GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: Configuring a COVID-19 Dashboard for Municipalities, ArcGIS Parcel Fabric Place, and 3 Product and Service Announcements

Blog Post created by lfountain-esristaff Employee on Apr 28, 2020

Featured Community Content: Configuring COVID-19 Dashboard for Municipalities in Montgomery County, PA 

ArcGIS DashboardLauri Dafner created how-to guide for using coronavirus case data to create a dashboard in ArcGIS OnlineCheck out this step-by-step guide using a local government example to practice your skillsGo to: Configuring COVID-19 Dashboard for Municipalities in Montgomery County, PA 




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Featured Place of the WeekArcGIS Parcel Fabric

ArcGIS Parcel FabricFollow the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric online for discussions, content, questions, and more about the ArcGIS Pro extension. The place includes categories for Parcel Fabric Meetup recordings, Parcel Editing, Spatial Accuracy, Geoprocessing and Python scripting, and the Parcel Fabric API for .NET SDKFollow: ArcGIS Parcel Fabric


Show your expertise: Have you been working with ArcGIS ProShare your best tips and tricks in this thread.



Open Questions & Discussions

Patrick Ochaya wants to sum COVID-19 cases that he collected through Survey123 and is looking for some guidance on visualizing it on a map. What would you suggest? 

kristina perreault is looking to collaborate on data sources for COVID-19 cases in migrant shelters in Mexico 

Wade Cherry is working with the Sign Inventory Solution Manager and wants to do some smart calculations that count inventory at a warehouse automatically once signs are installed in the field. Have you done something like this before? 


3 Product and Service Update 

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer Beta has a product update summary for April 2020 

ArcGIS AppStudio has new and updated samples along with new product features in the 4.2 release. 

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS has an announcement for the support of Metal in version 100.8.  


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