. Last year we had two presentations on getting your questions answered and using GeoNet. There was not an official GeoNet meet up per se although I ran into many of our m...
  • Old threads in Content stream

    Why is there a flood of old threads appearing in the Content page? I assume it has something to do with admin activities, but is there some way to do the bookkeeping without the thread being bumped to the top?   ...
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  • GeoNet site uses a lot of CPU

    Hi,   GeoNet uses a lot of cpu. From 25% to 100%.   For instance:  Internal ONLY Web Map Sharing Issues   Is anyone else having the same problem?   Anders
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  • Tile caches not generating at all scales and areas outside boundary

    I'm trying to generate a statewide imagery cache from a mosaic dataset composed of naip2014 geotiffs using a model that automates the process by using the states county layer. It worked for the first 15 or so counties...
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  • Pasted links are not opening correctly

    Branching this discussion from Re: Check layer in specific area using python   Rebecca Strauch, GISP Dan Patterson  - Are you still seeing the issue with pasted links? If so, is it only with ArcGIS Help pages?
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  • Smart TOC for Dashboard

    Are there any plans to develop a smart table of contents widget for dashboard? User navigation and overall experience would be much improved if we could right click on a layer in the TOC and have the functionality tha...
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  • using pen display / drawing tablet in Arc Map

    Hi. I have a Pen Display Cintiq 12WX from Wacom that I have used earlyer in creating maps. I used ArcSketch then but it seems to be out of date now. Is there any replacement for it in ArcMap 10.2, or any other support...
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  • ArcGIS 10.3 Help + Search Engine Results

    Since GeoNet links to all versions prior to 10.3 do not currently work, I've been trying to use links to the 10.3 help in my recent replies. My method is no surprise: type it in Google, go to the result.   Why i...
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  • Twitter feed entries have scrambled Title formatting

    Noticed this recently on the GeoNet home page   Thought it was a one time fluke...but see two like this right now (10/28/2015 am) on the home page....have to scroll down to see the other.  Timothy Hales&#...
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  • Geonet code editor is horrible

    Trying to inset code into a Geonet post is a really painful experience. Just look at this screenshot, I can see three cursors - which one am I typing from?
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  • Notifications are Back

    And even show a 0 (zero).  Cool!   Thanks Timothy Hales  Tim!
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  • An issue with creating hyperlinks

    Hi Jim Barry,   It sounds great incorporating the ideas site and others into GeoNet.   Perhaps off-topic, but I'm not sure I completely like what GeoNet does to any link included in a post (the "auto-titl...
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  • Suggested GeoNet Change - Greater Use of Skill and Expertise

    As the most recent GeoNet contest has wrapped up and my fellow users are giving feedback on the system, it got me thinking about what other things could be improved on GeoNet.  One of the more under-utilized aspe...
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  • Would you like to see Github in GeoNet?

    Sure you can post your code directly into GeoNet as files, documents, and discussions, but would it be helpful to you to integrate Github? I would like to hear your feedback and use cases for having access to Github w...
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  • GeoNet Enhancement Request: Maintain Website Toolbar

    Mr. Timothy Hales:   When I scroll down in GeoNet, the handy toolbar with Home - Content - People - Places - Map etc. disappears out of view and the user must scroll back up to the top of the page to access thes...
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