• How to Unfollow Someone

    A query came in recently on how to unfollow someone.   To do this, simply go to their profile and locate the button that shows you are following them . Click on it, and the option to stop following should show i...
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  • Setting Up Your Preferred Location

    Your Preferred Location is the location that will be shown to GeoNet Members on the visual map to represent content that you create. You can update your location information at any time.   To set up your Preferr...
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  • Connections and Colleagues

    When updating my privacy settings, I say references to "Connections" and "Colleagues."  I am trying to figure out how one identifies connections and colleagues.  Does following someone make them a connection...
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  • How do I change my profile email?

    My old email was brought along with my profile in the old forum, but I haven't found a way to update that email.
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