GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: New Racial Equity Website and Hub, Implementing ArcGIS as Place of the Week, and 2 Product and Service Updates

Blog Post created by lfountain-esristaff Employee on Jun 30, 2020

Featured Community Content: New Esri Racial Equity Website and GIS Resource Hub

Racial Equity SolutionsMargot Bordne shared a posted announcing Esri’s new Racial Equity Website and GIS Hub. Learn more about how you can use these tools and resources from the website and GIS Hub to start exploring solutions for your community. Follow the GIS for Equity & Social Justice place to stay connected for new announcements regarding the solution and start a discussion. If you are attending the 2020 Esri User Conference, see sessions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Racial Justice -  Events and Activities UC 2020 to add toy our agenda. Read: New Esri Racial Equity Website and GIS Resource Hub


Visit the 2020 Esri User Conference space in GeoNet for industry agendas and more: User Conference

Featured Place of the Week: Implementing ArcGIS

 Implementing ArcGISImplementing ArcGIS is the space for understanding best practices and for sharing challenges and learnings with implementing ArcGIS. Check out the category of topics including strategy and planning, architecture and security, geodata engineering, configuration & integration, workforce development, and operation support. You can also meet subject matter experts that can offer guidance with your effort to bring ArcGIS to your organization. Go to: Implementing ArcGIS


3 Open Questions & Discussions

Claudia Caceres is looking for COVID-19 cases and deaths by Race/Ethnicity and County for California. Are you aware of any resources?

Larry Lassetter is trying to create a popup template with ArcGIS API for JavaScript and needs some help. Can you review his code?

Luciano Lalika is working with object detection using deep learning in ArcGIS Pro and is having some issues. Can you help?


2 Product and Service Updates

Education announced a new Education package for ArcGIS Drone2Map.

Education also announced the dates for the Education Summit 2020.


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