GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Using Data Interoperability To Sync Data to ArcGIS Online, Enterprise GIS as Place of the Week, and 4 Product and Service Updates

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Featured Community Content: Using Data Interoperability to sync data to ArcGIS Online

Interoperability WorkflowJason Schroeder put together an informative blog on how to use data interoperability to sync data from an enterprise geodatabase to hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. The blog explains data interoperability, alternatives to interoperability, and includes a few resources to learn more. Check out the blog, videos, and more to start working with Data Interoperability. Read: Using Data Interoperability to sync data to ArcGIS Online





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Featured Place of the Week: Enterprise GIS

Enterprise GISGIS managers and administrators are collaborating in Enterprise GIS. Follow Enterprise GIS to keep up with discussions or ask questions about best practices. Read and share content on managing and implementing your enterprise GIS system. Current discussions are happening on geodatabases, user types, and more. Go to: Enterprise GIS


3 Open Questions & Discussions

Ritika Prasai is working on a project extracting road side ditch features using lidar data and could use some help. What ideas do you have?

Sukanya Gavhane wants to know if you can draw custom geometry using a custom shader with WebGL and ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Can you share some examples?

Shirley Li is new to Business Analyst and is looking for help with creating infographics in the form of a web application. Can you provide some guidance?


4 Product and Service Updates

My Esri has updates for licensing, permissions, and more.

There is a District Heating and Cooling Update available for the Utility Network data model

ArcGIS Survey123 has an update from the Early Adopter Community.

CityEngine has a workaround for driver problems with AMD Navi GPUs.


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