GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: ArcGIS Ideas and the GeoNet Platform Update, Geoprocessing as Place of the Week, and 7 Product and Service Updates

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Featured Community Content: ArcGIS Ideas: A Home Remodel

RemodelArcGIS Ideas will be changing in the new GeoNet platform update. In this blog from Thomas Edghill and Kory Kramer, learn how the “home renovations” will enhance the community’s most popular features and read about the behind the scenes construction efforts to build a better experience for you to share your ideas. Go to: ArcGIS Ideas: A Home Remodel





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Featured Place of the Week: Geoprocessing

GeoprocessingConnect and collaborate with other users in the Geoprocessing space. Ask questions, share your best practices, and discuss tools and frameworks. Go to: Geoprocessing



3 Open Questions & Discussions

Dondra Houlditch needs help creating a list in ArcGIS Dashboards. Can you help?

Anna Stamatogiannakis is looking for the best way to update a daily Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) case layer. What would you recommend?

Tyler Townes wants to import an AutoCAD layer into an ArcGIS Pro geodatabase. Can you recommend a solution?


7 Product and Service Updates

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS announced the release of 100.9 with new capabilities.

  -- See related announcements: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt release of version 100.9 and the iOS Toolkit.

Learn ArcGIS has an overview of new and updated learning paths that were updated in August.

My Esri has an update announcement for licensing, reporting, and other features.

The Utility and Pipeline Data Model has an update in Gas and Pipeline.

Business Analyst has a 2020 U.S. Data Update for Business Analyst Desktop and Business Analyst Enterprise.

ArcGIS for INSPIRE has an announcement update for Esri Geoportal Server Catalog v 2.6.4.

Esri Software Security & Privacy wants to prepare you for the HTTPS-Only enforcement in the ArcGIS Platform.


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