• Language Interface

    May I change the language of the GeoNet Interface? How?
  • How do I change my location on map, it is wrong?

    MY location on map places in different city .. How to correct it?
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  • Setting Up Your Email Notifications and Other Preferences

    When you are active in the GeoNet community, you may receive emails alerting you to activity on content and places you are following. Editing your preferences allows you to choose what content you receive email notifi...
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  • Multiple conflicting accounts...HELP!

    Throughout the years I ended up having 3 Esri accounts, for various reasons. Ever since the introduction of the Esri global account and more recently, since the introduction of GeoNet and MyEsri, which are all linked ...
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  • Did the notifications numeral disappear?

    I used to get a number indicating how many notifications I had next to my profile drop down, no matter what GeoNet page I was on.  It was handy to let me know if someone had answered or replied to anything I was ...
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  • Address not showing correct location on GeoNet Map

    You may find that your address is not showing up at the correct location on the GeoNet Map. The map is built off of the ArcGIS Online technology and follows the same standards for geocoding. Currently, the World Geoco...
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  • Bug on geonet website to make Dr. Who jealous...

    Just been bumbling around on geonet and just by chance left my cursor over the picture of me and the general info box popped up. As you can see I have been able to travel into the future...   I know it's trivi...
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  • Change name in profile.

    I would like to change my name from Mary to Jo.  No one knows me as Mary Fraley and that is what shows up in my profile and am unable to change it.
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  • Is there a way of mergin two profiles?

    I recently registered for the user conference and created an account with my work email without realizing that it would also create a GeoNet account. I would like to only have one account, ideally my first account, so...
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  • GeoNet Profile questions

    Can anyone tell me how to edit my title and department in my profile information? Thanks!
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  • Is it possible to search geonet by username?

    Someone in my group is having trouble logging into GeoNet and I wanted to make sure they had logged in successfully in the past. I thought I could tell this by seeing if their username is registered. Is it possible to...
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  • How do I unsubscribe to a group that I no longer want to follow?

    How do I unsubscribe to a topic or group I don't want to follow anymore? It has to be simpler than this...
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  • What desktop application can I configure to use with my account?

    When I click on preferences, there is a tab that is titled: Desktop applications and in the content window, it reads that: "You currently have no Desktop applications configured for your account." What desktop applica...
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  • Bug: Understand dates in UK format

    Can dates be made available in UK format? For example, my profile page currently shows my latest login as:   02 May 2015   The date today is the 05 February 2015.   I am not sure where it takes the d...
  • Forum issue: How to open old thread link?

    Forum issue: How to open old thread link?   I wanted to access the link of old thread but it appears not to go any where here.   The link is: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/42973-How-to-perform-the-&ldq...
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  • How do I change my timezone in GeoNet?

    I see that all of my content shows timestamps from the Pacific Time Zone.  Is there a way to change it to my local timezone?  I cannot seem to find where I can change this.   Thanks in advance, Adrian
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  • forum display format

    With this new forum, is there a way to change my view preferences so that it doesn't cram all the posts into a fraction of my screen?   Really a pain, especially for posts with code.  Like this one, the win...
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  • Updating Your Profile

    Open video

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  • How to Unfollow Someone

    A query came in recently on how to unfollow someone.   To do this, simply go to their profile and locate the button that shows you are following them . Click on it, and the option to stop following should show i...
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  • Setting Up Your Preferred Location

    Your Preferred Location is the location that will be shown to GeoNet Members on the visual map to represent content that you create. You can update your location information at any time.   To set up your Preferr...
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